Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Never Thought I'd See the Day ❯ Where is Everybody? ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1
Where is Everybody?

[Editor's note:: this is my first fanfic, that and I will write dialogue like a script]
The alarm clock has been ringing for 10 minutes now and Laura still has not woken up. When Laura finally wakes up she is already late for school.
Laura: *gasp* I'm going to be late!
Hamtaro: huh? What's all the commotion?
Laura: Mom! Why didn't you wake me?! Mom?!
The house is silent the birds chirp outside, Hamtaro grooms himself, but no humans around.
Laura: Mom? Dad? Is anybody home?
Hamtaro: nobody home? It's okay Laura I'm here!
Laura: Hamtaro, where could everyone have gone?
Hamtaro: I don't know, but if you don't leave soon I'm going to be late to the clubhouse!
Laura: Oh forget it! I'm already late!
Laura went to her closet and chose out a little summer outfit for school with yellow and orange colored ribbons and she ran out the door without even saying “good-bye” to Hamtaro. The last thing you hear is Laura run out the house and slam the door
Hamtaro: Laura? How could you leave without saying good-bye to me? *sigh* Oh no! I'm going to be late to the clubhouse!
With that Hamtaro escaped his cage and slid down the pipe and landed on Brandy as usual
Hamtaro: Brandy don't forget, watch after the house while I'm gone!
Brandy: *yawn*
Hamtaro ran to the clubhouse as fast as he could.

Hamtaro: Sorry I'm late guys it's beca-

Hamtaro looked around to find nobody there not a single soul, even Snoozer was gone! He started to panic and looked around to see if anyone was anywhere.
~~lets see what Laura is doing~~~

Laura ran through the halls looking in the windows and opening all the unlocked doors to find nobody was anywhere in the school!

Laura: Hello! Is anyone here? Mr.Yoshi? Kana? Kylie, June? Where is everyone?!

Laura's voice echoed through the halls of her empty school...

What is going on? Where is everyone? Find out in the next chapter!

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