Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Stronger Without You ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Maxwell left form the clubhouse saddened from the most recent events that have happened to him. Man, today really feels like a nightmare. he thought. First Pashmina smacks and yells at me, then Stan wants to whomp me, then I the boot from the clubhouse for a month. Man, today feels like hell and it only just started, what else can happen today? And that's when he saw it, a red ribbon, and then there was Sandy. Oh thank goodness, maybe now I can finally get some closure...

"Well, well, how has your day been you pig?" asked Sandy.

"Jeez, I don't get a 'Hi, it's nice to see you.' or anything?" asked Maxwell. "I was hoping we could share a cup of tea and watch the clouds."

"Cut the crap, ass, you're gonna totally feel my wrath."


"Quiet! I know what you plan on saying and I'm not hearing it."

"Now wait just a-"

"Quiet! Since you wouldn't hear me out then, you will hear me now. I want to know what happened to you?"

"Well, I-"

"What happened is that you turned into a true creep. Turning to your books when I needed you at the most critical time, and what did you do, shoo me away so you could read your damn books." Tears began to well up in Sandy's eyes. "I needed you, I totally needed you more than ever, and what did you do, ignored me for some stupid book that were more interested in."

"I... wasn't paying attention."

"Like, du-uh."

"So where is he?"

"He, he who?"


"In my safe haven, far away from you."

"So, when can I see him?"


"Never, that's redundant."

"How come?"

"Because I'm his father."

"You are no father, not to MY son anyway."

"He's my son just as much as he is yours."


"Sandy, I will see my son."

"When I'm dead and gone."

"I'll say this just like I told Stan. Sandy, you cannot deny Rick his father! And I'll battle you in court for custody if I have to."

"Custody... that's a joke."

"I'm serious."

"So am I, and you'll lose if you think you can collect him. For someone who wants to be a part of his life when it's too late to start, you sure want what you will never get."

"Damn it Sandy, give me access to my son!"

"Never. As long as I live, YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR SON!"

"I AM his father."

"No, you're just a sperm doner to help create him."

If there was any way to kill Maxwell, this was that very way. Sandy finally drove the silver stake in Maxwell's heart as if he were Drag Ulia [That's the name of Dracula for those who wanna get cocky.]. "So is that what you think of me now, as a farmer planting a flower?" asked Maxwell.

"Go to hell, you ass." Sandy said with authority. "I don't need you in my life, NOR Rick's, nor do I want you in our lives. I've become strong without you and I will continue to get stronger the same way. You want some love, go somewhere else.... because love doesn't want you here around us."

"Sandy...." Maxwell dropped to Sandy's feet.

"Drop, hang your head down in shame, this is what you deserve after ostercising me for your books. You chose to abandin your family, before you it became your family, and now you want to re-enter what you left carefree? It doesn't work that way, because the family that you decided to abandon has moved on without you, and became stronger in the process.

"Be gone Maxwell, leave my presence at once in shame."

With the hopes of making amends with his former lover shattered forever, tears in his eyes and and incredible pain weighing down on him, Maxwell left in shame and Sandy watched him go. The athletic girl ham had no anger in saying her peace, she kept herself calm and released her anger in a positive manner without violence. She had no regrets, remorse, or fear for the consequences to come from this. All that mattered to her was that she said her peace when she couldn't before, and this contented her.


One thing I like about Sandy that they don't portray in the US Hamtaro is her independant strength. Take the ep when they searched for Stan, though I only saw bits and peices of that ep, it made the sense of Sandy going to great lengths to find her other half and her sense of independant strength seemed to me as being the main thing that drove her to finding Stan..... or maybe that was how I saw that ep. Oh well, I plan to build on this as I progress in this tale (Sandy's independant strength, I mean). Stick with me peeps, things will be brighter next time.