Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Stronger Without You ❯ Chapter 6

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Okay peeps, this is the chapter that I'll simply call "The Cruncher" of the story. So I'll say this now before the chap begins: Reader disgretion is advised.

Sandy holds Rick as she sits in her safe haven, looking at the clouds. Rick, you really are your mother's boy. she thought. I'll make sure you are raised with my smarts, agility, everything from me and all of my powers that I have. Do I ever regret keeping you from that sperm donor of a father? Of course not. Maybe if he would've changed for the better instead of how he was and is now, maybe I would let him hold you.... maybe I would accept him as your father...... maybe, if things never turned for the worse....


It was a nice a nice day at the clubhouse, the weather was perfect.... well damn close to perfect as it would get and things couldn't get any better than that. For two hams, who finally got to be alone, free from the distractions of friend and foe alike, this was their time. "Isn't today beautiful, Maxwell?" asked Sandy.

"Any day with you is beautiful, Sandy." Maxwell answered.

"That is so totally sweet."


"Maxy, I'm already wowed over, let's just enjoy the moment."

"Okay Sandy."

The two hams shared a kiss and Sandy rested her head on Maxwell's shoulder. "Look at the clouds, Maxwell."

"Yeah, aren't they pretty?"

"Yes. You know, if you look at them, sometimes you'll see some shapes in them."

"Yeah, that one looks like a book."

"Maxwell, stop talking about books on our date. Do you even know how long it's been since we finally started doing this sort of thing?"

"We've planned it for a long time."

"Now we can like, totally enjoy ourselves."

"And hit it off the right way."

Maxwell took a nearby flower and placed it behind Sandy's ear. The athletic ham felt even more special than before and kissed her beau with love. Then began their affectionate play. Their eyes said it all, that they loved each other. Their schmubby wubby games ended up with Maxwell mounting Sandy. "Oopsie." said Maxwell.

"No don't, I've been waiting for you to do this for a long time." said Sandy.

"Are you sure you want this?"

"I want YOU Maxwell."

She wants it....

With that, the two hamster began mating. "Uki.... uki...."

"Uki...... uki--Ouchichichichi!"

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, that just hurt."

"I, didn't mean it."

"It's normal. Don't worry, I'll like, bear it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Maxwell."

The two lovers continued to mate, with Sandy every now and again, crying out in pain. "I think we should stop, Sandy." said a concerned Maxwell.

"I said I'll bear it." said Sandy.

"But I'm hurting you."
"You always hurt the one you love, Maxwell. Sometimes though, the pain can be a good thing."

"All right, if you say so..."

In two minutes, the two loving hams were one with their courtship and lying on their backs. "That was totally great." said Sandy.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," said Maxwell, "despite all the yelps of pain you had."

"How was I?"

"Perfect, just like today."


Typical boars, give up one piece of ass and it changes them. I still think that to this day, it was when we lovingly had sex, everything went wrong.


Sandy saw Maxwell sitting right ther reading his book. There he is, Sandy. she thought to herself. It took you a whole three days to plan this out. Like, don't mess up now, just go up to him and tell him we're gonna have a baby. It can't be that totally hard. With a deep breath, Sandy summoned all her courage and walkeddd up to her reading lover. "Um, Maxwell..." Sandy began.

"Sandy, not right now, I'm in the middle of reading this very interesting book." said Maxwell.

"But I totally need to talk to you."

"It can wait."

Sandy left Maxwell's chamber. Well, he does like to read. Oh well, I'll have to tell him tomorrow.

The next day, Sandy b-lined it for Maxwell. She was never easily defeated, so this time, she tried again. "Maxwell, could you put your book down a second, we need to talk." she said.

"Sorry Sandy, I'm studying up on mollecular physics." said Maxwell.

"Okay. Bue Maxwell-"

"Sandy, out."

"All right, I'm going."

Still convinced she was going at it the wrong way, she thought about it and went back to him next week... too bad things didn't go well. "Sandy, you're bugging me again."

"I need to talk to you."

"You're being rude."

"I'm being rude, you're the one ignoring me."

"Sandy, please leave, I'm almost done studying with this book."

"Put down that damn book and talk to me already!"

"Sandra." Maxwell took a deep breath. "Listen, when you're twirling your ribbon, I give you the respect and privacy you want and need to practice. You can at least do the same for me when I'm in my books."


"And I don't hear out those who are rude and those who would rather yell at me."

"We really need to talk."

"Out, Sandy."


"Don't make me kick you out by force, just please go."

Sandy's ears drooped down. "Fine, I can take a hint, I'll leave you alone."


Sandy gave a sigh, And that's how my whole pregnancy went with you, Rick. Every time I tried to say I was pregnant to Maxwell, he would shoo me away or not hear me at all. Then, when it was too late for me to tell him, I just gave up. I also realized that he doesn't even want anything to do with me or you now. As I gave brth to you I felt sad, sad because I wanted to bring you to Maxwell and show him his son, let him hold you, see you, acknowledge you, but what happened, he just turned me away at every opportunity, just to read some damn book. That.... prick! It's okay though, Rick. Since Maxwell wouldn't let me tell him that he was having a child, he will NEVER see you for as long as I can protect you. This is my effect to my lost cause. A sense of justice in an unjust world, but don't you worry none my son, as long as you're under my guard, I will make sure he never gets to see you in his life..... "Because..... he never wanted you at the beginning of your life."

Sandy wiped her tears as she held Rick and looked up at the clouds.

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