Hana Kimi Fan Fiction ❯ It's About Time ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
It's About Time: A HanaKimi Fanfic

Strong hands scoured his back. Kadoma leaned back, his eyes closed, a sigh escaping his lips. The hands slipped around to his stomach, and his eyes shot wide. "Senpai?"
"Kadoma..." A voice whispered huskily, and the hands slipped lower...

Kadoma sat up with a gasp. He covered his mouth quickly, looking around the group dorm. No one had woken up. With a sigh he climbed down and slipped out of the room.
On a solo bed near the door Kujou turned restlessly in his sleep. "Kadoma..." He murmured in a low voice. He rolled over, and off the bed. Three people woke up at the noise - turning to look. Kujou sat up, glancing around. Spotting the three gawkers he glared, and they quickly lied back down. With a sigh he stood and left the room.

Kadoma finished rinsing in the cold water, and slipped into the group bath. 'No one else is around, I'm the only one awake...' He thought, glancing around. "Well, it is 3 AM." He reminded himself aloud, and sank purposedly into the pool.
Kujou entered the room seconds later, rinsing in the cold water until a small splash attracted his attention. He turned, and froze. Kadoma was alone in the bath, washing slowly - his back to him. For a moment he stood and washed, then turned with a blush to rinse hastily in the cold water again.
Kadoma heard the sound and turned. Though his back was turned, Kadoma knew the broad shoulders, the strong but smooth movements. "K-Kujou-senpai?" His voice sounded small even to him.
Kujou turned. "Kadoma?" He feigned surprise. "Where did you come from?"
"I..um...under the water." Kadoma told him.
"What are you doing up?" He approached him.
Remembering his dream, he turned away with a blush. "Oh...I couldn't sleep."
"Me neither." Kujou stated, curious about the blush. He slipped into the water. "Excuse me." He leaned around him to soap his brush, the top of his shoulders and chest pressing against his back. Kadoma blushed again. "We can wash eachother's backs." He told him as he drew back.
"Sure...I'm still not very good. Not strong enough." Kadoma sighed.
"You're getting your strength from the wrong place." Kujou told him. He turned Kadoma to face him, tilting his chin up. "You need to get your strength from your mind, not your body."
"Easy for you to say. I bet you were never weak."
"Oh, yes I was. Just ask Tennouji some time."
"Huh?" He blinked. "You were?"
"Everyone's weak. Even when you're strong, you always have a weakness." His hand was caressing the side of Kadoma's face. When had it gotten there he wondered? Blushing, Kadoma began to draw back. Kujou's arms wrapped around him, pulling him into a tight embrace as his lips descended on his.
Kujou's kiss was as strong as his back wash, Kadoma decided. He surrendered to the kiss, melting into Kujou's strong arms. The kiss lengthened, their teeth touching. Kujou pulled back slightly. Without thinking Kadoma surged up into the kiss, his mouth demanding more attention. Kujou obliged, and several minutes later the kiss ended slowly. "Mm...you don't seem weak to me."
"Oh, Kujou-senpai..." Kadoma looked up, eyes wide.
"Itsuki." Kujou corrected.
"Itsuki?" Kadoma repeated.
"Doesn't it seem silly to call me Kujou when we just kissed? I think so...Shoutarou..." Kujou's mouth claimed his again, in an even more passionate kiss. Their tongues entwined, and Kadoma melted into his embrace again...
Footsteps. They lept apart, diving for their forgotten brushes and started washing hastily. "Kadoma? Ku-kun?"
"Ten-kun?" Kujou turned to his childhood friend blankly.
"Good morning, Tennouji-senpai." Kadoma greeted.
"What are you doing up?" Kujou cut in.
"I could ask the same of you." Tennouji pointed out.
"It seems to be a restless night in Dorm 1." Kujou replied.
"I see..." He glanced between them.
"Would you like to join us?" Kadoma offered, missing the frown Kujou shot him.
"No, I'm heading back to bed." Tennouji told him. "Good night."
"Goodnight, Tennouji-senpai."
"Goodnight, Ku-kun."
"Goodnight, Ten-kun." Kujou replied. Kadoma missed the extra note. Tennouji didn't. He shot his old friend a look that spoke volumes. Kujou blushed, and replied with a look that said 'And?'
'It's about time.' Tennouji mouthed, and walked away.
When Kujou burst out laughing Kadoma looked at him blankly.

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