Hana Kimi Fan Fiction ❯ My Sweet Valentine ❯ Chaotic Shopping Day ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3 Chaotic Shopping Day
Sweat tickled down Sano’s face as he stood taking a deep breath in. He let his breath go slowly; his breath came out as a white puff of smoke since it was winter. Sano was not bother by the cold anymore due to his rigorous training. Sano began stretching out his legs and arms to rid the stiffness that was starting to settle in his body. Once finished he began to run, following the lines on the ground of the track field. His mind strayed to Mizuki and what he could do for her. Valentine’s Day was only three days away and he still could not think of a place. How pathetic was that? Sano let out a frustrated sigh then a sudden thought came to him he could buy her a gift. A gift that she would like, something that would let her know how he truly felt about her. While shopping he could look around for a place where he could take her to after Io’s party. Smiling from the ideas pouring into his mind he began to run faster to finish his lap to hurry to go shopping. Sano slowed down when he saw Yuri and Toji up ahead waving their hands around shouting at him to stop.
Sano stopped in front of them panting, his sides ached from running but he ignored the pain. Sano bought his hand up to brush his onyx hair off his forehead saying in between breaths, “How …did I …do?”
“You did great Sano! You’ve broke your old record!” Yuri exclaimed.
“Whoa man you were on fire; you should always have that kind of energy.” Toji said.
“Here’s your towel.” Yuri said throwing Sano his towel.
Sano caught the towel easily saying, “Thanks.”
“No problem. So what are you gonna do now that you finished your training today? Cuz if you are not busy we can go to the arcade to play a few games. You never really been there but I know you might enjoy it.” Toji said.
“Nah, I think I will pass. Perhaps another time, I have something to take care of.” Sano replied going to the bench to get his mineral water bottle.
“Well see ya later then.” Yuri and Toji both said walking away.
“Bye.” Sano called after them.
After finishing his water he threw the bottle away in the recycling bin and went to the locker room to change out of his sweating clothes. Sano longed for a cold shower but he knew if he went back to his dorm Mizuki would be there and she would tag along with him to the store making it difficult to buy her a gift. No one was in the locker room much to Sano’s relief and he went straight to his locker. He pulled out his favorite pair of blue jeans and a black shirt. Quickly changing he threw his dirty clothes in his locker deciding to come pick them up later after he got Mizuki’s gift. Before heading out he put on his sneakers and took off right away to the ’s shopping district.
The shopping district was only two blocks away so he walked there arriving in no time. The streets teemed with teenagers shopping, zigzagging his way through them, Sano went in front of a store’s window to peer inside searching for something that would suit Mizuki but found nothing. The store only appeared to have sports equipments so Sano went to the next shop’s window. This shop had varies items that pertain to Valentine’s Day and he went inside immediately.
Once inside Sano instantly regretted coming in for the shop had nothing but girls in there. Being the only guy there he received their attention right away. Rushing to an aisle to lose them he ended up in the chocolate aisle by mistake. Seeing all the sweets and smelling their aroma made Sano pass out. He fell to the floor; he could not take the overwhelming smell. The girls found him on the floor squeaking loudly at seeing him laying facedown on the floor. Grabbing him by the arm they dragged him out of the aisle of chocolates to the aisle of teddy bears.
Sano sat up slowly feeling better with each minute passing. The girls looked at him worry evident in their faces. Sano pushed himself off the floor to stand in front of them. Embarrassment swept through him at passing out in front of these girls. One of the girls stepped forward to press her hand to Sano’s forehead checking if he had a fever. Pushing her hand away, Sano said, “I’m fine. I just can’t stand anything sweet and seeing that aisle fill with chocolate made me feel nauseous. So there‘s no need for you girls to worry.”
“That’s a relief. We were worried we might have to call for an ambulance for you. Then we would not get the chance to find out your name.” The girl who had checked for a fever said.
Sano ran his hand nervously through his hair unsure of how to escape from these girls. Since finding out he was feeling better they began to come closer to him, blocking his way to the door.
“What’s your name good-looking?” One of the girls asked.
“Umm…the name’s Sano.” Sano hesitantly answered looking for a way out.
“Do you mean to say you’re Izumi Sano?! The famous high jumper?!” The girls squealed.
Oh crap! Maybe I should have given them a different name. Sano thought bitterly trying his best to back away from the clustering group of girls that began to grow by the minute.
“So what are you doing in here?” A girl asked.
“Isn’t it obvious Aya, he’s here to buy a gift for his girlfriend.” Another girl said.
The one named Aya grabbed Sano’s arm and asked him, “Do you really have a girlfriend Sano?”
Sano was at a loss of what to say, he would be lying if he said he had a girlfriend but if he did not say he did they would continue to bother him. Anyways he is planning on asking Mizuki to be his girlfriend soon so he would not really be lying. “Yes, I have a girlfriend already. I came here to get a gift for her for Valentine’s Day.”
Aya let his arm go and sadly walked away, the rest of the girls looked disappointed too. Many of them left but others still remained to ask him questions about his girlfriend. Sano merely told them that he wanted to keep his girlfriend a secret for he did not want it to leak out into a magazine like his photo. Finally the girls left him alone and he turned to look around at the teddy bears. A particular teddy bear stood out from the rest, it was a small brown bear with a heart shape nose and belly. On his belly were the words ‘Mine True Love’. Sano picked the bear up and saw that the bear clutched a red rose that had a small box in it. Grabbing the box, he opened it and saw a heart necklace was in it. The necklace could be split in half; the halves said ’The other half is with my true love’.
She’ll love this little guy. He kinda reminds me of her with his goofy lopsided smile. Feeling himself smile from remembering Mizuki’s smile, he placed the box back into the rose and took the bear to the cash register. The girls looked at him, muttering, “Lucky girl. He’s so sweet buying that teddy bear. I wish I were his girlfriend.”
Sano paid for the teddy bear and immediately left before the girls would decide to tag along with him. He had the cashier put the teddy bear in a bag for him that was plain for he did not want to attract Mizuki’s or the guys‘ attention. When it’s Valentine’s Day he would go buy another better bag to put the bear in and some roses too.
Passing by the park Sano noticed a spot by the lake surrounded with cherry blossoms. The spot was beautiful flake with snow and green grass sticking out from the snow. Of course the cherry blossoms were not really that beautiful right now for it was not their season but nonetheless they were pretty. This spot would be a great place to bring Mizuki, maybe after the party he could bring her here.
Happily whistling he made his way back to the locker room to get his dirty clothes. He thought about putting the gift in his locker but it would probably become stinky so he crossed the idea out. Hopefully Mizuki was already in the cafeteria so she would not see the gift. Knowing her she would become interested in what was inside and his surprise gift would be ruined.
Collecting his dirty clothes from his locker took only a minute and he placed them into his gym bag. Looking up at the clock in the locker room he saw that dinner was already being served. Sano slowly made his way to his dorm avoiding as many people as he could to keep his gift a secret. When at last he was in front of his room he stood a few minutes staring at the door deciding whether to go in or not. He pressed his ear to the door when he could not decide, listening for any kind of noise that would show if Mizuki was inside or not. Hearing none, he gulped before turning the knob feeling scared that Mizuki was inside. The door opened all the way and to his immense relief the room was empty. Letting out his breath that he did not know he was holding he went inside quickly closing the door behind him.
Dumping his gym bag on the floor he ran around the room looking for a good hiding spot that Mizuki would not look in. He tried the closet but thought better for most of her things were in there and she would easily find the gift. Closing the closet he scanned the room and eliminated most of the spots for they would be searched through. Sano’s eyes fell to his bed and he immediately went to kneel down to look under his bed. He could push the gift to the back and put other things in front of the bag to hide it. Mizuki wouldn’t bother to look through there for she had nothing there.
Sano pushed the gift to the back, making sure it was touching the wall. He stood up and looked around for some of his boxes that he could use to block the gift from being seen. Pulling out several of his boxes from the closet he pushed them under the bed making sure they completely blocked out the gift. Once he was satisfied with his work he stood up, brushing dirt from his hands and he went into the bathroom to wash them.
“Well its time I went to go get dinner before it is too late.” Sano said to himself feeling happy he got a gift for Mizuki. Sano could hardly wait for Valentine’s Day to come; he just knew Mizuki would be overjoyed with his gift.
Spotting Mizuki and the rest of the guys at their usual table, Sano went straight to them and sat down by Mizuki. Mizuki pushed his plate to him, this time they were having Chinese food, and a pair of chopsticks.
“Thanks.” Sano told her.
“I guess training ran late today, huh?” Mizuki stated.
“Yeah, I am trying my best to get better so I have doubled my training.” Sano said.
“Just don’t over do it, you might get sick.” Nakatsu said.
Sano nodded his head feeling a little guilty for lying to Mizuki about training late. It was true he did double his training today but he finished early to go shopping. He could not tell her he was shopping for she would ask what he bought. After dinner the group said their good nights and went to their dorms to sleep or study. Mizuki and Sano went into their dorms feeling exhausted from the day’s events, especially Sano who was ready to fall asleep.
Sano let Mizuki use the restroom to change while he changed in the room. He got under his blankets, feeling too tired to wait for Mizuki to come out of the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. Just this once he would skip doing them, when his head made contact with the pillow he fell sound asleep.
“Sano, I’m out.” Mizuki said as she walked out of the bathroom. “Sano! O you fell asleep already? I guess you been training too hard.” Mizuki muttered stopping to look at Sano sleeping.
He’s looks like an angel. I can’t believe he is soooo hot even when he is sleeping! I can’t believe I am here with him after everything I went through to get here. If only he loved me everything would be perfect. Mizuki thought as she continued to gaze at Sano. His onyx hair sticking up in every direction and his arms flung out.
Mizuki’s eyes lowered to his lips and she felt herself turn red. The idea of kissing him good night came to mind at that moment however she pushed it out of her mind right away. She turned to get a drink of cold water to cool her down. She picked up her water bottle from her desk gulping down the water fast. She choked and coughed, feeling even more foolish then before, she glanced back to see if Sano woke up but sighed in relief when she saw he was still asleep.
I better go to sleep before I do something stupid that will wake up Sano. Crossing back to the bunk beds she did not notice a book laying on the floor. She kicked the book by accident, making it end up under Sano’s bed. Just great Mizuki you kicked Sano’s book under the bed. He’s going to be mad if he can’t find it in the morning.
Getting down on her knees she looked under the bed, many boxes obscured her view of where the book could be so she pulled them out. Huffing she pushed the remaining boxes out of her way and spotted the book by a brown bag. She grabbed the book and the bag feeling curiosity take control of her. The way the bag was shaped intrigued her to peek inside. Wondering what Sano was hiding she began to open the bag making sure not to make noise that would wake up Sano. When at last the bag was open she put her hand inside and pulled out a soft bundle. The soft bundle turned out to be a teddy bear. What’s Sano doing with a Valentine’s teddy bear?!
Immense sadness filled Mizuki and her eyes began to water when she read the words ‘Mine True Love’ on the belly of the bear. The only person she could think Sano would give the bear to would be Rika, the girl she saw him talking to when she first started at this school. She had asked him if Rika was his girlfriend but he had said no, maybe now he was thinking about confessing his feelings to Rika. What a fool she was in thinking that he loved her when he thought of her as a guy! Mizuki pushed the teddy bear back into the bag as tears poured out of her eyes. She hurriedly placed everything back as it was before she went to her bed. She had the book which she had kick in her arms as misery took over her. Mizuki cried herself to sleep and had nightmares of Sano and Rika together.
Author’s Note: I know I know it’s sad but I had to make it interesting! Don’t worry everything will work out so DO NOT PANIC!