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Title: Going
Author: P.L.S. - soon to be Kat
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Stargate
Summery: Harry gets ready for a trip that will take him out of this world.
A/N: This is for Sam. Here is your next chapter to the Bonding story.
“Minerva, how are you?” Harry asked as he strolled up to the Headmistress and his superior. The woman scowled, she only scowled when Harry did something that made her worry. And Harry knew that he had definitely done something that made her worry.
“Where were you? You are very lucky that you exams were so simple for Miss Lovegood to handout and grade.” Harry sighed.
“I need to talk to you about that. Slytherin left some interesting toys that I'm going to put under guard, and one that I need to bring some muggles in to remove.”
“Just some experts I met from the American Air Force andsomeextraterrestrials...” Harry said the last part very quickly. Minerva blinked as she deciphered it.
“You are bringing space aliens to Hogwarts?” she asked incredulously, “How in the world did you meet aliens? No, wait, I'm still on the part that aliens exist.” Harry smiled. He had practiced this next part. It was clear enough, yet very vague.
“Well, Slytherin got a hold of some stuff that would be of more use to those who are fighting a war against a sort of alien race that seems to take humans as slaves and wants to rule the universe.” He shrugged. Minerva looked annoyed.
“And you want to go join them in their fight. So, just as you broke that blasted curse, I lose my Defense instructor?”
“Well. . .” Harry started but Minerva interrupted him as she threw her hands in the air.
“Fine. Just owl me every once in a while, and you will come back when you can for holidays and guest lectures.” She shook a finger at him. Harry grinned.
“Great! You are the best headmistress ever.” He darted in and pecked her on the cheek. Together, they started to walk to the Great Hall.
“Harry, just tell me one thing.” She said as they came up to the side door.
“Did you meet these people because you were fooling around something with lots of warnings that you already read around it?” she asked and Harry blushed and started to try to explain it in a way where he wouldn't look like a total idiot.
“Er. . .”
“That's what I thought, I owe Severus three galleons now because you can't keep out of trouble.” she said sagely. He opened the door for her and they walked to the dais.
“Sorry.” Minerva smiled and shook her head.
“No, no. I just hope they find some good people like Miss Granger and Severus to keep you above water.”
“Please don't tell me that you are writing to the CO requesting it.”
“I won't tell you then.” She smirked and sat down primly next the new deputy headmaster, Severus Snape who gave Harry a neutral look as the defense professor continued down to his seat between Hagrid and the Arithmancy professor, Zeta Numerian. Other than the brief announcement that Professor Potter was announcing his retirement from teaching, in order to go pursue other interests, dinner was normal. Well, if talking about procuring basilisks with a half-giant and a woman who was one-eighth centaur counts as normal.
By the end of dinner Harry had the names and floo addresses of no less than ten M.O.M class XXXXX creature dealers and two very interested friends who promised to feed the new guard so long as they could watch it eat. Harry promised, mostly because he saw that the SGC already had stuff that could make it work.
The staff meeting that followed was nowhere near as pleasant, mostly because Snape refused to just let Harry get off with the simple explanations. He had to have a blow by blow account of everything, and he just had to have details about the Tok'ra, the SGC, the Jaffa, the Goa'uld, and everything else Harry knew.
Harry felt like he had been drug through a paddock of porcupines as he walked to his rooms. Maybe, just maybe, it would be the last time he ever was far too exhausted after an interrogation from friends and co-workers. After all, the USAF guys seemed rather laid back, at least O'Neill was. Jackson seemed to be a less rule abiding Hermione, well, sort of. Okay, so Daniel was at least fifty times better than Hermione at actual combat, and he was rather one tracked as far as information went. If it was circa 100 BCE or earlier then he knew it, but modern stuff, other than how to use technology to study the old stuff, was not in his grasp. Carter covered everything else really, it was like she and Daniel were just two sides of the same coin. Jack and Teal'c just fit in, Harry wasn't sure how, but they did.
And now Harry was being fit into a troupe of new explorers, modeled after that group which found him and his new friends watching an old quidditch match. His missions would be unique in the fact that for once in his life he wasn't going to be the front or the figurehead, he was as normal as people ever were to the rest of the people at the Stargate Command. Strings had been pulled and now he had dual citizenship, a new group of comrades, and a way out of all the `Boy-Who-Lived' bunk that the wizards and witches of Britain had saddled him with.
Just a spot of training to deal with the weapons that he would carry to supplement his wand, potions, and other magically enhanced toys.
Harry smiled as he packed up as the train left with all his former students. He was about to join something that seemed like it was right out of a comic book.