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Title: Over-coming Fears & Memories
Author: Kat
Chapter: 8/9
Rating: PG 15
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Last time....
Teal'c let Harry get comfortable before commenting that he would be willing to listen and offer advice if Harry needed it. Starting off calmly and with some emotion, Harry began to tell Teal'c what had been on his mind for the longest time. Speaking out his insecurities, his fears and the over bearing guilt that he still carried from the wizarding world's war. By the end of his monologue, Teal'c was cradling Harry as if he were a child, and spoke in reassuring tones the words that were a salvation to Harry's tired soul.
After a while Harry began to fall asleep, and for once, he didn't have nightmares of people dieing in battle, or seeing Daniel falling on the last mission. He was able to sleep and recuperate the missing bits of peace that he needed for the while to come.
On with the next chapter.....
Once the next morning arrived, Harry found himself still in Teal'c's arms. Blushing at the sight that he must have been presenting, Harry slipped out of the Jaffa's arms. Teal'c awoke to the movement and Harry shyly thanked him for his help in listening to his woes.
“Harry Potter, it was an honour that you trusted me enough to let your guard down and have me watch over you as you dealt with your grief and guilt.” The Jaffa's words made Harry smile and the pair made their way to the infirmary once again to check on Daniel.
When they got there, Daniel was begging for coffee, and was about to ask Jack for some more when Harry launched himself at his friend.
“You're awake! Thanks Merlin that you're doing better.” Worried green eyes peered into stunned blue, and Harry ducked his head in embarrassment.
“Thanks to you I am still here. It seems as though we all owe you for everything you've done for us.” Daniel's voice was sincere, and Harry stared at him in shock.
“Why would any of you owe me anything? I help because I can and because I care about what happens to all of you!” He was genuinely bewildered and Daniel was about to explain when he saw Teal'c shake his head in a negative gesture.
Daniel let it drop and Janet was determined to finish her tests on Daniel, so that he could be taken home by SG1 and have them take care of him. Harry left to pack Daniel's office with Sam's help, and Teal'c began to explain why Harry believed that he did not need any repayment.
“Harry Potter had a life filled with many challenges, and he has not gotten over the fact that there were people who still blamed him for things he could not control. Many times it was the Headmistress of his school that kept him grounded, but that did not help when Hermione Granger began her quest to control his life, like others have before.” Teal'c continued the explanation, and Jack was determined to give Harry what he needed as was Daniel.
After a quick chat Jack, Daniel and Teal'c were prepared to help Harry with anything that he would need, and allow him to reciprocate the same. Teal'c also mentioned that he would speak to Sam and explain to her what was going on.
----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
After Daniel was released from Janet's tender mercies, and they all arrived at Jack's home, Harry began to set things up for a quick and easy dinner. Within twenty minutes he had pasta and meat sauce ready and it gave Teal'c enough time to explain the situation the Sam.
After the meal, Jack practically ordered Harry to stay with Daniel, and help him with his translations. Not wanting to upset Jack, Harry helped Daniel into bed, and began going over the script that had to be done for several missions that were coming up.
As Harry and Daniel worked away at the pile that had been in Daniel's office, Jack, Sam and Teal'c set up a place for Harry to remain in Jack's home as well as Sam and Daniel's. Explaining to Harry that they had to go out for some supplies, Harry thought nothing of the mischievous grin since Daniel went into another painful couching fit.
With the changes done to the homes, Jack was able to relax more knowing that Harry would have someone to fall back onto, and if he had to stay on base, Teal'c could stay with him. Checking on Harry and Daniel before he began dinner, Jack smiled softly as he noticed the pair sleeping like a pair of puppies on the bed. Quietly leaving the room he got a camera and got a picture before he started the meal.
Harry and Daniel only woke another two hours later, and were amazed by the smell of the food coming from the kitchen. Giving his bedmate a hand to get out, Sam smiled at them as they got settled in the dining room.
“Did you two get a lot of work done today?” Sam hoped that they did, and Harry nodded to show her that they had most of the translations done.
“I was hoping that one of you could go and drop off the finished work and pick up any new translations that showed up so that the work load isn't too heavy when I get back to the mountain.” Daniel spoke softly, giving Harry a grateful smile.
“Sure thing Space Monkey. I can go in tomorrow to pick up and drop off what you need me to do. I might also stop by Janet to see if she can come over to see how well you're progressing for a few days later.” Jack gave a sympathetic smile, knowing that Daniel hated going to the infirmary, but sometimes there were no other options.
After dinner, the group helped sort out Daniel's work to be handed in, and Harry made sure that all were comfortable before trying to rest his mind as the day came to a close. With everyone in bed, Harry moved into the living room to sort out his mental walls and problems. He was so into his mind that he didn't see Jack step out into the room.
“Harry, are you alright?” Jack's voice made Harry jump, but he turned around and gave a small sad smile.
“It could be better, but you have so much to worry about.” His voice was soft and shy, almost as if he were begging Jack to talk to him.
Sitting beside the young man, Jack held Harry close as he explained that he would always be there for any of the team if they needed it, and that did include Harry.
Harry curled into the offered comfort and began to tell Jack what he told Teal'c but in a bit more detail. He told him about living with his Aunt and Uncle, as well as the abuse he had suffered at the hands of his cousin while he lived with them. He spoke about his years at Hogwarts and how every year there was a new challenge for him to face. He spoke about the short time with his Godfather, and how he died to save Harry's life. Finally he spoke about the war and fighting Voldemort and how much pain and havoc was caused by the madman before he was able to destroy him once and for all.
“It didn't end there however. The people of the Wizarding world wanted someone to blame, and began to try to get me to be seen as the next Dark Lord. I taught at Hogwarts with Headmistress McGonagall and it was the only place I felt safe until I met any of you.” His voice trembled a bit as he spoke of his final pains. “I had to deal with Howlers and hate mail from people who blamed me for things before I was born. When I made a final statement to the people of the Wizarding World, I had devoted my time to teaching at Hogwarts before SG1 set me free.”
Jack held Harry as he silently cried for all the wrongs done to him, and Jack could only pray that the people of the Wizarding World didn't meet with him, because he would show them how to treat extraordinary young people without trying to kill them.
----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
When Harry woke the following morning, Jack was seated in the chair beside his bed with a small smile on his face.
“You know this is the most relaxed I have seen you since we met on that Tok'ra ship.” Harry blushed and gave Jack a small shy smile.
“It's because all of you are like family to me now. I know that no matter what I can trust you and you haven't died from getting too close to me.” Jack sat beside him and gave him a one-armed hug.
“For us, you're family to. It takes a special kind of person to do what we do, and the four of us couldn't be happier that you're on our team.” Harry gave a beaming smile at that, and slowly got out of bed.
In the kitchen, Sam was making breakfast, and Teal'c was getting the last minute papers done for Jack to hand in at the mountain that morning. Daniel was staring longingly at the coffee pot, and when Harry arrived, it seemed to him that Daniel was really a kicked puppy instead.
After a quick meal, Jack left with the translations, and Harry began to check over Daniel's injuries with a scan that Poppy taught him after one of his many stays in the hospital wing at Hogwarts. Daniel was healing nicely, and a bit faster than most muggels, but the results would make Janet happy.
Within four hours, Jack had returned with more documents and separated them between each person. Harry had gotten some mail and some reports to fill out. Sam had some experiments to write up. Teal'c needed to explain several terms that Jaffa's used. Daniel had more translations and Jack had to go over some work for the General. It felt as though they were on a vacation, but they had too much to do to enjoy it.
Harry opened one of the parchments and noticed that it was an invite to Hogwarts to give a lecture on Dark Arts and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Showing it to the others, he asked if they wanted to go as well during the time that Daniel had to heal. This way there would be no need to take away time from their days and it would allow Daniel to speak with Minerva about the mythical creatures.
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