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Title: Travels and a Sense of Home
Author: Kat
Chapter: 9/9
Rating: PG 15
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Last Chapter…
Harry opened one of the parchments and noticed that it was an invite to Hogwarts to give a lecture on Dark Arts and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Showing it to the others, he asked if they wanted to go as well during the time that Daniel had to heal. This way there would be no need to take away time from their days and it would allow Daniel to speak with Minerva about the mythical creatures.
One with the last chapter…
Three days later, Harry was standing in the Great Hall with many families and all the students present. His companions were sitting behind him, and silently giving him their support. With so many faces in the crowd, Harry smiled when he still recognized the Weasley clan from across the room.
Starting off with a quick history lesson, Harry began his two hour lecture on Dark Arts. The Hall was silent as he spoke, and when he was done speaking several questions raced at him. Answering each one with understanding and honesty, the crowd soon dissipated for lunch.
Harry and his colleagues sat with Arthur and his family. When they asked about Hermione, a bitter look from Harry and angry looks from the other four had that topic dropped in a moment. As the group sat and ate, several students came by and congratulated Harry on his lecture. Giving each a small smile, he told them to wait for the next lecture on Defense and to see him afterwards to tell him what they thought of both.
After the delicious meal prepared by the house elves, Harry began his lecture on Defense Against the Dark Arts. The lecture was more of a discussion, and soon Harry had everyone practicing several spells that could save the lives of a person if used properly in any situation. By explaining the way the magic flowed through the core of the wand, many of the witches and wizards began to understand why so many people had problems with their magic these days.
With the explanation that the wand is key in spell casting, Harry got many students and their parents to try other wands to understand the difficulty and why it is best for a student to have their own proper wand.
Wrapping up the lecture with a quick question period, Harry and his friends made their way to their suites and got Daniel situated comfortably. Minevra came to visit once before they went to sleep to give them a port-key back to the Mountain for the next afternoon. After she left, Harry went back to translating the texts they had brought with them as Sam grumbled about not being able to use the computer she had brought with her.
After several hours of working, the group retired for the night, not after Harry had looked around and gave them all a soft smile. Making his way to rooms, he missed the contemplative looks from the other four as he went to sleep for the night.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------
With the dawning of a new day, Harry sat before the fire and smiled. Hogwarts was no longer home, and he was glad that he was now apart of SG1, he finally had a form of usefulness again. Slipping into his BDU's, Harry made his way to wake the others. Seeing them sleeping soundlessly, he woke them all up with a water charm. The indignant shrieks made him laugh, and he gave them all a low bow before asking when they wanted to leave to go home to the mountain.
Harry snickered all the way to the Great Hall and as the group ate breakfast, some of the students asked if Harry could stay to teach.
“I will only come down for the occasional Lecture. I have a family and Job in the United States, and I am quite happy there. While I do enjoy teaching, I much prefer the job I am doing now.” Harry spoke calmly to the children and they left with an air of understanding.
Before the port-key took them, Minerva gave Harry a mirror to use to call her up when she would be needed or if he wanted to chat with some old friends. Thanking her for the gift, Harry and SG1 were whisked away for another grand adventure to deal with the Gou'ald and future threats to Earth and the Galaxy.
The End!!!!
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