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Chapter 4
John watched as Harry finished grabbing his toiletries and shoved them in his bag. Since Harry had said west he figured they could take a leisurely drive towards California and Dean could finally see the Grand Canyon. Maybe they could get enough money in Vegas or along the way to treat the kid to Disneyland or something. John felt a twinge of guilt at the thought, he'd never considered taking the boys there and now he was thinking of taking his nephew.
“You want to ride with the boys today?” Harry looked over him, obviously thinking about it.
“Would they mind?” John smiled and shook his head, guiding the teen from the room.
“Morning Dad, Harry.” Sam called from where he was putting his bag into the Impala's trunk.
“Good morning Sam.” Harry answered, smiling at his cousin.
“You boys mind if Harry rides with you today?” John asked and Sam grinned.
“Throw your bag in. Though I'm warning you now, Dean has the worst taste in music ever.” Sam went round to the back door and quickly removed anything that was littering the seat or floor since he didn't want Harry to feel crowded.
“You'll have to take the backseat though, I'm too tall to fit and Dean doesn't let anyone else drive unless he's exhausted.” Sam explained.
“That's fine.” Harry told him as Dean finally emerged from their room, bag slung over his shoulder.
“Morning everyone.” Dean was whistling happily as he tossed his bag into the car, smiling when he saw Harry's alongside Sam's.
“Riding with us today Harry?”
“Sam said it was okay.” Harry answered and Dean slung an arm around his shoulders.
“Sure it is. Just ignore his complaints about the music.” Dean grinned as Harry settled himself into the backseat before heading for the driver's side.
“I'll follow you boys; pull over when you want to.” John called and Dean nodded.
They were on the I-70 heading west towards Utah with what Sam called mullet rock blaring from the speakers before Sam turned in his seat so he could see Harry in the back. He smiled when he saw the teens eyes were glued to the scenery. The silence, other than Dean's music, was comforting and familiar and seemed to be doing a lot for Harry. Sam hadn't seen the kid so relaxed since he'd arrived. Dean caught his eye and he realised that had been what his big brother had been aiming for when he'd fallen silent an hour earlier. Maybe now Harry would be more willing to talk? Sam took a deep breath and decided to go for it.
“So Harry got any sights in particular you want to see? I know Dad said we'll stop by the Grand Canyon on our way to the coast.” Harry turned from the view to look at him.
“I don't know. What is there to see?” Harry asked, leaning forward slightly.
“Well, what sort of things do you like? There are museums, amusement parks, nature reserves, all sorts of things.”
“I guess amusement parks sound kind of fun. Hermione would love the museums.” Harry grinned and Dean tossed Sam a grin of his own.
“Who's Hermione? Girlfriend?” Dean asked, actually turning his music down.
“No way! She's more like a bossy sister. She's always bugging me and Ron about studying. She's top of our grade.”
“So Hermione and Ron are your friends?”
“Best friends since first year. Ron and I met on the train and were friends immediately. We weren't friends with Hermione till Halloween when there was a break in. We saved her and she covered for us. Golden Trio ever since.” Harry was almost bouncing on his seat as he talked about his friends, much to his cousin's amusement.
“Golden Trio? So either you're the teacher's pets or the school trouble makers.” Dean pointed out and Harry went red.
“Um...bit of both?” The brother's laughed and Harry smiled.
“It's not like we generally go looking for trouble. Hermione seems to think it finds me.” Harry shrugged and Dean elbowed Sam.
“Hear that Sammy, you're not the only one.”
“Jerk.” Sam muttered, hitting Dean back.
“So, involved in any school sports?” Dean asked, knowing Sam would ask about favourite classes if he didn't stop him.
“Football...soccer here right?” But they both caught the slight hesitation in Harry's answer. Why would he lie about sport?
“Yeah. So do you play other schools?” Dean asked, letting the lie go for the moment.
“Nope. The school is divided into four `houses'. They're basically you're family for the seven years. Your actions earn or remove house points and there's a cup awarded at the end of the year. Each house has a team.” Harry explained.
“So the houses play against each other for points towards the cup?” Sam asked and Harry nodded.
“The house rivalries can be pretty intense but its fun.” Harry smiled and shrugged.
“Any idea what you want to do when you graduate?” Sam asked and Dean groaned loudly making Harry laugh.
“Not really. I think my parents worked for the government or something. Dad was a cop or Scotland Yard I think. Not really sure what Mum did, no one really talks about them except to say how much I look like Dad but with Mum's eyes. I don't think I want to follow them though. I've got three years to decide though.”
“You don't know anything about your parents?” Sam asked, appalled that no one had ever told the kid about his family. Sure Sam didn't know much about his Mom but he knew more than Harry did apparently.
“Not a lot. I know Mum was good at school and that Dad was a real prankster. Mum refused to go out with him until seventh year and they got married straight out of school. Dad's family is all dead, that's why I went to Aunt Petunia when they died. Some of Dad's friends are still around, had one for a teacher in third year, but they don't like talking about them. Too painful I guess.” Dean and Sam exchanged looks, feeling sorry for the kid. Sure they'd lost their Mom but they had always had their Dad, even when he was obsessed with the hunt. But Harry had them now and they weren't going to let anything happen to him.