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Chapter 5
Dean opened his eyes slightly as he heard a noise at the door, only to startle fully awake as the door shut.
“Mornin', sunshine.” Sam called, breakfast in his hands.
“What time is it?” Dean asked sleepily.
“It's about 5:45.” Sam answered putting the bags down.
“In the morning?”
“Where does the day go?” He sat up and accepted the cup of coffee.
“Did you get any sleep last night?”
“Yeah, I grabbed a couple hours. Sounds like Harry managed to sleep through.”
“Liar. `Cause I was up at three, and you were watchin' the George Foreman infomercial. And don't try to change the subject onto Harry.”
“Hey, what can I say? It's riveting TV. And I'm not changing the subject. You've seen the bags under his eyes too.”
“When was the last time you got a good night's sleep? As for the bags under Harry's eyes? I'd say you're winning for size bro.”
“I don't know. A little while, I guess. It's not a big deal.”
“Yeah, it is.” Dean shot back, starting to get a little annoyed.
“Look, I appreciate your concern—“
“Oh, I'm not concerned about you. It's your job to keep my ass alive, so I need you sharp.” Sam shrugged in answer.
“Seriously, are you still havin' nightmares about Jess?”
“Yeah.” Sam sat on his bed and took a sip of his own coffee.
“But it's not just her. It's everything. I just forgot, you know? This job—man, it gets to you.”
“Well, you can't let it. You can't bring it home like that.”
“So, what? All this—it never keeps you up at night?” Dean shook his head in answer but Sam pressed.
“Never? You're never afraid?”
“No, not really.” Sam gave him a look and then reached under Dean's pillow and pulled out a knife. Dean took it from him.
“That's not fear. That is precaution.”
“All right, whatever. I'm too tired to argue.” Sam answered and then turned as the connecting door opened and their Dad walked in.
“Morning.” Sam called and John nodded.
“I just got a call. Dean you remember Jerry Panowski, we helped him with a poltergeist a while back. He's run into something he thinks is our type of job. Harry's already packing, I told him a family friend needs help.”
“And what do we do with Harry while working?” Sam asked, already gathering his things.
“That's easy, Dean will stay with him.”John answered getting two disbelieving stares in return.
“Dean you don't fly and Sam has no problem with it. Easy choice.” John explained and had to smother a grin as Dean actually pouted.
“Yes sir.”
“Then let's go.”
Dean hid a smirk as Harry fidgeted, again. To do the kid credit he was trying to do some summer homework, looked like chemistry from where Dean was but he wasn't sure. And considering Dean was going mad being stuck in the motel with nothing to do other than watch his cousin Harry was actually doing quite well in ignoring him.
“I'm nearly fifteen, I can be left alone for an hour or two Dean.” Harry finally stated, staring at him from over the top of his textbook.
“Nope. Dad would kill me if I did.”
“Then find something to do. Please!”
“Because I'm trying to write this stupid essay so Snape doesn't kill me in September!” Harry growled and then buried his head back in his book. Dean winced, a little guilty feeling, and then stood up. He wanted to go to the Impala, get his weapons and clean them but with Harry in the room he couldn't. The kid was smart, that was certain and he would definitely be suspicious if he saw the weapons.
“I think one of my books fell out in the boot, can I go get it or do I need an armed guard?” Dean chuckled and motioned for him to go. It was nice to see Harry was no longer so hesitant around them, Sam superglueing Dean's beer bottle to his hand had probably helped their cousin relax a bit, especially when even their Dad had laughed at it.
Harry opened the Impala's boot and leant over to search for his missing book. He was very thankful for the charm that made his books look like muggle school books and novels or he'd never get his summer work done. He didn't know why his uncle and cousins were so...protective of him but it had been nice until it had started being downright annoying. John had told Dean to watch out for him and other than bathroom breaks Dean hadn't let him out of his sight.
Harry grinned and grabbed his book only to jump back in surprise as a section of what he'd thought was the floor popped up. His eyes widened in horror as he stared at the compartments contents. What were they, gun runners? He quickly pushed the compartment shut and then turned to stare at the motel room where Dean was waiting. Should he run? But most of his things were in the room. And if anything they had only been overprotective towards him. No, he wouldn't run, yet. He was a Gryffindor after all, but he was also part Slytherin. Time to be sneaky.
John shot a glance at the rooms other bed but Harry was asleep, burrowed deep in the covers. He turned back to his sons and had to smile at Dean's grouchiness. He knew his eldest hated sitting a job out but someone needed to stay with Harry and John wanted the chance to get to know the man Sam had become while away.
“So you guys found sulphur?” Dean asked quietly, not wanting to wake Harry. Unknown to the Winchesters green eyes were open to slits as their owner strained to hear every word spoken.
“You know, there's not too many things that leave behind a sulphuric residue.”
“Demonic possession?” Sam asked.
“It would explain how a mortal man would have the strength to open up an emergency hatch.” John pointed out.
“If the guy was possessed, it's possible.”
“Yeah, but this goes way beyond floatin' over a bed or barfin' pea soup. I mean, it's one thing to possess a person, but to use `em to take down an entire airplane?” Dean pointed out. In his bed Harry had gone utterly still in shock. Demons?
“You ever heard of somethin' like this before?” Sam asked and John shook his head.
“Never.” Sam got his laptop out and began searching. Harry held still as he heard the clacking of the keys and Dean moving around the room restlessly.
“So, every religion in every world culture has the concept of demons and demonic possession, right? I mean, Christian, Native American, Hindu—you name it.” Sam finally spoke after what felt like half the night to Harry.
“Yeah, but none of `em describe anything like this.” Dean pointed out.
“Well, that's not exactly true. See, according to Japanese beliefs, certain demons are behind certain disasters, both natural and man-made. One causes earthquakes, another causes disease.” Sam explained. Harry was wondering why his uncle was staying quiet, wanting his kids to work it out for themselves maybe?
“And this one causes plane crashes? All right, so, what? We've got a demon that's evolved with the times and found a way to ratchet up the body count?” Dean asked.
“Yeah. You know, who knows how many planes it's brought down before this one? What?”
“I don't know, man. This isn't our normal gig. I mean, demons—they don't want anything, just death and destruction for its own sake. This is big.”
“True but we still have to do the job boys.” John's cell phone rang and they all tensed but Harry didn't move.
“Kid sleeps like the dead when he actually sleeps.” Harry relaxed at that. John spoke very quietly into the phone for a bit before hanging up.
“The pilot's dead.”
“What happened?” Sam asked.
“He went up in a small plane, forty minutes in it crashed.”
“Where?” Dean asked.
“Nazareth.” John answered.
“No point making Harry move again. Dean...”
“I know, I'm staying with Harry. It's not that bad, kids been doing his homework.”
“In other words you've been bored out of your mind.” Sam pointed out and Harry fought the urge to laugh.
“You boys get some sleep now.”
“Goodnight Dad.” Harry waited until he was positive his uncle was asleep before turning onto his back and staring up at the ceiling. Demons? So either his family were insane or they were going after something that only a squad of Unspeakables would take on. Great options.
Dean frowned as he watched Harry. The kid was petting his owl and obviously deep in thought over something. But what? He'd noticed Harry watching them more closely than usual before his Dad and Sam had left and he was avoiding the Impala's trunk...Dean's eyes went wide and he felt like swearing but managed to hold it in. Had they left a weapon in sight? Or had Harry accidentally managed to open the compartment? If he had the poor kid had to be terrified! But what could he do? He couldn't just tell Harry about the family business, he'd think Dean was crazy.
Harry could feel Dean watching him but he didn't know what to do. Should he admit to eavesdropping and to what he'd seen in the car? But how would Dean react? And Harry was definitely not going to mention his own magical status since he doubted they only hunted demons from what they'd been saying.
“Um Harry?” Harry froze and then turned to Dean.
“You okay? You seem to have something on your mind.” Dean winced, Sammy was definitely better at that sort of thing.
“I'm fine.” Harry assured him, way too quickly.
“Look Harry... I know we barely know each other but you're family and that means a lot round here. You can tell me and Sam anything, Dad can be a little more judgemental but we'll listen. So yeah.” Dean shrugged uncomfortably and Harry managed a small smile.
“I...um. When I got my book out of the car it sort of... I saw what's there. And the other night I wasn't exactly asleep when you guys were talking.” Harry admitted softly and Dean paled.
“And what did you figure out?” He asked and Harry shrugged.
“Well first I was scared; you have an awful lot of guns in your car Dean. Then I heard you talking about demons and stopping it hurting people so...some sort of cop for the weird stuff?” As Harry fell silent Dean was pretty sure his jaw was on the floor. Harry was definitely a smart kid. And so far he didn't seem to be freaking out.
“So you don't think we're all nuts?” Dean asked and Harry smiled.
“Nope. I...I've had to get good at telling when people are lying and stuff. I know you're telling the truth. And I've seen people who are well crazy, you're not. Therefore you must be telling the truth.” Harry told him and Dean stared at him in shock.
“Huh. Well since you know I guess I should explain a few things.”
“So did you get the demon?” Harry's innocent question had John and Sam freezing in their tracks. Dean couldn't hold his laughter in and even Harry laughed softly.
“Dean?”John barked.
“He was the weapons and wasn't as asleep as we thought the other night. I've been filling him in on things.” Dean explained.
“Oh. And yeah, we got it. You would have hated it Dean, the plane nearly crashed.” Sam told them, finally moving away from the door.
“I know, saw it on the news.” Dean told his brother.
“You're both okay?”
“Few bumps, nothing bad.” John said and Dean rolled his eyes.
“Harry grab the first aid kit.” Dean said and the teen slid off the bed and went into the bathroom.
“He's really handling it?” John asked quietly and Dean grinned.
“Better than Sammy did. I gave him some books; did you know the kid knows Latin? Perks of a boarding school.”
“I'm not saying teach him to hunt, but he does need to know how to protect himself.”
“Dean's right Sam.” They fell silent as Harry emerged with the kit and then settled in to patching their wounds.