Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction / Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Meet Uncle John ❯ Chapter 6

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Chapter 6
“Happy Birthday!” Harry froze for a second at the sight of his family sitting in the motel room with a small cake in front of them. He stared from the cake back to his uncle and cousins, pretty sure his jaw was touching the ground.
“You going to cut this thing or not Har?” Dean asked him and Harry walked over to the table.
“This is for me?” He asked and all three men nodded.
“Happy fifteenth kid.” John told him, reaching out to ruffle his hair.
“Cake first then presents.” Sam told him, handing over a knife. Harry finally relaxed and smiled as he cut the cake. John served up the ice cream and they all dug in.
“Mine first!” Dean crowed and handed over the messily wrapped package. Harry grinned and carefully opened it as slowly as he could, making Sam snicker. There was an amulet of some sort on a leather cord, a magazine that had him turning bright red and a comic book.
“The amulet's for protection.” Dean told him and Harry smiled as he pulled it over his head.
“Mine next.” Sam handed over his package which harry opened at a more normal speed. Inside was a book on advanced Latin, a science fiction novel and a silver ring, etched with symbols. Harry smiled and Sam pointed out which finger he should wear it on.
“You boys trying to make him a mini-Dean?” John asked, smiling at Harry's new protection jewellery as he handed over his own package. Harry opened it to reveal a book on protection symbols and rites, a silver knife and a small flask. He held the flask up curiously.
“Holy Water.” John explained and Harry nodded, still smiling.
“Thanks. These are great! Though not really sure what to do with the knife.” Harry admitted.
“We'll show you plus some basic hand to hand. You need to be able to protect yourself, just in case.” John told him and Harry agreed eagerly, after all, how many wizards could fight without their wands?
John watched as Sam laughingly tackled Harry and the teen began squirming, trying to get free of the taller man. He winced in sympathy as Harry's knee landed very close to a rather sensitive area but Sam kept his grip on the teen. He'd been right about Harry; the kid was fast on his feet! Not very strong though but they were working on that. He knew there was a very fine line between teaching Harry how to protect himself and training him to hunt and for once John didn't want to cross it. He didn't want Harry to have the fear and danger they did. The kid deserved to have an actual childhood, at least what was left of it. He just wished Harry would open up to one of them about his nightmares and the scars John had glimpsed one morning.
“Found a new job.” Dean said as he walked up behind John.
“Toledo, Ohio. Guy died in an odd way, could be our type of thing.” John nodded.
“Sam! Harry! Pack up we're leaving!” John called and the two boys separated, Harry panting for air while Sam was breathing normally. It didn't take long for them to pack and get on the road, Harry riding with John.
“So is it one of your jobs?” Harry asked as they got onto the highway.
“Could be. You know the rules?” He asked and harry sighed, rolling his eyes slightly.
“I stay in the room when you're gone and do my homework or read. Don't answer the phone unless it rings five times, hangs up and then rings again. If you're gone past a meal order delivery, put an envelope on the door with the money and wait till they're gone to get the food. Don't let anyone in the room. I get it Uncle John.” Harry recited.
“Just want to be sure. I don't want you getting hurt or taken as bait by something.”
“I know, I don't really mind. Besides this will be the best summer work I've ever turned in!” Harry told him and John laughed.
“So what do you think you're after?”
“Won't know till we get there.”
Harry tensed as the door opened and then relaxed as his family walked in, going back to his writing.
“Everything okay here?” John called and harry nodded, finishing his sentence before looking up.
“No one called or came to the door and I've been working on an essay. Did you find what you were looking for?” Harry put his pen down and stretched, if they didn't like his work being in pen too bad.
“Looks like it, don't say Bloody Mary around ant reflective surfaces while we're here okay?” Harry frowned at Dean's odd order but it wasn't the weirdest thing he'd been asked to do or not do since he'd been with them.
“Because she's killing people through mirrors, we think.” Sam explained and Harry pulled a face.
“Eww. Can we not get dinner soon?” They all laughed at him.
“Sorry Har, guess where we're headed now?” Dean teased and Harry groaned.
Once he was sure the others had gone Harry pulled out a book and began flipping through it, looking for anything that could help. The spell to black out mirrors could come in handy. Travelling with Hunters made him very glad he'd bought those extra defence books. Unfortunately even Wizards tended to discount a lot of the things his family said they'd hunted and apparently Bloody Mary was one of those. Hearing noise from Dean and Sam's room he opened the connecting door only to see his cousins running around covering the mirrors and glass, a girl cowering on the bed.
“Harry, good. Charlie this is our cousin Harry, he'll stay with you while we take care of this, okay?” Sam said as Dean pulled Harry aside.
“She's seeing Bloody Mary so keep her away from anything reflective; in fact you better ditch the glasses for now.” Harry nodded and put them in his pocket, squinting to see Dean clearly.
“Where's Uncle John?”
“Chasing down a lead. We're going to meet up with him. Make sure she doesn't leave this room, okay?”
“Sure. Be careful?”
“Always.” Dean ruffled his hair and for once Harry didn't try to dodge. Dean grinned and they left while Harry sat next to Charlie on the bed.
“Hi.” He greeted and she turned to look at him.
“So you do this stuff too?” She asked fearfully.
“Nope. Only found out I had extra family about two months ago, I live in England. Flew out to visit, found out the things that go bump in the night are a bit realer than most people think.”
“Bet it was a shock.” She sniffled so he handed her a tissue.
“Considering I found the weapons collection first it was actually a relief. Uncle John and the guys are really good. I bet you'll be able to go home by morning.
“Thanks.” They sat in silence for a while before a soft ringing made her look at him.
“Is that your phone?” She asked and Harry winced.
“Not exactly. Excuse me for a moment?” He slipped into the bathroom and pulled his wand. It almost vibrated out of his hand and he bit his lip. The monitoring charm he'd put on Sam a few weeks before was going off. But he couldn't leave Charlie alone, could he? And anyway what could he do against Mary? His mind was made up when Dean's charm went off and then John's.
“I've got to go, they're in trouble. Just stay here!” He yelled as he bolted out the door.
“Point me Sam Winchester.” His wand spun and then pointed down the street so he started to run. He slowed as he saw to unconscious cops but didn't stop as his wand pointed inside the store. He ran inside to see all three Winchesters bleeding from the eyes and a rather ghastly woman screaming at them.
“You killed them! All those people! You killed them!”
“Hey!” Harry yelled and she turned to him.
“Expecto Patronum!” Prongs leapt from his wand and charged Mary, throwing her back into another mirror.
“Reducto!” He aimed at the mirror and it exploded into millions of little shards. Breathing hard he holstered his wand and dashed over to his family only to freeze as John levelled a gun at his head.
“Dad!” Sam yelled, wiping furiously at the blood on his face.
“What are you doing?”
“You saw what he did.” John said coldly.
“Yeah, I saved your lives.” Harry shot back; there was no way he'd get to his wand in time if his Uncle decided to shoot.
“Come on Dad; let's get back to the motel. Harry can explain there.” Dean coxed and Harry looked away at the betrayal in his cousins eyes.
Harry sat silently on his bed as the others said goodbye to Charlie, he knew John still had his gun aimed at him even if it was being held out of Charlie's sight.
“Bye Harry, thanks for staying with me.” She called and Harry managed a wan smile.
“No problem.” He answered and the door shut. Harry let his gaze shift to the floor, not wanting to see the disappointed and angry glares he knew would be aimed at him.
“Harry? What did you do back at the store?” Sam's gentle question surprised him enough that he looked up at his cousin. Sam gave him a shaky smile and Harry nodded.
“Magic. I knew you were in trouble so I tracked you. First spell was to keep her away and distracted, just lucky it pushed her into the mirror. Second was to destroy the mirror.” Harry answered quietly and then winced at his uncle's sound of disgust.
“You're a witch!” John accused and Harry shook his head.
“Wizard. Mum and Dad were too. I'm a wand waving, broom flying, cauldron using Wizard. I go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, one of the finest magic schools in the world.”
“You go to magic school?” Sam asked and Harry nodded.
“Books are charmed to look like they're for normal school so I can do my homework around muggles, non-magic people.” He explained.
“I was going to tell you but...for the first time in my life I got to be normal. And I liked it.” Harry admitted and Dean held Sam back from going to the teen.
“What do you mean?” Dean asked and Harry looked down again.
“Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon...they don't like magic. She blames magic for getting mum killed and stuff I guess. I didn't know till I was eleven, they told me my parents died in a car crash.” Sam pulled away from Dean and slowly sat beside Harry, placing a hand on his shoulder.
“What really happened?”
“They were killed. There was this wizard, he went about as Dark as you can. Started a war before I was born. Mum and Dad were among the ones that opposed him. He tracked them down and killed them, tried to kill me too. But Mum died protecting me so it backfired on him. The only memory I have of them is Mum screaming for him to take her instead.” Harry explained and Sam pulled him into a hug. Harry stiffened and then threw his arms around Sam. Sam glared at his father and brother over Harry's shoulder and Dean relented a bit but John still held his gun.
“So you've been playing us all this time?” John asked and Harry pulled back from Sam to stare at him.
“Acting like you don't know about all this?”
“I didn't! Wizards think most of that stuff's a myth too. Werewolves, vampires, dragons, that sort of stuff is real, sure. There's even some rumour about demons. And the school has some ghosts that are friendly. But the rest I've never heard of. I didn't know normal people did what you guys do. I just wanted...I just wanted family that liked me.” Harry finished so softly they could barely hear him and Sam pulled him back into a hug.
“If they believe demons are myths then where do your powers come from?” Dean asked, ignoring Sam's glare. He was trying to help! If they could prove Harry knew nothing about demons and stuff then their Dad would calm down, hopefully.
“Inside us. You're born with magic or not. Merlin was one of us. There's secret societies all across the planet.”
“Why do you hide?”
“Um, Salem ring a bell? They didn't get many of our kind and those they did got out fine if they had their wand but people fear what they don't understand. Besides if they knew how long till they demanded we fix everything? There are few limits to what magic can do. So it's better if we stay hidden.” Harry told them and Dean nodded, moving to sit so harry was in the middle. John sighed and lowered his gun.
“Lets get some sleep, we'll talk more in the morning.”
“Hey Sam, how bout you share with Harry tonight?” Dean asked and Sam nodded, taking harry to their room after grabbing the kids bag. John glared at him but let it slide, Dean would never do anything he believed put Sam in danger.