Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction / Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Meet Uncle John ❯ Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
Sam blinked and looked over at his family before spotting Harry, almost hidden in the darkness. The teen had his back to them, gaze focused on something in front of him. Moving closer Sam saw it was a crib with a small dark haired child in it. Looking around the dim room he realised it was a nursery though a magical one from the toys that moved on their own. He started as the door slammed open and a red haired woman ran in. Looking at her eyes it was easy to tell she was Harry's mother; they had the same emerald eyes. He watched as she bent over the crib to lift the baby only to spin around, wand raised as a man entered the room.
“Stand aside you foolish girl and I'll let you live.” The man hissed but the woman simply planted herself more firmly in front of her baby.
“No, not Harry. Take me instead!” She cried, half turning for one last look at her son. Sensing his mothers fear the child began to cry. But the shuddering breaths he could hear over the top did not belong to the scene. Focusing on Harry again he could see the teen's body shaking with suppressed sobs.
“Avada Kedavra.” The man called and a jet of green light lashed out, hitting the woman who instantly dropped dead. He then turned to the baby and lashed out with the same spell. There was a flash of green and then the scene faded.
“No one knows exactly what happened when the curse hit, not even me. But it was decided that Mum's sacrifice is what saved me.” Harry commented softly as the world blurred to reveal a neat, normal kitchen, with a dark haired toddler on a stool in front of the stove. The boy turned, frypan in hand and they all got a good look at the young Harry.
The boy was short and very skinny, his nose scrunched up in concentration as he carefully carried the pan towards a table set for three. A taller, much larger toddler came into the room and tripped him, sending the pan flying and the small boy crashing to the ground. At the sound a thin, tall woman came in and then scowled down at Harry.
“You stupid, clumsy freak! Clean up this mess and then back to your cupboard. No breakfast for you!”
John stared in shock as his sister screamed at their nephew. That couldn't really be Petunia, could it? All he could do was watch silently as Harry grew in the memories, the treatment he received never getting any better. Seeing him beaten by his own cousin and his gang, his uncle threatening him with a belt though never actually hitting him except with an open hand, it made John's blood boil.
All three Winchesters found themselves holding back rage as they watched Harry enter his parent's world and the way that world treated him over the next four years. Sam and Dean exchanged a look and nodded at each other, no way they were letting Harry go back to England, they'd find someone to home school him or something.
“Kill the spare!” Sam pulled Harry into his arms as the teens legs gave way. Harry turned in his arms, burying his face in Sam's shirt as Cedric fell down dead. His grip tightened as Harry was tied to a gravestone and then his blood forcibly taken to resurrect his enemy. He watched the mock duel in horror and just held Harry closer as the ghosts emerged to help him. He fought back an angry cry as the fool of a minister refused to believe Harry's story and then only a few days later Harry was sent back to the Dursley's. Though Petunia's change in attitude towards her nephew was good to see. The world blurred and then they were back in their chairs in the motel room.
Without a word Harry got up and left the room. Sam followed as far as the door and relaxed as he saw Harry settle on a bench in the park opposite the motel, Hedwig soaring down to comfort him.
“Poor kid.” Dean commented softly and Sam nodded.
“Still think he's a threat Dad?” Dean asked, eyes hard and John looked away. Both brothers could only watch as their Dad left the room for his own, his face drawn and weary.
“He's stronger than he looks.” Sam murmured and Dean walked over to join him in watching Harry.
“Of course he is, he's family.” Dean grinned when Sam turned to look at him and Sam smiled back.
“I don't want him to go back. After what happened last school year you can bet that minister is going to try something. And he'd be safer with us.”
“Yeah, but we can't teach him magic.” Dean pointed out.
“So we find someone who can and we teach him everything else. That things going to come after him again and we can make sure he's ready.”
“Okay.” Dean answered and Sam relaxed, glad to have Dean on his side.
The room swap seemed to be permanent as Harry got ready for bed, Sam reading in the other bed. He hadn't seen his Uncle since leaving the motel after the pensieve and he wasn't sure what that meant. He was happy that Dean had completely thawed out and was acting like he had before he'd found out about Harry's powers. Sam had pretty much accepted him from the start so he was kind of glad they were still sharing a room. They both stared in shock though when the connecting door opened and Dean came in with his bags, pillow and blankets.
“Dean?” Sam questioned and the older brother grinned, setting his bedding down on the couch.
“Thought I'd sleep in here, Dad snores too loud.” Sam's eye roll said he didn't believe that for a second but Harry smiled at his cousin softly and Dean grinned back.
“You can have my bed Dean, I'm smaller so I'll fit on the couch better.” Harry offered but Dean shook his head.
“Nope. I'll be fine.” Dean insisted and Sam groaned.
“Just share with me, not like it'll be the first time.”
“And be squished or have to suffer your cold feet? No way sasquatch.” Harry laughed at the banter and the brothers shared a grin at their success.
“I don't mind sharing, if you want.” Harry offered quietly and Dean looked over at him.
“You sure?” Dean asked and Harry nodded.
“It....it helped last night.” Harry admitted and Dean nodded.
“Move over.” Dean motioned for Harry to take the side closest to the wall and Sam smiled at Dean's protectiveness. Anyone or anything coming in would have to get through both of them to reach Harry. With Dean's comforting presence so close Harry actually managed a good night's sleep, not even waking when Dean pulled him closer to sooth his first nightmare.