Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction / Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Meet Uncle John ❯ Chapter 10

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Chapter 10
“Look like you've got something on your mind kid.” Bobby watched as the teen spun around, hand on either his wand or a weapon.
“Easy.” He soothed, hands held up and Harry blushed.
“Sorry.” Harry muttered, slumping back down.
“So?” Bobby pushed and Harry shrugged but finally looked away as Bobby continued to stare him down.
“Why are they doing this?” He finally asked softly and Bobby sat down beside him on the stairs.
“Doing what?”
“All this.” Harry waved his hand around to indicate Bobby's place.
“Trying to get me into a normal school and even find a way for me to keep learning magic. Wanting to keep me. Why?” Bobby sighed, he'd had a feeling it was something like that.
“There's nothing more important than family to those three and you're family. Far as they're concerned that's all that matters. Sure John ain't the most demonstrative but once he takes to you that's it. Dean...he's always been raised to protect his brother and now he includes you in that because you're younger, not trained and family. Sam...Sam's always wanted normal and having more family is normal. He's the easiest going of the three in a way and he doesn't see things as black and white as his Daddy. Let me guess, he accepted your magic first?” Harry nodded slowly.
“That's Sam. Let them help Harry.”
“I don't know what to do. How can I just leave everyone?” Tortured green eyes looked up at him and Bobby wanted to curse. Poor kid was drowning under the weight of the world and no matter what they did eventually he would have to go back and face it.
“You're not leaving them Harry. What you are doing is getting the training you need to help them. You can't help them if you get yourself killed by trying to fight too early. You take all the training you can find and then you go back.” Bobby explained and Harry nodded.
“Makes sense I guess. But what if...what if they die while I'm not there?”
“Who says your being there will change that? They may even be safer with you away, less reason to target them.”
“I know. And it's not like I've heard from them all summer...” Harry looked away to stare out at the old cars.
“Guess I'm staying then. Now all I have to do is find magic tutors...” Harry grinned suddenly.
“Got an idea?”
“Maybe. How do you feel about escaped convicts?” Bobby's eyebrow went up.
Sirius watched as a familiar snowy owl approached and then landed on his outstretched arm. He gently stroked her feathers and she nibbled his ear.
“Is Harry okay?” She bobbed her head and he relaxed. No one was more protective of Harry than Hedwig, must be her maternal instinct or something. Seeing the letter attached to her leg he gently removed it and then got the exhausted bird some water. He had a feeling he wouldn't be stuck in his family home for much longer.
Harry stared at the building nervously, gripping his bag tightly.
“Hey.” He turned his head.
“You'll be fine. And if you're not just call and me or Dean will come pick you up, okay?”
“Okay.” Harry answered.
“Remember you're Harrison Singer, Bobby's nephew. Harry for short. I promise, you're all caught up on what you need to know.” Sam went over it again to try and make Harry relax a little.
“Its high school Harry, you'll be fine.”
“Right.” But he still made no move to get out of the car.
“Want me to go in with you?” That did it. Harry opened the door and clambered out much to Sam's amusement.
“Dean'll pick you up after class. Try and have fun Harry, make some friends.” Sam called and Harry nodded before heading inside.
Harry stood nervously in front of the desk waiting to be noticed.
“Can I help you?” the lady finally looked up.
“Harrison Singer, I'm meant to start today?” She smiled and he relaxed.
“Here we are, any relation to Bobby Singer?”
“Yes ma'am, He's my uncle.”
“Nice to see his family living closer. Here you go, everything's in order. Have a good first day.”
“Thank you.”
Sirius studied the house in front of him warily and then approached slowly, tail wagging as he spotted a familiar form. He barked in excitement and the teen spun around. Green eyes lit up in excitement.
“Padfoot!” harry cried, running towards him as Sirius bounded towards him, knocking him over to lick his face.
“Ew! Get off mutt.” Harry laughed.
“Harry?” Sirius looked up to see a young man approaching.
“Hey Sam, meet Sirius. It's okay you can change back.” Harry told him. Sirius let him up and htne sat there staring at him.
“Do I need to threaten a trip to the vet?” Sirius yelped and changed back, Sam watching in awe.
“Sam this is my godfather, Sirius Black.”
“Nice to meet you.” Sam extended his hand and Sirius automatically shook.
“Pup what?” Harry laughed at his confusion.
“Sam's my cousin. His Dad is Mum's older half-brother. I found them thanks to the joint subject project last year.”
“You do realise the ruckus you've caused back home right?” Sirius asked and Harry grinned.
“Well I am the son of a Marauder.