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Glad people liked me killing off Ruby. No way would Harry let his cousin get addicted to demon blood!
Chapter 14
Sam woke slowly, his thoughts muddled, and his body to warm and content to move. Hazel eyes slowly opened and he frowned upon finding himself completely wrapped up in Harry's embrace. He tried to think of what had happened and gradually the memories came back, Ruby showing up, taunting Harry, Harry's sword appearing in his hand and then in Ruby's body...then pain and a warm comforting power moving through him. He'd been nicked by Harry's sword and obviously it wasn't a normal blade if it could kill demons just like Ruby's knife but Sam wasn't a demon so it had to have something about it that harmed humans too, or was it his demonic blood it had reacted to?
Sam was lost in thought so he didn't notice when emerald eyes flickered open, their owner closing them again in relief at seeing Sam awake. Harry opened his eyes again and tightened his grip in a brief hug.
“How do you feel?” He whispered when Sam looked at him.
“Okay, a little confused about what happened though.” Sam admitted and smiled as Harry relaxed.
“Well, Ruby's dead. Hope you didn't really like her or something but she lunged and I reacted....” Harry trailed off and Sam nodded, he knew that Ruby had sealed her fate by attacking Harry. The fact that she had proved she'd never really been an ally.
“You were too close, I didn't have enough control of the blade's angle and it hit you as well.” Harry got out of bed and went to where he'd put his things. When he came back he was carrying the sheathed sword. Harry sat on the bed and Sam pushed himself into a sitting position next to him.
“The Sword of Gryffindor, one of the oldest magical weapons left to my people. It's a magically forged blade from a time when Wizards still admitted demons existed, and fought them. Godric Gryffindor was not just one of the founders of Hogwarts but a warrior and he occasionally came up against demons. The goblins helped him make this sword to kill them. Shortly after his death it as believed lost.”
“You pulled it from the Sorting Hat in your second year.” Sam stated and Harry nodded.
“I used it to kill the basilisk and the blade was never cleaned after that, leaving the snakes venom and blood to seep into it. The blade...it was forged for Gryffindor so he or a descendant can wield it and wounds made by the blade, they don't heal easily if at all. If anyone tried to use the sword against me it won't work and I'm immune to basilisk venom now, most poisons actually so it's no danger to me but anyone else...”
“I should be dead.” Sam whispered in shock and Harry nodded, eyes downcast.
“Then how?”
“You may not be a Gryffindor but you're family, that was enough for me to force the blade to allow the wound to be healed when my magic was added and I...I cut my hand, let some of the blood hit the wound. Since my immunity is in my blood the magic took that and stoped the venom. I don't know if you'll gain any immunity permanently though.” Harry explained and Sam swallowed. What was it with him and people giving him their blood? Though better Harry's than Azazel's.
“Thank you.”
“For what? You wouldn't have needed healing in the first place if it wasn't for me.” Harry snorted and Sam shrugged.
“Without you I'd have been dead or made a deal or even me listening to whatever Ruby said by now. I'll take a near fatal wound which you healed over that any day.” Sam told him and Harry finally looked up to see Sam smiling at him and he smiled back. Sam took a deep breath, Harry deserved to hear what Sam was if he was going to stick around.
“There's something you need to know...about me.” Sam hesitated and Harry put a comforting hand on his.
“Bobby kind of let slip about the whole visions thing.” Harry told him and Sam nodded, that'd make it easier.
“The visions were caused by the demon we were after, found out later it's name was Azazel. It wanted a general for its army, one that couldn't be stopped by the things that would stop a demon. It went after babies and...and it fed them it`s blood. I have demon blood in my Harry.”
“And I had a piece of Voldemort's soul inside of me for seventeen years. It doesn't matter Sam, blood doesn't make you who you are.” Harry answered sternly and Sam felt something inside of him relax. He didn't know what he would have done if Harry had turned against him because of his blood. But what had...
“You had a piece of his soul in you!” Sam's eyes were wide with shock and worry as he looked Harry over.
“It's gone now? Are you okay?”
“I'm fine Sam. Tom was...obsessed with gaining immortality and he found a way. It's some of the blackest magic. He split his soul and put the pieces in objects, like the diary from second year. When he tried to kill me and failed I became his final, living horcrux, the first one ever created. It's why I could speak parseltongue and why we were linked.” Harry explained quietly.
“How...how was it removed?” Sam asked and harry looked down.
“I died. I knew as long as I lived Riddle couldn't be destroyed so after destroying all the other horcruxes I let him kill me. I knew that once mortal anyone else could kill him but something happened...I was given a choice, to move on and be with my parents and everyone else I'd lost or to come back and finish what I'd started. Obviously I took the second choice. Never seen Tom look so shocked as when I got up again after being confirmed dead. I killed him after that.” Sam stared in shock as Harry fell silent. Harry had died? He reached out and pulled Harry into his arms, reassuring himself that yes, his cousin was very much alive.
“I'm okay Sam.” Harry whispered, knowing why Sam was clinging to him so tightly. Sam eventually let go and they let the conversation stay dead, Sam knew he still didn't know most of what had happened to Harry over the last two years but he also knew better than to push harry to tell him.
“Happy Birthday!” Sam cheered and Harry nearly hexed him on reflex before he realised it was Sam. Harry smiled at his cousin and the small cake with candles he was holding. His last birthday with his Winchester family had been the best and now he was sharing his eighteenth with Sam. He still wore the necklace and ring they'd given him two years ago. He got up and hugged Sam who hugged him back, being mindful of the cake.
“So how's it feel to be eighteen?”
“No different to seventeen. Seventeen's the big one in the wizarding world, it's when we legally become adults. I spent it on a moor somewhere trying not to freeze to death.” Harry said and Sam smiled.
“Well at least your nice and warm this year. Come on, cake and presents.” Sam pointed to the table where two small wrapped bundles lay.
“You didn't have to do this Sam.” Harry argued and Sam shrugged.
“I wanted to. The second one...it's from Dean. He bought it few months after you left.” Sam explained and Harry slowly opened it, smiling at the books on strategy and weapons maintenance.
“He was planning to teach you to shoot.” Sam said quietly and Harry smiled. He then took Sam's gift and opened it to find a mixture of crystals, a gift certificate for an online bookstore and a leather bracelet. He looked at Sam.
“I saw those crystals mentioned in one of your books, they're meant to be good for helping with wards or something. The bracelet has an anti-possession charm and a few protections woven into it. You can get the charm turned into a tattoo, it's actually safer, if you want but I wasn't sure.”
“I love them, thanks. And yeah, I guess another tattoo won't hurt.”
“You have a tattoo!”
Harry sheathed his sword and looked around at the carnage with a small grimace, just because he was used to seeing bodies didn't mean he liked to. He tensed and then relaxed as Sam approached, Ruby's knife in his hand.
“Is it just me or are they getting more desperate seeming?” harry asked and his cousin nodded.
“It's almost like they know something we don't.”
“Oh joy.” Harry grumbled, absently rubbing his finger. For just a second Sam could have sworn he saw a ring there but then it was gone. He shook it off and cleaned his knife before putting it in his belt.
“Come on we need to clean this up and hit the road.” Sam called, grabbing a container of salt. Harry nodded and pulled out his wand, using magic to pile the bodies together and then light the fire once Sam had salted them.
“So where are we headed?” Harry asked as they left, grimacing at the blood on his shirt.
“East. The rest of this group lit out of here fast and they're our best lead on Lilith.”
“Can we at least shower first?” Harry whined just to make Sam smile.
“Prat.” Harry grumbled and Sam laughed.
“Oh come on, just use one of those cleaning charms of yours and no blood on the upholstery.” Sam teased and Harry gave up faking and laughed too. Sam had started laughing a lot more in the last month and Harry was glad his cousin was beginning to heal from Dean's death.
“We're sorry, you have reached a number that has been disconnected-“ Shaking hands hung up the phone and then dialled another number which thankfully rang.
“Yeah.” A familiar gruff voice said and he relaxed in the phone booth.

“Bobby?” He greeted in relief.

“Yeah?” there seemed to be no recognition in Bobby's voice which puzzled him.

“It's me.” He answered.

“Who's 'me'?” Bobby asked, starting to sound annoyed.

“Dean.” He answered and then he frowned as he heard Bobby hang up. He redialled the number.

“Who is this?” Bobby demanded angrily.

“Bobby listen to me-“ Dean tried but the other hunter curt him off.

“This ain't funny, call again and I'll kill you-“ Bobby hung up and stared at his phone in anger. How dare someone call him saying that! He glanced at the phone again, should he warn Sam and Harry? He knew they were somewhere near Pontiac...near Dean's grave. He frowned but then shook it off, he knew Harry would not let Sam do anything stupid.
There was a knock at the front door; Bobby walked over and opened it only to see what looked like Dean standing in front of him, smiling weakly. Bobby just stood there, staring in shock.
“Surprise.” The thing spoke and Bobby slowly started to back away.

“I- I don't-“ He stuttered and the thing shrugged.

“Yeah, me neither.” It stepped into the house and Bobby continued to back away.
“But here I am.” Bobby had finally backed far enough, he grabbed the silver knife off the table and sung at the creature. It deflected his attack and grabbed his hand but Bobby managed to throw it off and further into the house towards the kitchen.

“Bobby! Bobby, it's me!” It pleaded and Bobby glared.

“My ass!” He shot back as he approached, knife first. The thing grabbed a nearby chair and put it between then, putting its hands up in surrender. Bobby stopped, watching it closely despite how much it hurt to hold a knife on something that looked so much like Dean.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait! Your name is Robert Steven Singer, you became a hunter after your wife got possessed, and you're about the closest thing I have to a father...Bobby it's me.” The thing pleaded and Bobby felt his certainty waver, his eyes widening. He approached it, pushing the chair aside and reached out, it was solid beneath his hand. Bobby lunged again with the knife but it dodged, pinning his knife hand behind his back as he struggled.
“Whoa! I am not a shape shifter!” It yelled as they struggled.
“Then you're a revenant.” Bobby shot back angrily only to stumble as he was pushed away, his knife now in the creature's hand.

“All right, if I was either, would I do this with a silver knife?” It asked and Bobby watched as the sleeve was rolled up and the knife placed against skin. The creature flinched slightly but took a deep breath and drew the blade across the skin, drawing red human blood. Bobby stared in amazement.

“Dean?” he whispered and Dean smiled.

“That's what I been trying to tell you.” He answered, putting the knife down and walking closer. They hugged tightly.

“It's- it's good to see you boy.” Bobby choked out.

“Yeah, you too.” Dean answered, sounding a little hoarse.

“But how did you bust out?” Bobby asked, realising there was one way and that made his blood run cold.
“I don't know, I just uh- Just woke up in a pine box- “ Dean started to explain and Bobby reached out for a nearby flask, splashing its contents onto Dean's face. Dean turned his head to the side and spat the water out.
“I'm not a demon either, you know.” He said and Bobby shrugged.

“Sorry, can't be too careful.” Bobby answered sheepishly and Dean smiled, telling Bobby everything he remembered.
“That don't make a lick of sense.” Bobby said when he was done.

“Yeah, you're preaching to the choir.” Dean told him.

“Dean, your chest was ribbons, your insides were slop, and you've been buried four months, even if you could slip out of hell and back into your meat suit-“ Bobby's words made Dean grimace.

“I know, I should look like a Thriller video reject.”

“What do you remember?” Bobby pushed for answers.

“Not much, I remember I was a Hellhound's chew toy, and then lights out, then I come to six feet under, that's was it.” Dean said and Bobby sat behind his desk, very confused.
“Sam's number's not working, he's uh...he's not-?” Dean asked nervously and Bobby shook his head.
“Oh, he's alive, at least as of last week.”
“Good...wait, last week?” Dean asked.

“He called for intel on a hunt. I haven't actually seen him since...” Bobby trailed off, knowing Dean would realise when he meant and then he froze, Dean didn't know.
“He's not hunting alone though.”
“Who? You let him go off with a stranger?” Dean demanded and Bobby glared.
“He was dead set on it.” Bobby decided that as payback for nearly giving him a heart attack Dean could wait a bit to find out exactly who Sam was with, he needed to realise how hard things had been after his death.
“Bobby, you should have been looking after him-“ Dean growled and Bobby stood to face him.

“I tried, these last month's haven't been exactly easy you know. For him or me...we had to bury you.” Bobby told him.
“Why did you bury me anyway?” Dean asked, curious and Bobby shrugged.

“I wanted you salted and burned, the usual drill, but Sam wouldn't have it.” Was his answer.
“Well, I'm glad he won that one.” Dean shuddered slightly.

“He said you'd need a body when he got you back home somehow, that's about all he said.” Bobby hated doing this but Dean needed to realise just how badly Sam had taken things.

“What do you mean?” Dean demanded.
“He was quiet...real quiet. Then, he just took off, wouldn't return my calls. I tried to find him, but he didn't want to be found.”

“Aw dammit Sammy!” Dean murmured and Bobby was curious to why.
“What?” He asked.

“Oh, he got me home okay, but whatever he did it is bad mojo.” Dean answered and Bobby frowned, Sam wouldn't have? Would he? No Harry would stop him, again.

“What makes you so sure?” Bobby pushed.

“You should have seen the grave site, it was like a nuke went off. Then there was this- this force, this presence, uh- I don't know but, it- it- blew past me at a fill up joint, and then this-“ Dean took off his long sleeved shirt and pulled up the arm on the short sleeved shirt he'd been wearing underneath, revealing the raised burn in the shape of a hand on his left shoulder. Bobby walked over in shock.

“What in the hell?” Bobby murmured, he'd never seen anything like it.
“Yeah, it's like a demon just yanked me out, or rode me out-“ Dean answered.

“But why?”

“To hold up their end of the bargain.” Dean gave the obvious answer.

“You think Sam made a deal?” Bobby asked.

“It's what I would have done.” Dean answered and Bobby knew it was true but...
“I don't think he did. The person he's with stopped him once already.” Bobby said and Dean frowned.
“Just who is he with Bobby!” Dean demanded and Bobby sighed.
“Might want to sit down for this.” Dean just stood his ground and Bobby shrugged.
“Bout a month after you died I got a visitor, shocked the life out of me since I think all of us had pretty much assumed he was dead. Dean...it was Harry. He's alive and travelling with Sam.” Bobby tried to say gently and Dean sank into a chair.
“Harry? The kids alive?” Dean breathed in shock. Bobby snorted.
“Kid? He's eighteen now Dean. War's over so he came back. Actually found Sam first, saved his life and then came to me looking for answers as to why Sam was hunting alone so I told him. He's the only reason I know Sam's alive, he made Sam call me the first time and now your brother's pretty good at keeping in contact. He's...he's not the kid you remember Dean, he spent two years fighting a war, fighting and watching people die. He's confident and a lot more powerful than he was but underneath he's still Harry.” Bobby explained and Dean slumped in his chair, still in shock that his cousin was alive.
“Where are they Bobby?”
“Tracking a bunch of demon's last I heard, not sure exactly where now.”
“Call Sam, please. I have to see them.”
“Okay but stay quiet. We'll let them know you're back in person.” Bobby warned and Dean nodded, seeing the reason behind Bobby's words. Bobby left the room to make the call.
“Bobby's on his way. Wants to talk to us in person about something.” Sam said as he hung up.
“Okay. I'm going to head out for a bit, he won't be here for a few hours right?” Harry asked as he emerged from the bathroom, still drying his hair.
“Yeah. Where are you going?”
“Need to check a few things with the goblins, won't be too long.” Harry answered and Sam nodded, watching Harry get ready.
“See you in a bit, call me if he gets here before me.” With that Harry left the room, apparating once outside the motel. These days he warded the rooms heavily enough that he only apparated through them in an emergency.
Sam powered up his laptop and settled in to research for a while. He got lost in his work and when he looked at the clock he found several hours had passed. Feeling pretty grimy from spending so much time on the road he decided to have his shower. He was towelling his hair off when a knock sounded at the door. Harry had his own key obviously so it had to be Bobby.
“Coming.” He called, grabbing his phone and sending harry a quick message saying Bobby had arrived.
“Hey, is the-“ Sam froze as he opened the door, staring not at Bobby but at the figure next to him.
“Hey Sammy.” Dean walked into the room and Sam lunged, pulling a knife free from his belt, pinning him to the wall.

“Oh ga-“ Dean choked out, Sam's arm across his throat.

“Who are you?!” Sam demanded furiously and Dean stared at him. Bobby finally shook off his shock and grabbed Sam, pulling him off Dean and away. Dean rubbed his throat glaring at Sam.
“Like you didn't do this?” Dean asked, needing to know that Sam hadn't.

“Do what?!” Sam snapped back, still fighting Bobby.

“It's him, it's him Sam, I've been through this already, it's really him.” Bobby assured him firmly and Sam slowly stopped struggling, breathing hard as he stared at Dean.

“But...” Sam trailed of and Dean stepped forward, smiling.

“I know, I look fantastic huh?” Dean said and Sam grabbed him in a tight hug which Dean returned just as tightly. They both looked on the verge of tears when they separated.

“Bloody hell.” A soft voice came from the hall and Dean spun, eyes widening as he took in the young man standing in the doorway.
“Dean?” He asked and Dean smiled, sure Harry had changed but he knew that voice and those emerald eyes even if the glasses were gone. Harry had grown and filled out since the last time Dean had seen him but it was definitely Harry.
“Hey kid.” Dean called, taking a step towards him and Harry tensed, green eyes suspicious as he stared at Dean and then looked to Bobby and Sam. Sam smiled and Harry closed his eyes, making Dean frown until he felt something. He swallowed as warm power flowed over him and then Harry opened his eyes, staring in wonder at him.
“Dean.” Harry whispered and then threw himself at his cousin. Dean caught him a tight hug, assuring himself that Harry was actually alive and knowing Harry was doing the same.
“But how?” Harry asked when he pulled back and Dean shrugged.
“Dean thought Sam might have made a deal but...” Bobby started and Harry nodded.
“But after my reaction last time no way would he try again.” Harry finished and Sam flinched guiltily.
“Lets just say Harry isn't quite so innocent anymore when it comes to language.” Sam said and Dean laughed.
“So if it wasn't any of us then who?” Harry asked and they stared at each other, clueless.