Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction ❯ When the Spirit Breaks, When Does the Body Follow? ❯ Vulnerability: Drabbles XIX-XXI ( Chapter 6 )

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Drabble XIX: Amiable

Friendship was the snare he used.

Tobias Snape was a baker at the local grocery. He was chatty and amiable, and maybe a smidgen flirtatious, but he was mindful of the gold band on her finger. For one year, she was only “Mrs. Dursley” to him. The surname was still a big deal in this town; the old family money spoke volumes, even as her husband’s vices were authoring novels of their own.

It was hard to ignore the rumors. She knew that, in addition to drinking and gambling, Vernon was having affairs.

Eileen considered an affair of her own.


Drabble XX: Need to Talk?

She shouldn’t have gone shopping the day after one of Vernon’s benders, since it took two days for her healing charms to effectively reduce the swelling and bruising. Her foundation did what it could to make her presentable, but the averted eyes of passersby told her it wasn’t enough.

However, there was no avoiding it. She needed to order Marge’s birthday cake today so that it would be ready on time. When she approached Snape’s counter, his blond eyebrows lowered in consternation.

“Do you need to talk?” he asked quietly.

Her chin wobbled, and she gave him a little nod.


Drabble XXI: With Respect

It started out innocently enough. He simply gave her a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes that meant him sitting in silence as she talked in fits and starts. Other times he offered advice, or an adage, or he changed the subject altogether depending on her mood.

He could read her so well. Unlike Vernon, who treated her as a maid or a harlot, Tobias treated her with respect. He touched her carefully, kissed her warmly, made her feel seen and heard.


Yes, she wanted to be with him forever. Tobias was funny, and polite, and nice. Or so Eileen thought.