Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction ❯ When the Spirit Breaks, When Does the Body Follow? ❯ Gracious: Drabbles XXVIII-XXX ( Chapter 9 )

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Drabble XXVIII: Wand-Waving

Three weeks before she was due, Eileen confessed to Tobias that she was a witch. It was the hormones that made her do it. She was somehow vulnerable and stroppy (not to mention thoroughly tired of getting her kidneys kicked), and it culminated in a magical presentation full of wand-waving and spell-snarling. She might’ve conjured a pink bear, too.

His reaction was interesting. Not angry or fearful, not exactly. All he said was, “Well, that was unexpected,” and walked out of the house. He was gone for hours, and Eileen chewed her fingernails to nubs. What would he do next?


Drabble XXIX: All Along

Her new husband returned early the next morning. He didn’t tell her where he’d gone, but the alcohol on his breath gave her an idea.

“I guess I don’t understand,” he said when they sat across from each other at the small dining table, his fingers white around the tea mug. “You’ve had this power all along, and you couldn’t save yourself? Why not give Vernon a stroke or make his car explode when he turned the ignition?”

“Believe it or not, but murder is a legal, moral, and ethical violation among witches, too,” Eileen countered.

“Even if it’s self-defense?”


Drabble XXX: Shining Armor

Tobias was different after learning about her magic. His kisses weren’t as deep, his touch wasn’t as delicate. Eileen tried to discuss the matter further and get him to open up more about his concerns. He shut her down every time.

She suspected that her husband felt cheated. She knew—for he’d said as much—that Tobias considered himself her knight in shining armor.

This remained true for her. Magic didn’t make her mighty, in the same way that a Muggle with a gun didn’t make him a good shot or a responsible proprietor.


Did Tobias have a point, though?