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Winter's Sleep rolls on;
I'll stand by the Bridge waiting;
Waiting for the Dawn.
17th Haiku, Tanemoto Yuuki

Fujiwara Manor, Kyo

She sighed; Her pastel robes swayed with her awkward gait as she traversed the bamboo-laden corridors of the manor. Long, plum tresses trailed her soft footsteps and chimed with the pair of bells dangling from the ribbon that conjoined them.

Her face was rosy and heart heart was heavy. So much had happened that day. It was far too cold outside for such emotions. It would do nothing but invite negativity and adverse karma.

She paused and stared up at the fusuma in relief. Her little fingers reached out and traced the grainy surface of the shoji paper, studying the lavish images of spring that embellished it.

She longed for Spring's return. The Winter was cruel and harsh in its environs. It was also very lonely, like an eternal night of solitude. With the Spring came warmth and the vibrance of new life. It brought joy to her heart and nourishment to her spirit.

It was foolish to live in a dream long past, as her father had told her countless times.

Her head left the clouds and drooped back into the gloom as she slid the fusuma aside to enter her chamber. The scent of fresh incense invaded her presence as soon as she pushed the fusuma back into its initial position.

"Welcome back, my lady," The gentle voice of her handmaiden, Yori, greeted her ears. She spread the young princess's sleeping mat out over the tatami flooring and smoothed the wrinkles in the fabric with her slender hands. "Did you enjoy the performance at the Palace?"

"Yes, I did." Fuji folded her hands across her lap and smiled gingerly. Her indigo eyes floated to the floor and remained fixed upon the small kettle of tea beside the sleeping mat.

"I hope the incense is to your liking. It was a gift from the Monk-Prince. He sends his regards." Yori rose from her position on the floor and bowed to the young princess. "If I may, my lady, take my leave?"

"Hm?" Fuji averted her gaze and jerked her head upwards. "I suppose, you may."

"Thank you, my lady. Have a nice evening." Yori took another bow and slipped out of the room quietly.

Fuji settled onto her sleeping mat and untied her hair, the bells tinkling like the chimes outside of her room. She spied a silver box by the jar of incense and curiously lifted it into her lap. She examined the box before lifting the lid. A sweet song, like that of a bird's, promenaded out of the box and marched along the gelid air. Fuji's face brightened with genuine happiness as she stood from her mat to dance with an invisible gentleman to the enchanting rhythm of the song. She giggled and blushed as the imaginary stranger offered her a token of his affection. It wasn't like Fuji to act out of character, but this was an exception. She was tired of the heavy and empty shell of maturity; She preferred to stay a child for the endurance of the song.

"Oh, Lord Tachibana..." Yori's saccharine voice interrupted her dance. Fuji scrambled onto the floor and shut the lid of the silver box quickly. Her curiosity grew as she peered out of the bamboo screen to see what Yori was crooning about.

"Major General...?" Fuji knew it was him, the self-proclaimed play boy of Kyo, Tomomasa no Tachibana. She pursed her lips and looked away in disgust.

He usually paid visits to the Fujiwara Manor during all hours of the day. He must have enjoyed the company of her Fuji's many handmaidens. The young princess was never without help. It was annoying but she did appreciate her father's acts of love. He was quite fond of his youngest daughter.

Tomomasa did not belong to anyone, not even himself. He was but a slave to his own selfish desires. However, he had developed a tenderness towards the princess. He treated her like a younger sibling more so than an actual lover.

Fuji yawned quietly and removed her layered kimono. She neatly folded the ornamental dress and placed it beside her mat. She quickly changed into a plain, white robe and buried herself under the many coverings of her sleeping mat. She pulled the coverings up around her tiny shoulders and shut her eyes.

Her eyes fluttered open as she remembered the silver music box. She happily reached over and flipped the lid open. The lovely melody wafted around the room, promising the young princess a fulfilling slumber. Her eyes danced back into her head and the sleep cycle took a hold of her body.

Outside, the illustrious Major General and his companion were laughing over a few cups of Sake. The song of Fuji's music box caught Tomomasa's attention and he paused his conversation with Yori to listen.

"So, she liked the music box." His genteal smile glimmered in the light of the crestfallen moon. He snapped his fan shut and left Yori with the alcohol for a moment. He crossed the snowy terrace and ascended the stairs behind the large manor. Lantern light dimly illuminated the room of the little princess as he pulled the bamboo screen aside.

He simply shook his head and strode into the chamber. He leaned over the slumbering princess and blew into the lamp beside her mat, extinguishing the small flame. He laughed gently and kissed the child's forehead before exiting the room.

As he was returning to the drunk handmaiden, he passed by the open chamber of Minister Fujiwara. He nodded reverently to the man and continued on his way.

"Yes," The Minister answerd his other guest and clasped his hands. "I know the time has come. I will find a suitable match for Fuji as soon as I can. I want her to have the best of care. Her mother was very dear to me, you see."

Tomomasa stopped yet again and pondered the news.

"Princess Fuji? Married?" The thought wasn't registering properly in his mind. He had always seen her as a child, nothing more. If she were to marry, their special bond would be broken for certain.

This was not a change Tomomasa was about to tolerate.

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Notes: A 'fusuma' is a japanese sliding door. A "shoji" is the paper on the sliding door, usually decorated with paintings. A "tatami mat" is traditional flooring for a japanese styled room. Now that you've read the first chapter, tell me what you think! Criticize me, praise me, whatever. JUST REVIEW.