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ZeroFox: I am pleased to announce that I have posted my second fanfic onto my account. It is a little Yu Yu Hakusho fic from my storyline of “Yu Yu Hakusho Higastu Chronicles” called A Jaken Problem. It's just a little comic short, nothing special. I wrote it after I took my English Exam, which I kicked ass on. Any who, read and review
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ZeroFox: Any who, read, review, and enjoy. Oh, for those who don't know what `Jan-ken' is, it's `Rocks-Paper-Scissor'. Jan-ken Po!
A Jan-ken Problem
(It was another peaceful day at Genkai's Temple as Ceres was calmly meditating inside by herself)
Ceres: (meditating) Ah, finally peace and quiet. (Just then there was a loud commotion outside, followed by swear words, death threats, and loud explosions.) What the hell is going on out there?
Ryo's voice: Chou Shotta Gun!
Hiei's voice: Jaou Ensatsu Koku Ryuu Ha!
Vash's Voice: Rei Shuriken!
Youko Sayaki's Voice: Shokuyo Shokubutsu! (All the attacks are seemingly launched as Ceres quickly gets up and runs out of the temple to see what is going on. When she opened the sliding door, she merely saw Ryo, Hiei, Vash, and Youko Sayaki with their hands in the forms of rock-paper-scissors as Vash was jumping up and down with excitement)
Vash: Oh yeah, I'm the Jan-ken Master. (Has rock)
Ryo: You suck! (Has scissors)
Youko Sayaki (disbelieved): But scissors has never let me down before. (Has scissors)
Vash: Oh yeah, I am the best! I am the greatest Jan-ken master of all time! (Does a small victory dance)
Hiei (smirking): Hold on ningen, I believe that I won this match! (This causes Vash to stop before giving Hiei an annoyed look)
Vash (annoyed): What do you mean by that? (Looks at Hiei's hand) You have scissor, I have rock, and rock beats scissors. That's how Jan-ken works baka!
Hiei: Baka ningen, this is katana. (Shows his hand to be one finger, frustrating Vash) And katana can cut through rock!
Youko Sayaki (scratching her head in confusion): There's katana in Jaken?
Ryo (sighing): No, there isn't katana in Jaken; Hiei is just making it up.
Vash: You're making it up because you're afraid to losing to somebody who's better than you!
Hiei: I am not afraid of losing to you, you baka kisama!
Vash: You're afraid of losing to me, just admit it!
Hiei: Am not!
Vash: Are too!
Hiei: Am not!
Vash: Are too!
Ryo (sighing): This can go on for hours. (Youko Sayaki just lies down, letting out a small yawn before rubbing her eyes)
Youko Sayaki: Wake me up when this is over. (Falls asleep while Vash and Hiei continue to argue)
Hiei: Am not!
Vash: Are too!
Hiei: Am not!
Vash: Are too!
Hiei (upset and flailing his arms up-and-down anime style): Am not! Am not! Am not! Am not! Am not!
Vash (upset and flailing his arms up-and-down anime style): Are too! Are too! Are too! Are too! Are too! (Suddenly R2-D2 randomly rolls onto the scene)
R2-D2: Beep Boop Beep Beep Boop Merp! (He then leaves as mysteriously as he appearing, leaving everybody confused)
Ryo: Ok…that was weird. (Vash and Hiei continue their argument, which escalates into a fistfight, which creates a cartoonish dust cloud that starts to come near Ryo) Oh sh- (Ryo gets engulfed in it as the brawl cloud moves towards Youko Sayaki)
Youko Sayaki (waking up): What the-AAHHHHH! (She also gets engulfed as well as death threats and curses are said while Ceres watches before shaking her head with disapproval.)
Ceres (sighing and holding her head): Why did I even come out here in the first place when I knew this was going to happen? (Walks back into the temple) Honestly, a fistfight over a Jan-ken game, how imma-GWAH! (She also gets engulfed in the brawl cloud as the whole brawl continues to go on. Afterwards Ceres is kicked out as her shirt and hair are messed up as she had a tired and exhausted look on her face) Ugh…Kami, I hate my life. (Faints on the spot while everybody else is still in the brawl cloud duking it out).
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