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“Ok enough running! Whew these heels are killing me! Ok stop stop stooooop!”
Paige held out her hands and her friends looked back at her. She sat on a bench to catch her breath while the other stood aside while looking at the lights. Ezminé was fascinated more than anyone with it. She never knew that nightlife could be so beautiful. She walked toward the bright lights but David pulled her back. “What is it David?”
“I don't want you to stray away. Karma and her friends could be close by. We have to stay together.”
Ezminé nodded and sat beside Paige, who was still resting from running. “Do you have blisters on your feet? I can heal them.” She offered. Paige shook her head and chuckled. “I'm not hurt. Just a little tired from the running. I'm good now let's get going. We gotta find Sage. Everyone on their feet.”
“Hey Paige, what if we took to the skies. If we jump from building to building then we can avoid the crowds. If you use my Vamp Spheres then you can amplify your abilities. My best friend Crescent Star and I worked on them. These are from me to you.”
Ezminé held out her hand and a pink light shone. Paige, David and Julian shielded their eyes from the light and when they looked, they were wearing gloves with a sphere planted in the middle of the left glove. “The power of those spheres surge into your body and will give you great strength for up to six hours. They will activate only when you put those gloves on but once you're done you must take them off. Their strength will run low and takes up to two hours to replenish. Use them wisely.” She explained. Paige looked at her blue gloves and smile. She could feel their energy coursing through her. With them, she was ready to take on any obstacle. “Thanks but before we go I think you need a change of clothes Ezminé. You don't wanna look out of the ordinary. One second boys.”
“Out of the ordinary? Paige this is a traditional dress that my mother used to wear. It's very well fashioned with my people.”
“But it's old fashioned with the people here.”
Paige shoved Ezminé into a dark corner and began tearing apart her dress. Thank god she carried a pair of scissors just in case some threads were loose on her clothes. She snipped at Ezminé's dress until she found it approval. When she looked up her dress had become a pure white shirt with a thick strap that went over her shoulder and had a wavy sleeve. The bottom half had become a wavy skirt that cut a little over the knees. “See that is style and that is fashion. Maybe you can model with me sometime. You'd take good pictures. Right now let's get outta here.”
“You won't be going anywhere.”
Paige and Ezminé looked above and saw two boys standing on the roof of a building. When they jumped down, Paige and Ezminé saw them clearly. One of the boys had spiky black hair and ruby red eyes while the other was a fiery red head with emerald green eyes. “Human girl, unless you want to be burned to ashes then I suggest that you step aside. The demon woman is coming with us.”
“Tch, you got to be joking. There's no way I'm letting you take my friend. I'll take you on spike head. Let's go.”
The shorter boy looked up at his companion with a smirk on his face. “It won't take me long to deal with her. Kurama, take the woman to Genkai's temple.”
“No Hiei. She is human and we can't harm her. Miss, I don't want to hurt you but Hiei will if you don't come to terms with us. That woman you're protecting is a demon. You have to stand aside.”
Paige stepped in front of Ezminé and glared back at Kurama. Those two looked like two ordinary boys but she knew better. After what she'd faced off against a year ago, after falling to Karma's power, she had to keep her guard up at all times. “The two of you look just as ordinary as I do but I've faced off against a lot in the past year. Fighting you two will be nothing to what I've fought. I maybe only used to fighting vampires but another type of hellish creature shouldn't be that much difficult.”
“Wait? Fighting vampires? And you have an English accent. Are you the granddaughter of Integra Wingates Hellsing?”
“I am she.”
“Then you must be Celeste Hellsing.”
Paige dropped her head and heaved a heavy sigh. Why did she have to live in Celeste's shadow? She wanted just as must respect as her sister. “No damnit I'm her younger sister Paige Leonette Hellsing. Damnit why do people get us confused?!?! I'm a famous model! But enough about that. How do you know about me?” She asked. Kurama chuckled softly. It was a pleasure to be in the presence of Integra's granddaughter. Though it wasn't Celeste, it was still an honor. “Miss Hellsing I-”
“Paige what's going on? Who are they?!”
When Hiei saw David and Julian he immediately sped at David and drew his sword at his neck. When he did, Paige quickly held Rosé at the back of Hiei's head and David wrapped his whip around Hiei's throat. “Please! No more violence. We've obviously started out completely misunderstood. Let's calm down and explain this. Please?”
Everyone agreed to Ezminé's suggestion and grouped together at a café where they could explain everything. “My name is Princess Ezminé. Am I the last survivor of a clan of vampires that was wiped out two hundred years ago. I resided in a realm of darkness with my fiancé lord Armand and his minions. There were five of us. Thesella, Thelessa, Karma, Crescent and myself. My fiancé is determined to wipe out the human race so that we could live in the sunlight. I didn't want to see the human world destroyed so I went to seek help from Paige and her sister. When I did, Celeste was kidnapped.” Ezminé explained.
“How unfortunate. I presume you found another way to rescue her instead of heading to Armand's stronghold directly.” Kurama said as he set his tea cup down.
“Yes. You see, I heard of a woman that can help us. She was a vampire but she transformed herself and her followers into angels.”
“That woman. She's an acquaintance of ours. She was once known as Sylvia Silver but from her letters she changed her name to Princess Saiyuri. She hasn't given us her whereabouts and hasn't been to see us.”
Ezminé dropped her head. Now what was she to do? If she couldn't find Saiyuri then how else could she free herself? Standing up, she left the café with David following close behind her. “Ezminé!”
“Leave me alone David!”
“Don't give up now. We've come too far to give up like this. Just hold on.”
David took Ezminé by her forearms and looked down into her eyes. There was so much hurt in them. When Ezminé looked into David's eyes, there was so much strength and courage. How could he still be strong not knowing what could be happening to his sister?
“Ezminé, I'm strong because Paige and Celeste needs me to be. I'll be strong for you too. Just trust us ok? We'll get through this.”
David took her hands and led her back to the table where Kurama and the others were seated. He looked up at the princess with emotionless eyes. “Ezminé, if this is very important to you then we'll have Koenma contact her for an emergency. I highly doubt that she'd decline to that.” He told her.
“Oh please! You must contact her. I don't know what Armand's plan is but Celeste's time is running short. I don't know what they may do to her.”
“There's plenty that can be done to Celeste Hellsing.”
Everyone stood up and turned their sights to Thesella. She was standing on a street light with her arms crossed. Instead of her usual black schoolgirl uniform she was wearing a blue one. “What has Lord Armand done to Celeste?!” Ezminé yelled to her. Thesella twirled around on the light a giggled playfully before answering her. “Hee hee, nothing yet princess. On that you can rest easy. I don't know why but Lord Armand refuses for any of us to go near Celeste. Anyone except Crescent Star. Your friend did take a beating from Thelessa the other day. Guess she wanted to take a frustration out on someone since you weren't around. Don't know what the boss man is planning but you believe that when he plans it it won't be good for you, doll. Oooh! I see you've got new friends too! Just more people for us to destroy. My my my, aren't they cuties? Which one of you boys wants to die first? Or would you like to die at the same time? It makes no difference to me.” Thesella teased playfully. She turned her eyes to Paige, who was putting on her gloves. Smiling, she asked the Hellsing girl: “What's up little Hellsing?”
“Nothing's up but you're about to go down!”
Paige jumped up and attempted to punch Thesella but the blue haired girl back flipped from the light, leaving it to be destroyed. Thesella gasped when she saw Paige's strength. Where had she learned that? She frowned and landed gracefully on her feet. “Ah! So you've picked up a few tricks Hellsing! Well then, here's a trick of my own. Black Wave!!” Thesella spun around and shot a wave of darkness out at Paige.
“Paige get out of the way!!” Julian yelled.
“Negate it Paige!” Ezminé shouted.
Paige clapped her hands together and a wave of her own shot out, canceling out Thesella's attack. Thesella growled and charged at Paige. “I'm gonna kill you!”
“I wish you'd try!!”
Thesella swung out at Paige but she blocked it and tried to elbow her in the eye.
“Too slow!” Thesella told her. She caught her elbow and swung her into the street lamp. Quickly, Paige jumped from the pole and flipped over Thesella but jumped away before she could hit her. “Come on Thesella you can do better than this!”
“Grr, bitch!!!”
Thesella swung out at Paige once more but Paige was too fast. She fell backward but used her hands to hold herself up as she lifted her leg up to kick her elbow. When she did, Thesella unleashed a terrible scream while clutching her arm. Paige had kicked the bone out of it's socket.
“Good shot sis!”
“Yeah take her down!”
“You're awesome Paige!”
Thesella stumbled back, holding her arm and cursing Paige for injuring her. “You damned human!”
“Damn this too!”
Paige shot up and punched Thesella squarely in the jaw, knocking her back. Thesella was hit so hard that when she flew back she hit a car ten feet from her and knocked it into an on coming car. “Come on get up!”
“Paige we must go! You don't want to be caught!”
Paige nodded at Ezminé and followed her friends up onto a building and leapt from one to the next to whichever destination Kurama had chosen. When Thesella sat up, she noticed that Paige and her entourage of friends had taken off. She punched the ground angrily before standing up. “Lord Armand isn't going to like this at all.” She whispered to herself. She stood up, still grasping her wounded arm. She stumbled, a woman came over to help her. “Are you all right miss?”
“I'm alive bitch.”
The woman looked at Thesella and didn't manage to get a scream out when Thesella used her sharp nails to slit her throat. “Unfortunately for you, I can't say the same.” With that said, she began to walk away but stopped dead in her tracks. “Big sis, what do you want?” She asked the hidden Thelessa. Thelessa stood out from the shadows and looked at her sister. “I taught you better than that. Lord Armand wants you to return immediately. He's finally decided what he wants to do with Celeste.” She told her.
“Well mother fuckin finally. Think I can have a drink of blood to rejuvenate my strength?”
Before Thesella could do what she wanted, Thelessa stopped her. “When did Paige get so strong? Karma didn't drop a sweat on her back in the cathedral.” She said.
“I don't know! Damnit will you let me have my blood? Shit you just have to be so distracting! Fuck can I breathe?”
“Every time you ask me that it makes me want to cut off your circulation. Finish the human woman, don't get caught and wipe your mouth once you're finished. Mother taught you manners for a reason you know.”
When Thelessa left Thesella rolled her golden eyes and began feeding on the human woman. When she had finished, she looked to the buildings and growled. ::: This is far from over Paige Hellsing. You remember that. :::
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