Hellsing Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Young Miss Hellsing: Princess of Darkness (Revised) ❯ Thelessa's Poison, Celeste Awakens ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Yusuke paced back and forth outside while Talya and Kurama sat together under one of Genkai's Cherry Blossom trees. The two lovers held hands as they waited for Ezminé to wake up from sleep. What Talya wanted to know was why Yusuke didn't go and talk to Sylvia. It would give him the chance to take his mind off of things. “Yusuke please stop pacing. You're making my eyes hurt.”
“What? Oh sorry. I'm kinda worried about Celeste and Ezminé. Can't believe that bastard Armand marked her. He's gonna pay for that!” Yusuke promised. Talya looked up at Kurama and shook her head. She was worried about Celeste too but she faithfully put those matters in Ezminé's hands. She trusted that she'd bring Celeste back. “Kurama why don't you go check in with Alucard? There's something I need to discuss with Yusuke.” Talya said. Kurama agreed to go and kissed Talya before leaving. When he had gone Talya took Yusuke's hand and led him down the stairs. “Yusuke when are you going to talk to Sylvia?”
“Is that what this is about?”
“To put things bluntly yes. You both are killing me with your stalling. I wish you two would stop being nervous and say something. The suspense is killing me for god's sake.”
Yusuke stopped dead in his tracks. Why hadn't he said anything to Sylvia? He wondered if it was because of him that she decided to go on a suicidal mission to rescue Celeste alone? No. She wanted to prove a point. She wanted to prove that she wasn't weak and that she hadn't changed. Maybe Talya was right. Maybe he had been too hard on her when she returned. He'd have to apologize somehow. “I'll talk to her.” Yusuke finally announced.
“Thank god. I thought I was going to die of suspense.”
“You'll die of something that's for sure.”
Talya and Yusuke looked up to see Thelessa sitting on a tree branch. Fury burned in her eyes as she looked down at Talya and Yusuke. “Surely you didn't think that I'd let you live.” She said to them as she jumped down. “I've grown tired of this game. One way or another someone is going to die.” Thelessa promised. As she summoned her axe Yusuke stepped forward. “Go back to the temple. Warn them.”
“Gotcha. Come back alive got it?”
“Don't I always. Go Talya.”
Talya took off on her silver wings and head toward the temple but Thesella intercepted her with a playful smile. “Damnit! All right then. Come on!”
From below Thelessa swung her axe at Yusuke, releasing a wave of power in his direction. Yusuke easily jumped over the power and expected to knock Thelessa flat on her ass but when he landed Thelessa had disappeared. “What the-”
“You can't defeat that which is faster than you.”
Thelessa appeared behind Yusuke elbowed him in the back of his neck. Yusuke picked himself up from the ground just in time to see Thelessa disappeared into the shadows. She was move in and out of the darkness rapidly. That trick was getting old. He had dealt with a demon that could move through portals freely. They didn't last very long and neither would she. Yusuke ran in the right and smiled to himself when he saw Thelessa appear in front of him. He slid between her legs, flipped up and shot his Spirit Gun at Thelessa's back. “Come on get up, I'm just getting started Thelessa. You talk like you're the shit but you're not. You're going down!” Yusuke promised with a pointed finger.
Up above Talya and Thesella had engaged into a heated fight. The two girls dodged each other's attacks but Talya was getting angrier by the second. Thesella had dodged everything she sent at her. The blue haired girl spun around with her tongue sticking out at Talya. “Nah nah nah nah nah! You can't catch me!”
“Damnit little girl I'll rip that tongue right out!!”
Talya flew at Thesella but she stepped to the side. Fortunately for Talya, she knew she would step to the side and used it to her advantage. When attacked again Thesella had stepped to the side once more but this time Talya curved to the right and grabbed her. The two plummeted down toward Yusuke and Thelessa but Thesella was able to shake free of Talya's hold and kick her into Yusuke. “Talya! Are you all right?”
“Yusuke… I'm sorry.”
Yusuke held Talya tightly as the twins closed in on them. Thelessa rose her axe up high, grinned at the two and brought it down at the two. At the last moment, Talya flipped Yusuke around so that she caught the axe in her back. “Talya!!!”
“Ahhh!!! Kurama…”
Yusuke looked up at Talya and tried to shake her awake but she had lost consciousness. Blood was pouring from her wound rapidly. At this rate she wasn't going to live unless his could get her to Yukina. “Don't fret Yusuke. I will send you to join her!!”
“Wait sis! Look!! The sun is coming! We'd better get going. We have to make the preparations!” Thesella said. She disappeared into the darkness with her sister following close behind. What were they planning? That didn't matter now. He had to get Talya back to the temple. It was a quick assault but why? All the questions were going to have to wait. Yusuke carried Talya back to the temple and called for help. Immediately Kurama rushed his beloved to Yukina while Sylvia tended to Yusuke. She knelt down beside his and began to clean the cut her had from Thelessa's axe. “She could have killed you. You've got to be careful when dealing with her.” Sylvia warned as she took Yusuke's shirt off. She hesitated to heal his chest when she saw how well built his was. It had been so long since she felt the warmth and tenderness of his embrace. It was always a bad time but she couldn't handle the suspense. She still loved him but she needed to know if he felt the same way about her. “Yusuke.”
“Is it gonna be all right?”
“Huh? Oh your wound will be fine but I wanted to talk to you. I've wanted to talk to you. Yusuke I know you know how I feel about you. I express my feelings to you openly but you have not given me any sign about how you feel about me. I love you and I can't keep going in suspense.” Sylvia said. Yusuke looked down into her purple eyes then looked away. Now wasn't the time to go over mushy stuff. He got up, put his shirt on and walked away but Sylvia stood in front of him with her arms spread out. “No! I am not letting you go!”
“Get out of my way! Talya's hurt and all you can think about is love. How conceited can you be?”
“I am not conceited. Talya has talked about this to you too because I asked her to. If you won't hear me out then maybe you'll listen to her. Talk to me!”
Yusuke walked away from Sylvia but he could not abandon his feelings for her. He had trouble telling her how he felt. Now was his chance to say something but he couldn't find the words except the three she wanted to hear. “I love you Sylvie. I always have. I'm sorry if you felt less than wanted. I don't know what else to say but… yeah. I love you ok? I hope you don't hate me.”
Sylvia wrapped her arms around Yusuke gently. She could never hate him. She was still in love with him. She felt as if it would be an eternity before he said it but he finally came forward with his feelings. Yusuke didn't have to worry about her hating him. She loved him and that was all that mattered.
“Sylvia! We need you to come here now! Hurry! It's Talya!”
“Come on Yusuke lets hurry.”
Sylvia and Yusuke ran up to join David back to the temple. When they got inside Talya was lying on to ground with a scar coming from around her back where the cut was made and nearly to her breasts. “Thelessa's acid. She intended to kill you with it Yusuke. No human can live from this. The blood stream is carrying the poison from were the wound was made and will make a complete three hundred and sixty degree route around her body. It will then infect the heart. The godlike blood in her is trying to fight off the poison but it won't do alone. I must return to Welgaia to bring an antidote. I will be back soon. Do not make any moves until I get back. Paige and David I want you to stay on defense. Yusuke and Kurama offense. I'm coming back.” Sylvia left the room and did not return that morning. Paige began to worry. The poison had covered Talya's breasts already. She looked outside at the red-orange sky. Night was settling in. As Paige ran back to the room she heard Alucard speaking. Had Ezminé and Celeste returned? She rushed back to the room, threw open the door but was shot back into the wall. “Ahhh!!”
“Stay back Paige!”
“Are you going to kill me Alucard? I am your master. I give you the orders.”
Ezminé had lifted her pink eyes to see Celeste standing face to face with Alucard. Her eyes were just as red as Alucard's. Armand's mark had completely transformed her. “Don't move Alucard. Let me kill her first.”
“Alucard!!! Do something!! Alucard why are you standing there?!”
“I must obey my master.”
Celeste held Vixen up to Ezminé's head but the princess kicked it out of her hand. Before Ezminé could hit her Alucard slapped her into the wall. “Wonderful job Alucard. Now finish her off.” Celeste commanded. Before Alucard could shoot Ezminé Sage slid up beside him and kicked the Jackal out of his hand. She punched him twice in the stomach then knocked Celeste down with a roundhouse kick. “You dare put your hands on my master!!!”
“Tear drop shards!”
Shards of glass rained down from above Alucard, slicing him to pieces. While Alucard recovered Celeste stood up to her feet. “You will pay for that with your life Sage. Whether it be me or one of the other nymphs. You will come to your death. Let's go Ezminé.” Celeste pulled Ezminé up to her feet and disappeared with her. “Damnit!! Paige David get in here!”
“They took her? We have get my sister and Ezminé back.”
Sage took Paige's arm and pulled her close. They needed a plan before they could storm the castle and they needed Sylvia and Talya. Sage maybe vampire but she alone could not take on all the nymphs. “David, Julian, are you guys ready to take on the nymphs? It's going to take all your power.”
“We're not fully ready but the gloves Ezminé left us should be of help. Yukina and Genkai will wait here for Sylvia to return. She'll catch up.” David suggested. Sage nodded at David and opened a portal to Armand's castle. Tonight would be their last stand against him. And this time, they would prevail.