Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Aquarius ❯ Aquarius ( Chapter 1 )

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It was insane the very thought, the notion alone, and yet it was right. Seris might have been making fun of her when she said that she was obsessed but she was absolutely right and an obsession like this could lead to her very undoing. But she couldn’t help it, she quite simply loved every thing about Alucard.It now felt like it'd been that way since the two of them had met. She went to bed for the day in the red satin sheets that he'd ordered for her.
I hear your whispers break the silence and it calms me down. Your taste on my lips, your salty kisses.
Alucard would often teas her in her sleep by bringing his face ever so close to hers and whispering some dirty thought into her dreams. This had by now become a comfort to the werewolf she didn’t know what she would do if she didn’t have his voice haunting her dreams.They say I'm seeking out the danger. That one day you won't let me go.She needed him, she fully needed him to be with her. She didn’t care if he made her into a slave. She just wanted him. Easa wanted Alucard. The Dracula of her heart.
I need you Aquarius, enchanted I will have to stay .I feel you Aquarius, cause you the sea set me free .You call to me Aquarius.
She was entranced by the vampire and sooner or later she would have to tell him so. She knew what would come of it and she could quite honestly say she didn’t give a rat's ass. The following night she awoke as always to find herself alone. And yet he was still there fresh in her mind. Oh how she wanted to give in.
I relinquish to your powers. From your grasp, I just can't hide. I missed the danger I had to conquer. You made me feel alive.
Sir Integra stopped her in the hall. "Easa I want a word with you. Come into my office." The wolf woman did as was asked of her. She had a seat in one of the chairs in front of Integra's desk. She looked at Easa with honest eyes. "I know about your feelings toward Alucard, and the only think I want to say it let it go." Easa could hardly believe her ears. "Sir, you can't really think that I...." Integra cut her off. "I'm only saying this because Alucard is a monster and loves no one. I don't even understand his reasons for brining you into this organization. All I do know is it wasn’t out of being kind hearted. That is all." Easa bit her lip to keep from crying. "Yes Sir."
They say I have to be aware, that one day you won't let me go.I'll drown, you'll take me down.I need you Aquarius, enchanted I will have to stay. I feel you Aquarius, cause you the sea set me free. You call to me Aquarius.
During a particularly hard mission Easa took every bit of anger she had out on every last ghoul that came in her path. She could hear Alucard's ludicris laughter as she tore off heads and ripped out hearts. Then she received a shock when he grabbed her wrists and pulled her into a firm kiss.
I long for you, Aquarius. I need to be with you again. I fear you, Aquarius My destiny till the end.
At first her eyes went wide, but she calmed and settled into the kiss. That was until the Jewdist priest arrived and this pissed Easa off farther. No one interrupted a moment like this for her and lived.
I need you Aquarius, enchanted I will have to stay I feel you Aquarius cause you the sea set me free