Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Fare ❯ Sick ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"Wake, Human."

Pain. Terrible, terrible pain.

Wake, Human."

He opened his eyes. There before him stood a man and a woman, tall, light-haired, with brilliant crimson irises . . .

"Monsters! Freaks!" he cried in alarm before collapsing again from the pain of the effort.

"Oh now. That's not necessary, is it? Be still, before you ruin our fine healing," the woman scolded him.

He complied, because at the moment, even breathing hurt, and he needed his strength.

"You can't escape, you know," the male said as-a-matter-of-factly.

The human knew it to be true. He wasn't stupid, whatever the bastards at home had said about him.

"What do you want? And where in God's name am I?"

"It hardly matters now, sweet one," the female said, her tone having changed to a soft, hypnotic sound that was so beautiful it made his soul ache.

It was a voice meant to seduce; even as vampires had once lured helpless, spellbound humans to their deaths long ago, so was she trying to bend him to her will now.

"Do you want to live? Our healing is only good enough to keep you alive for a short time. And eventually . . . you will die anyway. All humans do. Would you share their fate?" the male asked him.

"We can give you such power," the female told him softly, placing a hand on his arm, tracing the soft blueish veins to his wrist with her fingertips. "You could easily extract your revenge from those who so wronged you."

Revenge. They'd known exactly what to say, somehow, to get his attention. That was what he truly wanted now.

"And what would the price be for this power? This immortality?"

"You will be as we are."

A vampire. One of the damned undead.

Right now, he didn't care what the price was. He didn't care about hell, he wanted to live. He wanted to kill the bastards who had tried to destroy him.

"What do you get out of it?" Jonathan asked.

"We get Vlad and his mate. We care not what happens when they are liberated from the mansion."

Aaah, but that vampire was one of the ones he wished to kill. But it was a small price . . . and he'd find some way to kill them later.

"Yes. I want to live."

"Good, good, sweet one. Karen?"

A small girl stepped out of the shadows. She could have been no more than thirteen to look at her, but the crimson irises told him that for all he knew, she could be three times his age. The thirst in her eyes was deep and terrible.

"Bite him."

The small girl called Karen was at his neck before he could blink. There was a flash of pain, and then . . . ecstasy. He didn't know hos long he would have to lay there having his blood drained from his body by an adolescent-looking vampiress, but at that point he didn't care.

In that moment, all he could think about was his revenge.