Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Fare ❯ Primal Scream! Die, Hellsing, Die! Part 3 ( Chapter 24 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Author's Note: There is but one more chapter left to this fic. It's been a hell of a ride! Now let's watch our Prince of the Undead in his battle against the Cheshire Cat . . .

Opening his eyes brought a whole new world into his vision, a world of bight color and focus. He hadn't realized how much his journey into the world of the dead would affect him. In this body that was not his own, Alucard felt . . . disoriented. It was literally an out-of-body experience and he found that it was just as bizarre as the stories said, though he was sure no one had had an experience quite like this.

He sat up, scraps of shirt that clung to this body parting to reveal a chest wound that was nearly healed.

“Mikhail . . .”

Alucard saw Amelia looking at him dreamily, leaning in close to inhale his scent.

The wound closed completely. The silence in his chest was unnerving.

This body had no heart.

He had no heart.

And yet somehow he could feel Victoria inside this body with him, asleep and unresponsive to the soft brush of his mind as he reached out to her.

Alucard turned and swung his legs over the edge of the altar and stood. Amelia placed her hands on his chest to steady him though he did not need it. The strength had returned to this body quickly. But he had to pretend, in order for this to work, and he placed his hand over Amelia's when her fingers stroked the fading scar on his chest.

“Mikhail,” Amelia breathed, “I've been waiting.”

“I know,” he replied, “I cannot tell you what torment lies in the world of the dead. All for you, Amelia.”

Amelia frowned. A furrow of confusion appeared between her brows.

He touched her face and she relaxed her expression. Alucard leaned closer to her in Mikhail's body, his mouth grazing her ear as he spoke. His hand slid down her body to her ribcage beneath her breast.

“All for you,” he repeated.

And he drove his fingers into her chest, between her ribs, to her heart. Amelia's scream echoed with her powers as it raged out of control, leaking from the wound along with her blood, shaking the Chamber.


His hand dug deep into her chest and when he felt the pulsing heart beneath his fingers he took hold of it, and pulled it from her body, blood spattering his chest and hands. The organ continued to throb as he took her living heart from her body and pushed her back with the other hand, her body falling past the altar steps and onto the smooth, polished floor.

Alucard turned and saw his own body lying on the floor by the altar, crumpled and forgotten by Amelia though he would have thought she'd notice when he didn't wake. He reached out and touched his hand to his own chest, and felt an instant and powerful pull, and then seconds later he found himself looking at Mikhail's body as it crumbled to ashes. He was disoriented from the transfer and sat dizzily for a moment.

Power coursed through him, rich and dark and sweet. It was intoxicating and it took a moment for him to understand what had happened. Victoria's death had taken something from him. With her here in his body he was whole, complete, and his vampire soul was awakened to the fullest, looking at the world through his eyes with a hunger for death.

He stood, and picked up the bloody heart from where it lay amongst Mikhail's ashes. Amelia's struggle to rise caught his eye and he watched her, watched the look of fury on her face, twisting her beauty into something evil and terrifying.

Deyavi! Alucard called as he leaped down the steps and toward Amelia, his hand grasping her throat and pressing her back against the floor.

And she was by his side, kneeling atop Amelia's body, crushing her as she screamed. Gavril was next to them an instant later.

“Drink my blood, my Prince,” Deyavi said, tearing the buttons from the collar of her buttondown shirt and exposing her neck to him.

Amelia screamed again and shoved upward with all her strength, sending the three vampires flying across the room as she protested her fate.

“This is not happening!” she screamed, “No!”

Gavril was on his feet in an instant and approached her from behind, grabbing hold of her arms and restraining her, ignoring the violent cries that sent her power reverberating from the walls.

Deyavi approached Alucard and he pulled her into the crook of his arm and sank his fangs into her pale neck. Her blood was sweet, but he could taste the acid of Amelia's magic. He drank deeply.

Amelia thrashed wildly. She could feel the connection of the power in her body to the magic in Deyavi's blood, the magic Alucard was consuming.

Very soon, Deyavi's body began to slacken and Alucard supported her, pulling his mouth from her neck and licking the wound closed. He gently lowered her to the floor and his eyes met Gavril's. He would have to drink Gavril's blood as well, but it would be impossible with him restraining Amelia.

Then he remembered the heart. He had nearly dropped it when Amelia had sent him flying and he had forgotten it completely while drinking Deyavi's blood. It still throbbed gently, cradled in his hand.

He bit deeply into the heart and the acid-tasting blood poured into his mouth. Her lifeblood.

She screamed and her scream pierced Gavril's body and tore his skin.

Alucard tore the heart with his teeth and her struggles became weaker. Gavril let her drop the floor and pressed his foot into her back. With her subdued for the moment, Alucard walked to where Gavril stood. He took Gavril's wrist and bit deeply, settling for this because he could not get close enough to bite into his neck. Gavril's blood tasted the same as Deyavi's.

As he drank, he noticed a strange feeling growing in his chest. It was heavy and heady. He knew it was his body absorbing the darkness in the blood.

He did not take as much from Gavril as from Deyavi; Amelia's struggles were growing stronger as she recovered from his attack on her most vital organ. Quickly he stepped away as she sliced at him with her painted talons.

Alucard began to change. The shadows grew from within his body, shredding his skin from the inside. They caressed him, and slid over him to replace the skin. His grin was maniacal, exposing fang obscenely. The strange power was buzzing within every inch of his body.

Amelia's struggles increased.


Gavril's attempts to restrain her failed as she grew more enraged. Her sanity was failing.

“What's wrong, Cheshire Cat?” Alucard mocked in his obscene, excited growl.


“Your lover has deserted you,” he returned, “Apparently he'd rather die than return to this world of the living to be with you.”

She snapped. Her feet struck the floor, cracking the stone floor and sending shards flying. Amelia lifted her body violently in her thrashings and Gavril was sent flying, his body striking the stone walls.

She rolled off her back and lunged at Alucard, slashing at him with her talons. Her form was out of control, shifting back and forth between her true form and her glamour.

He took the hit directly to his body, and the shadows began pulling her in, absorbing her into his body.

His blackened arms began to swell and shift, and his skin split, crimson eyes rolling about wildly as a hellhound opened its jaws.

Amelia screamed and she swiped through his body, freeing her upper body from the shadows.

“Have I frightened you, Cheshire cat?” he growled, laughing.

She tried to bite him, and the shadows filled her mouth. The hellhound snapped its teeth at her and she snarled at it, Alucard's obscene grin growing wider as his body continued to change, and hellhounds began to mold from the shadows of his body, separating from him.

Amelia's thrashing finally freed her from Alucard's growing mass of shadows and demons and she flung herself away, hissing like a startled cat.

“Why won't you fight, Cheshire Cat?” Alucard snarled, “Don't you have any real power? Does your talent lie only in cheap parlor tricks?”

“I still own you,” she hissed venomously, “I can destroy you and everything you hold dear.”

In an instant he was behind her, his arm around her throat.

“You already did,” he whispered.

Her magic was pulsing strongly through him. He pressed his free hand to her abdomen, sliding his fingers along the ridge of her ribcage. His thumb split the soft flesh and dug into her, hooking underneath her xiphoid process, his other fingers sliding between her other ribs.

“I've got nothing to lose,” he sneered.

She cried out as he curled his fingers around her ribs, gripping tightly.

“You, on the other hand, have your life,” he said, “But not for long.”

He yanked hard and tore her ribcage, opening her torso and exposing the tender insides.

“I SHOULD HAVE KILLED YOU!” she shrieked as hellhounds leapt upon her and her exposed organs were torn by bloody teeth and claw.

“You should have,” he grinned, “Your mistake.”

Alucard slid his hand up from the base of her skull and stabbed his fingers into her strange eyes. His fingertips pierced deeply into the sockets and her magic which lived inside his body began to empty into her. Too weak to control it, her own power began to turn on her.

It was as if the world of the dead was opening to them again, and swallowed her up. She became colorless and distorted. Her pale silver-white skin split and blood spilled from within, and she began to cry tears of blood.

“Mikhail,” she whispered brokenly, “It was all for you.”

Alucard sneered.

As her magic and Alucard's hellhounds tore her apart from within, Amelia grew quiet.

Alucard dropped her slack form and turned away. A hand grabbed his boot and he turned his head to look at Amelia.

“This won't bring her back,” Amelia said, smiling, her lips bloody, “As Mikhail has been taken from me, so was she taken from you.”

Alucard knelt beside her and spoke the words that would destroy her.

“Mikhail left you of his own free will,” he said softly, “He tore out his own heart to escape you. He allowed me to take his body so that I could kill you. He was not taken from you; he ran away.”

Amelia shuddered and was still, a low moan escaping her.

Alucard stood and kicked her hand away as she became dust.

He turned his attention to the Siphons outside, now motionless and silent. Their maker had been destroyed and the killing magic was gone from them; they were broken toys. With a bitter smile Alucard sent the hellhounds to feast on the ruined flesh.

It was over.