Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Hopeless ❯ Order One: New Home, New People ( Chapter 1 )

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Hello people of earth! I am Thanatoes. Here, with my partner, MS. Okies, this is a crossover chapter of Hellsing! ^^ Sorry, hyper. Anywho, enjoooy! This is only the first chapter, NO FLAMES! ^^
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The cold air whist the young girl's long dark blue hair that was tied into a low ponytail by a white ribbon,into the night sky. Her crimson with a slit of silvery blue eyes stared out to the castle through her darken sunglasses. An all too familiar scent reached her nose as she walked on the cold street. Blood. Someone or something was bleeding and it was pretty bad for this scent to reach her. Kaden's long black button up jacket that was unbottoned after her stomach flew behind her as she ran to the blood scent. The ends of her sleeves were folded , they looked white with a cross on each of them. Her black shorts showed from underneath the jacket. She also had black leather tie up boots that ended just under her knees. A long sword that almost resembled a cross was tied around her and hung off her back.

'Strange....No one near has noticed me.' She thought. Her mind traced back to the incident that happened three years ago.

“Of course, they wouldn't notice. How could they after that night....” Her voice sounded colder than usual. She couldn't forget that night. The night her humanity was stolen from her...
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Meanwhile, a small group of people ventured off in the night, heading towards the Hellsing manner.

“Maaasssstttttteeeerrrrrr! Why must we travel to the Hellsing manner!? We do not need their help!” A slightly angered, whining voice exclaimed. The voice was of a woman who looked no older than 23. Oh how looks can be decieving. She wore a black tube top and black mini skirt. Black gloves covered her hands as black leather high heeled boots on her legs. Her long black hair went to the back of her knees tied in a low pony tail. She wore a white porcelen mask that had black stripes on it. It covered her whole face, closed eyes painted on it. To top it all off, a long black trench coat covered her frame. It went down to her ankles, sliding across the ground slightly as she walked.

The 'Master' sighed, rubbing their temples.

“Because, Kisami, we have no where else to go. The mansion burned down, and there is no way in hell, am I living on the streets.” The person replied, slightly annoyed. In truth, the person was female. She wore a simple blue dress that went to her knees. Over it, a white jacket. She had long brown hair that went to her waist. She also wore blue high-heels. Her Dark blue eyes looked tired. Kisami made a dramatic sigh.

“Besides, it's been a looong time since I have talked with the head of the household.” The person replied, smiling. Kismai rolled her
eyes, saying nothing else as she walked beside her Master towards the household.
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