Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Innocent As A Child ❯ Chapter One ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Innocent As a Child

Summary: Seras is sent on a mission to a familiar location, where she discovers a horrific secret and unravels a terrible plan set by the enemy. But she also picks something up in the process... AxS

AN: Me and the shower had a long conversation. This idea popped up, and I was on it like Walter on a dustbunny. Muahahaha.

Warning: This is somewhat dark and gory, a bit like the OVA. Also, this may include spoilers for the manga, but follows the anime.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing, either the manga, anime, or OVA. Kouta Hirano owns the manga, Geneon studios owns the anime (I think), and Gonzo does the OVA. I hate my life.
Chapter One

Attention Seras Victoria: Please report right away to Sir Integra’s office. That is all.

Why couldn’t Master have called for me?’ Seras thought to herself, blushing slightly as she made her way out of the shooting range room amidst the stares of her troops. She made her way to the big oaken doors that marked the entrance to her Master’s master’s office.

“Seras Victoria, reporting for duty, Sir!” Seras saluted to the blonde woman sitting at the desk in front of her.

“Ah, thank you, Seras. Now, when Alucard gets here...” she trailed off as the aforementioned vampire phased into the room.

“You called?” he said in a rather bored voice.

“Yes. Now that you are both here, I have a serious mission for the both of you.” She lit a cigar, inhaling deeply before continuing. Seras noted that she looked exceptionally tired and pale. “We have news of FREAKS in an area of downtown London, doing some unknown things involving the inhabitants of a near-by building - experiments, we think. I want you to investigate, Alucard, and for you to lead the troops there, Seras.” Integra took another drag of her cigar, with a distinctly unhappy look on her face. “It’s in an area that you should be somewhat familiar with, Seras, so please do the best that you can. You are dismissed to prep for this mission.”

Alucard faded away, a paper in his hands that gave him directions clenched tightly in his fists. For once, he left without a scathing remark, glaring at Integra only once. Seras was not quite at the point where she could do that, so she left to her room via the door. But even with her vampiric hearing, she didn’t catch what Integra said as she closed the door. “I’m sorry, Seras.”


“Go! Go go go!” The commander waved his hands, letting Seras lead them out of the van...

...Only to stop in shock, causing the soldier behind her to crash into her back. Ignoring his apology, she stared at the building in front of her.

It was her old orphanage.

The blonde vampire shook her head, and stepped sideways. The rest of the men filed out, silently watching her. “No,” she whispered, as flashes of the earlier briefing flitted through her head.

“...doing some unknown things involving the inhabitants of a near-by building - experiments, we think...”

The men near her shuffled nervously, snapping her back to the present. “A- Alright, men, follow me.” She headed to the front door of the bleak grey building, reaching for the handle as if in a dream... but it swung open to reveal Alucard standing behind the door.

“Master!” Seras yelled, hearing the men whisper and back away. “What’s the situation?”

He grunted. “No one is here. There is a warehouse down the street, though, that has suspicious noises coming from it. I suggest you investigate, Police girl.”

She winced, but decided to do as he had said. “And you?”

“I’ll be waiting for you there...” and with a crazy grin, he phased away. Some of the newer men gasped loudly, but Seras was getting used to his sporadic disappearances. She hefted her Harkonnen cannon over her shoulder, and took off jogging in the general direction she knew a warehouse was. The troops fell behind quickly, but she wasn’t really concerned for them.

Within five minutes, her destination came into view, and she broke into a sprint to reach it. The fledgling vampire wasn’t surprised to note that her master had not waited for her, and burst into the storage building, Harkonnen blazing. But what met her vision was a horrible scene of agony.

Laying strewn across the floor in bloody piles were assorted body parts of young children, obvious because of their size. Arms and legs made a gruesome maze that Seras tried picking through without stepping on anything. Every now and then, though, a sickening ‘crack!’ would reach her ears, and she attempted to suppress a gag. The (to her nose) wonderful scent of blood was tainted by the fact that it was from such innocents, orphans just like her.

“Police girl. You’ve arrived.” Alucard appeared suddenly, not caring as he stepped on the endless amounts of childish extremities with horror movie sound effects.

“Master!” she cried, covering her ears. “Please, stop!”
He did not listen to her request, instead concentrating on the enemies that had shown up over Seras’s shoulder. The elder vampire smiled in his insane way, raising the Casull to aiming height. His finger touched the trigger, but then faulted and he let the arm holding the gun relax. An unreadable look was on his face, making Seras nervous - he was usually either in crazy mood or calm mood. Now, he actually looked... disgusted?

She turned to see exactly what they were up against, and covered her mouth in revulsion. It was an entire horde of ghoul children. The small forms made their slow way to the two vampires, groaning and falling over each other in the attempt to get the pair.

“M-Master,” Seras started shakily, “what does one do when faced with an army of kids?”

He cocked the Casull. “It is like I told you, Police girl. They did not ask to become these monsters. The best thing to do is put them out of their misery as soon as possible.” He fired, the insane look in his eye replaced by one of loathing for the scum that did this. Over the din of the weapon going off, he motioned for her attention. ‘Go and see if you can find any more, then come back here.’ Seras nodded, and ran to an open door on the other side of the giant room.

Swiftly exiting, she searched around the warehouse, noting the placement of the rooms and what was in them. Strangely, she did not meet anyone or anything along the way, and saw no signs of any scientists -or adults, period- present. She came upon the last room, and was just about to pass it by when she heard a very odd noise. The young vampire came close to passing it off as a rat or her imagination, but then she listened and heard it again. Her curious nature took over, and she pushed the door open. The room was dark, and as she felt for a light switch she could hear what the noise was, exactly.

Realizing that she didn’t need the light (she could see perfectly well in the dark, thank you for superhuman eyesight) Seras headed over to the other side of the room, and looked into the crib. Yep. It was a baby crying, alright.

A baby.

With fangs. And red eyes.

“MASTERRRR!!!” Seras screamed as loudly as she possibly could, which was very, very loud. She yelled for him in her head, too, but he had made it there by the time she was done screaming.

“What?” He asked irritably. The children had been ghouls, yes, but killing dead kids was no fun. He was sick, he would be the first to admit it, but he wasn’t very fond of murdering the young.

The baby had been frightened already, and Seras’s scream had only made it even more scared. Its wail rose above Seras’s own blubbering.

“I will not kill a baby!” Seras was very close to tears now. The children had pushed her to her limit, and this was too much. “No!”
The baby continued to cry, and Alucard found himself extremely annoyed. “Quiet!”

His voice immediately silenced Seras, since he was her master, and the baby’s cries died down once Seras was done. “Good. Now, what precisely is going on here?”

“I walked into this room, and found the infant. It has fangs, Master, and red eyes. A FREAK baby. I’m not gonna kill it, and I don’t wanna watch you do that either.” She looked at him with eyes that had a crimson colored liquid forming at the edges. “Now what?”

Alucard examined the baby. It stared back at him with solemn eyes, and Alucard made one of the most brash decisions in his unlife. He scooped the baby out of the crib, and handed it to Seras. “Have you ever wanted to be a mother, Police girl?”