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<p>Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing or Trigun. They both belong to there respective owners.

<p>(A/N: I don't use any of the characters from Trigun, but I use weapons from it. i.e. Long Colt and Cross Punisher (Called the Cross Slayer in this story).

<p>Ok this story is written by me and a friend of mine, Zach. I do most of the writing while he goes over the spelling and gives me idea.

<p>This is the Prelude to the story (Written by Zach). What the new characters did before coming vampires and how they become vampires.


<p>Zavien Galedain

<p>Born in NYC Bronx, at the age of 19 he joined the gang AA (Anarchy America). He climbed the gang ranks all the way to the initaion of third leader. The initation was being turned into a vampire. Hellsing Organization was running a mission in the area of the gang. After Zavien fought the vampire he earned the scar over his right eye. Among the soldiers were the vampire operatives Alucard and Seras Victoria. The area was cleared very quickly with Zavien bleeding heavily. Alucard was not convinced by Seras to save his life by turning him into a vampire. So Seras turned him herself after Alucards explanation. Zavien, feeling the power coursing through his viens, wanted to get revenge on all the evil vampires. Plus he and Seras Victoria had been interested in each other. So Zavien became the newest Hellsing operative.


<p>Hiko Phoenix

<p>Hiko is a 20 year old ex-CEO of the Nevada oil industry after being kicked out for being "insane" after swearing he saw a vampire in a vision. One day in a LA casino (he gambles illegaly) his vision came true. After sneaking into the casino and beat out every single dealer there except for one which was supposedly unbeatable so he said what the hell and went over to challenge him. Unsurprisingly Hiko won rught up to the point when the pale dealer jumped onto the table knocking everything over and getting hiko into a head lock the casino doors exploded open! A man looking not a day older than 19 and in almost all white with black eyes walked through the room laughing hysterically acompanied by a beautiful young woman. "You wreak of damnation..." And the man in white shot through Hiko's shoulder with an explosive round into the dealers skull and he turned to dust leaving Hiko bleeding extremely badly. The man in white walked to him and asked "would you like to live?" and Hiko replied "Yes I do." And with that, the girl with the man in white sunk her teeth into Hiko's neck. Walking out of the casino completely healed he saw the vampire in red from his vision. "so we picked up a new friend did we? Alright then, welcome to Hellsing Hiko. Zavien, congratulations on your first mission..."


<p>Okay that is for now. This story will be on another site before here. The link is <a href="http://www.geocities.com/nightdragoon777/Knights_of_Hellsing.htm l">here</a> and that has up to chapter 4 right now. I will eventually get those on mediaminer.org. I also realize that this story has at least 1 plothole so don't yell at me. I know that its there.