Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Nomine Patri ❯ New Orders ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

In Nomine Patri. Latin is quite fitting for everyone's favorite Animated Catholic Priest, and "In the name of the Father" is going to be my first Anderson-centric fic.

I'm just using my liberties as the writer to change/make up things about Anderson's past, so please don't be mean about this fic's interpretation of the paladin.

I don't own Hellsing or the characters, and I must thank the creators for making such a wonderful series!

For those who can't read Latin. . . . .it's the stuff in italics, and translations will be at the bottom of the page. I feel that it is only fitting for a man of the Roman Catholic faith that feels he is a supreme servant of God's Will to speak in the language of the early Church. Also, 5 years of formal Latin training and attending Catholic Mass on a weekly basis have given me the power to quote the High Mass fairly accurately. I apologize for the confusion it will most likely cause!

~*~In Nomine Patri~*~

by BlueMew

"Father Anderson!" A young priest skidded to a stop in front of the dormitory-styled room where Vatican Section XIII kept its most prized weapon, both out of breath and carrying a note with the Pope's own seal on it. "I am truly sorry for bothering your meditation, but I was given this to bring to you, and His Excellency has asked that I make sure it arrived as quickly as I could run."

Alexander Anderson sighed as he closed his bright eyes, standing from his genuflected position in front of his patron saint, the Archangel Michael, where he had been asking for strength for his upcoming battles against the undead. "Thank you Brother. May God always look kindly upon thee. Please leave the note on my pillow and close the door as you leave."

"Yes Father." The young priest bowed as he set the note on the small cot-like bed and backed from the room. "Kyrie." (KIR-ee-ay)

"Aye, Kyrie." A small smile spread across the lips of the regenerator as he sat on his bed and took the note from its envelope. He would be grateful for another mission, especially if it did not require travel to England. That dreadful country had not only conquered his ancestors, but had now been the only place where he had not been thoroughly successful in carrying out God's orders.

Carefully unfolding the paper, he glanced down at it, more curious to see where he would be heading than what he would have to defeat.

Unfortunately, Anderson was not reading anything like his typical battle orders.

Father A. Anderson, Section Thirteen

I would like to thank you for your service in the field during every recent mission that Section Thirteen has participated in over the past decade. Your work is a fitting tribute to God, and you are by far the most effective exorcist ever known to the modern faith.

Fr. Enrico Maxwell has informed me of the special training you received and the implants that have made you what you are today. Now knowing this, I regretfully must inform you that you are now not unique in your abilities.

Luckily, you will be around to help train the newest Section Thirteen Regenerator Recruits. Starting in two weeks, I ask that you hold special training classes for the recruits so that all may be as talented as you Father. With this new holy army, the Vatican will be able to spread God's work more effectively, and God has chosen you to be to these men what St. Paul was to the Romans.

Ad deum qui laetificat juventutem meam.

Anderson sighed as he laid the letter next to him on the bed. This would be a challenge, and God was testing him as he tested every servant that he had called to his name.

He would pray before he went before the Holy See, asking for guidance in his upcoming mission, as this would be a new and terrifying experience.

And as he meditated again in the presence of the Archangel Michael, asking for courage to face a group of students, he couldn't help but smile. God had answered his prayer to not return to England again. With new Regenerators to help control the FREAK outbreaks, other men of God would be able to deal with the Vampire Alucard and his Hellsing Organization.

God is very, very good to the faithful.


And translations as promised! I apologize for not being sure if I spelled the Greek correctly on the Kyrie's. We just say it and say it, and I've honestly never seen it written.

Kyrie- the shortened version of the Kyrie Elieson prayer. Our priests seem to use it as a greeting meaning "God be with you."

Ad deum qui laetificat juventutem meam- To God, the Joy of my Youth.