Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Nomine Patri ❯ Repercussions ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

"Father Anderson," Enrico Maxwell, the figurehead of all Section XIII, glared across his desk at the now solemn man sitting in the hard-backed chair used to make sure the one receiving a verbal reprimand was at his most uncomfortable, "It is not my opinion that you have done wrong with destroying the Vampire Alucard, but," He looked over his glasses, dark eyes boring deep in to the soul of the younger man, "when you are ordered NOT to interfere with Hellsing whatsoever and you kill their number one field agent, you must atone for your sins to all involved. Miss Hellsing has requested that you be discharged and exiled or just destroyed. The Holy See is asking for you to be stripped of your position and titles. I am trying as hard as I can to convince our Pope to not be so harsh with his punishment, as well as to convince him to tell Miss Hellsing that you were only acting on instinct so she may feel a little better about losing her pet."

Anderson could not bring his eyes to meet his superior's. "May God forgive me." It was all he could whisper as he stood from the chair and headed toward the door. "What is to happen to the men under my command?"

Maxwell shrugged, seeming bored with the situation. "They will be sent to their home continents to battle for God."

Anderson just nodded. He had been expecting this day would come as soon as the men proved themselves on a mission, but he had hoped he could have them train a little longer, as he could use the comradery more than ever before.

"You may stay in your quarters until you receive the decree sent down by the Holy See. Please see to it that you do not cause any more problems by acting on the base temptations that Satan sets before you, my brother." Maxwell smiled solemnly as he watched Anderson's unusually placid expression falter between hurt and anger as the words settled deep in his mind, and finally returned to a subservient downward gaze as he stood to leave.

"God be with you Father." He whispered as he reached the doorway, holding on to the trim as he turned to walk to his quarters, the dismal place he would be punished for the rest of his days.

For the first time in his life, Alexander Anderson regretted every moment of time spent in the service of his God and Faith.


Integral Hellsing sat deep in her chair as she smoked a cigar, reveling in the pleasure the phone conversation with the head of Section XIII had given her. The bloody fool actually believed that his Holy Weapon actually could kill Alucard. The whole situation would be downright comical if the fact that there were now more regenerators on the loose had been proven.

"A good evening to you, Miss Hellsing." The apparition that melted from the ceiling chuckled in his mocking way as the vampire Alucard became more and more solid, until he was finally sitting on the edge of his master's desk, looking over his Jackal, seemingly awaiting his next mission. "Are there any more freaks to take care of? Or can I start helping Paladins disappear?"

"You are NOT to go anywhere near the Catholics!" Integral screamed, slamming her hands on his thighs, making sure to dig her thumbnails deep in to the skin through her spotless white gloves, assuring his attention. "They believe you to be gone, and I'd prefer if it stays that way!"

Alucard couldn't help but smirk. His master was furious, and in her loss of emotional control, she'd allowed herself to be vulnerable, and if she wouldn't banish him for an eternity to the dungeons, Alucard would love to grab the back of her head and force her in to a kiss, perhaps even more.

"What is so bloody hilarious!" She screamed again, this time moving within an inch of his face, fingers digging deeper in to his thighs, and her breath hot against his face.

Master was adorable when she was furious.

"Get off me." He finally decided to disapparate through her desk and in to her chair, allowing Integral to fall face first on to her desk, her glasses falling from her nose and cracking on the hardwood surface. "I will have my fun with the regenerators. You will not stop me." He lowered his glasses, amber eyes boring deep in to her soul, prying her to believe his opinion. "And the Police Girl will come with me."

And in an instant, Integral Wingates Hellsing was alone in her office; the wonderful feeling of triumph over the Vatican had now been replaced with a sense of dread for what Alucard was going to do to their organization.


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