Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Nomine Patri ❯ Orders ( Chapter 6 )

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And as for where Devries comes from, why I chose it, and all that. . . .

Devries is a more common last name in Holland, usually spelled De Vries. De Vries literally translates to "The Freeze". Devries has also become a woman's first name recently, and people tend to say that it means "freesia" like the flower instead of like freezing cold like it means as a word. Kabalarian philosophy says that the first name Devries gives the person a tenacity of purpose and makes her extremely independent. She is so narrowly focused on her pursuits that she lacks the personal understanding that allows for comradery and friendship. And finally, one day as I was just randomly thinking, before I'd looked anything up about the name and its origin or meaning, I thought "You know, Wingates is a bloody stupid middle name for Integra. Integral Devries Hellsing just sounds better." (Yes, I do sit and overanalyze things like anime and black squirrels.)

Anyway, on to chapter 6!


November 3, via email


I received your telephone message from Walter just this afternoon, and I was quite surprised by the words which you spoke to me. I must demystify some of the sentiments that Argetni has worked upon your fragile mind.

Argetni is in no way your mother. She is a succubus that your mother's pet Alucard brought to the service of the Hellsing Organization after she and I were engaged to be married. Apparently, Alucard was quite smitten with the woman because of her uncanny resemblance to your mother, and changed her name to suit his purpose of annoying Teggy, for I believe she was called Trude or something odd before her arrival in England from wherever he found her.

Argetni's presence did upset your mother, as she did not like to think of Alucard fawning over what could easily pass for her twin when he had spent years of service to my dear Teggy and seemed to adore every word or action she directed at him before I was introduced to the Organization.

Alucard was jealous that his forbidden fruit had found the arms of another, so he wanted to cause as much turmoil in the house of Hellsing as possible, and he succeeded. I blame Argetni for your mother's death, as the succubus would like to drain your mother's blood to make herself more potent for Alucard when they lay together, teasing him with the mortal blood he would never taste if he valued his existence. Each time Argetni would feed from Teggy, she became constantly weaker, until finally she spent too much of her energy, and was forced to pass on to heaven.

I wished to keep Argetni and Alucard from your life because of the trickery and lies that vampires must tell to remain the servants of Satan. I knew that together they would plot against the family yet again, for if there is no surviving member of our most noble and pure Hellsing blood, their bondage to our family will be severed, and they can reclaim their titles as the king and queen of their kinds, plaguing the world with more vile monsters like them in their reign of terror.

As for the fact that you are a regenerator, I do not know what to say beloved daughter. Most regenerators that our ally Section XIII employs are man made beings that utilize nanomachines that can regenerate limbs and heal wounds if the injury is not too great. Father Anderson is a true regenerator, and if you would like to be tested to see whether or not you are really a regenerator, I can arrange for a trip to Rome during your next school holiday. I do not understand why you would even have such talents, since neither your mother nor I ever showed any regenerative skills.

Then again, you were blessed with the gift of sensing vampires with just your mind, so perhaps you have been granted other powers by God, such as these supposed regenerative properties.

I do not wish for you to meet with Argetni or any of her comrades from now on Devries. Please take me seriously, as I know what kinds of tricks these monsters are capable of and I do not wish to see you turned in to a vampire or worse.

I pray that your studies are going well, and that you are taking care of your little sister. You are the world to Anika, and to me. Please do not disappoint either of us by becoming trapped in the clutches of the vampires of our Organization.

I wish to find the lore that describes how to silence each of our vampires permanently, but that piece of information was locked in your mother's memory, and since she is no longer with the living, she cannot whisper the words of how to destroy the strongest of all vampires to either of us anymore. Hellsing does not need vampires to do her sacred duty, but your mother and grandfather could not understand that simple fact.

Perhaps that will be your legacy Devries. You will relearn how to destroy the worst of the vampires and allow their souls the sanctuary of returning to Hell instead of being tormented by their earthbound existence.

Remember- Jesus Christ is in Heaven. So is your mother.