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This one hit me in the middle of English class. What would Seras say once she finally got over her humanity complex and confronted Arucard? I typed it out of my notebook as soon as I got home and posted it. Let me know if you think I got Seras' character right!! Oh, and a slight AU warning. I fiddled around with some things in canon… like people dying. So sue me! I was bored.
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One Hundred Years
I'm not a little girl anymore, Master.
I haven't been for a long time.
One hundred years is a long time, isn't it? A long time. Long enough for you to butcher my humanity. To destroy everything I held dear, to completely dominate my will and subject your own. You told me that I was Death, that I had no place with mere humans. You told me that I could rule the world of petty mortals if I truly desired it.
I didn't.
I didn't want this Darkness, at first. It would have meant that I had to change who I was, my definition. By drinking blood I would have become a monster. Not human. By refusing, I thought I could have kept some semblance of the person I was. I didn't understand it then, Master. The Kitten of D-11 was a little girl. Seras Victoria of the Hellsing Organization was, simply, a young lady. The No Life Queen was a woman. You made me grow up, Master. You didn't let me fail.
They don't call me Kitten anymore. They call me Vampire. They spit out the word like it left a foul taste, and stare at me with an unparalleled loathing. I miss being Kitten. But I was part of the humanity you took from me. And as my soul slowly drifted away, so did the people I cared about.
There were four.
Ferguson was the first. He gave his life for the Hellsing Organization; a selfless act. He deserves to be remembered, even if it is by a soulless being such as I. He treated me with respect and I returned the favor.
Then Pip. My last effort to retain my hold on humanity was by taking a human lover. I ended up killing him. I murdered him, and left his body among the carrion of London. I'm a monster too, Master. Aren't you proud?
Walter died next. Perhaps earlier, but I'm not quite sure. All I know is that my Walter, the retainer of the Hellsing family, died when the Neo-Nazis abducted him. Event he Angel of Death succumbed to the mind control chip. Did you enjoy killing him? Was slaughtering the vampiric Angel of Death the highlight of your war?
And Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing. I think you loved her, Master. Does it haunt you at night that you couldn't save her? That of all the things she survived, after reviving the Hellsing Organization, that she died by the bomb of a human terrorist? It must irk you to no end, Master. You couldn't save her.
I couldn't save any of them.
I became the perfect Vampire for you, Master. One hundred years of servitude made me that. I wouldn't change it, though. If I had a second chance, all those years ago in Cheddar, I would have still said yes. I would have done anything for you, Master.
But now after one hundred years I finally learned everything you could teach me. You were my Master, and I was yours. Your pupil, your servant, your companion, your slave. One hundred years, and you're all I have left in this world.
I hate you, Arucard.
I want my freedom.
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