Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 7-8 ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 7:
“Vincent, what is the time now?” Lillian asked
“Why it's 10:56 pm Lady Lillian.” He replied looking at his watch.
“Shit I'm gonna be late. I expect the both of you at the assembly before I get there but make sure you're not seen until I'm there ok, my men are already spooked enough with the show you put on earlier Alucard. Vincent.” She nodded and just like that Lillian broke into a run down the hallway and saw the staircase just ahead her. Stuff this she thought and decided to jump from the second floor, she had done it many times before so it didn't faze her.
“Wait, Lady Lillian don't jump over the… (Sigh) too late, always on deaf ears. She's going to brake her neck one of these days.” Vincent said tired. Alucard saw what his new master just done and was slightly surprise that she was able to do that, let alone even did it. He just smiled to himself and disappeared. Seras was just in shock to what she just witnessed. Was Sir Hellsing mad? She then remembered herself and actually didn't know where she was supposed to be. She looked at Vincent and he just replied knowing what the confused look meant.
“The assembly will be held outside the motor pool.”
“Thanks.” She said slightly embarrassed and went on her way knowing she had to be there before Sir Hellsing and it was not looking good. She still didn't know how to faze herself properly yet but it still looked liked she disappeared in front of Vincent. Vincent shook his head again and continued on his normal pace and set out to join them.
Lillian appeared at the motor pool in the nick of time and approached the commanding officer of her troops, Commander Donald Sinclair. He saw her nodded and saluted to her,
“Sir.” She nodded back.
“Sinclair. Report.” They stood facing each other, Sinclair, like Vincent had also know Lillian all her life and he trusted and believed in her which was a big plus for her, she did not need to tackle the commanding officer and the troops aswell. As this was her first time addressing the troops as the Head of the Hellsing Organisation this was a make or break situation, she had to gain the respect of her troops tonight or she would never truly have it. She understood the situation aswell, no one would like having the person in charge, not to mention in charge of their lives a teenager. She no doubt just looked like a small girl in their eyes.
“270 troops accounted for here Sir Hellsing. Of the last 15, 8 are on leave and the remaining 7 are in the infirmary recovering from their wounds from previous battles.” Hellsing did have 320 men in their employ but 35 have since died. The thought saddened her, but that was all going to change now she also thought.
“Right.” As they approached the front of the carport she heard someone yell out, `Attention' and all saluted to her and Sinclair. Oh boy she thought, here we go.
“At ease. For the some of you who don't know me, my name is Lillian Integra, Elizabeth Hellsing. Since the passing of my late father, I am now the new head of the Hellsing Organisation. Yes it is true I am only 17 but that is irrelevant. Nothing has truly changed. Your orders have not changed, to seek out and destroy all impure souls of the living dead and the duty of the Hellsing Organisation has not changed, which is to protect England and the crown. The only thing that has changed is that I'm now stuck with doing the never ending pile of paperwork on my desk and believe me, it's not pretty.” She stated pacing up and down the front of the Motor pool so the men could see her. She heard a few laughs so she guessed she was doing all right.
“However there is one major change I've made and that is the two new vampires in my employ. Well I guess they aren't new, they've actually been here a very long time. Some of you met the first one earlier today. Their names are Alucard and Officer Seras Victoria.” With that the both of them appeared beside Lillian as she said their name. She paused for a bit letting her men take them in.
“Like I said they have been with the Hellsing Family for a very long time. For the few who remember when my Great grandmother, Integra Hellsing was in charge over 70 years ago and the great battle that nearly destroyed half of London, yes the Incognito battle where the two vampires fought, well you're looking at one of them,” she pointed to Alucard, he just smiled.
“Incognito is dead of course, Alucard killed him and Seras was one of the soldiers defending the tower. These two have been asleep for the last 70 years, so some of you might not know about them. Now why they are here. I don't know about you but I'm sick and tired of reading the reports where men have died needlessly. Yes there is a war going there with the freaks. You and I both know the freaks have got harder to kill and they're multiplying like a bitch. So I've decided like before as my ancestors did, to fight fire with fire. And that's where Alucard and officer Victoria come in. Alucard has been fighting the vampires, ghouls and freaks with the Hellsing Organisation for at least the 500years,” she heard Alucard say in her head `700 actually'.
“700 years then whatever.” She said looking back at him.
“And officer Victoria for at least the last 100years. So you got to admit they've been doing this for awhile and that's why they're here, to fight alongside you guys and to make sure any of you don't die needlessly. I for one want to have been to my last funeral of a good man or woman who didn't need to die. They both mean you no harm and I expect that in return. If I hear that any of you for no reason shot or hurt Alucard or Seras for no reason, though I doubt that you could hurt them, however if you do I won't be very happy. I may be 17 but I have a mighty temper and a huge mean streak to back it up, so don't push me. And the same goes for the both of them aswell, so that means I can still shoot them and they'll still live. Now if any of you have a problem with any of this or you don't fully understand, my advice to you is learn how to properly understand English and or suck it up. This is the Hellsing Organisation, not the army and we do things differently here. Now if any of you have the guts to complain to me on such trivial matters, my door is always open. Sinclair, it is to my knowledge that Hellsing main tactical force unit has just lost their captain, correct?” She asked him.
“Yes sir, Captain Allen died a few days ago. I have yet assigned a new captain.” He said knowing where this was going.
“Yes, I knew Captain Allen, he was a good soldier and will be missed. However Officer Victoria,” Lillian asked as Seras reported in front of her.
“Yes, sir Hellsing.”
“You have been in active employ of the Hellsing Organisation for nearly 50 years correct.”
“Yes that sounds about right sir.”
“Very well then. You've been promoted, to captain and you will head the first tactical unit in place of Captain Allen. I will be leaving the lives of my men in your capable hands.” She stated to her. Seras just looked flabbergasted and didn't know what to say.
“Yes sir.” Was all she could. Lillian turned back to the rest of the troops and said,
“All except the first tactical unit are dismissed.” There was abit of commotion when all of them saluted again to her and headed of to their normal shifts and what not. One team only remained behind. Lillian walked up to them with Sinclair and Seras in tow.
“No doubt you all have ears and you just heard that captain Victoria will be your new Captain and I hope all of you will take this as an opportunity to see a real vampire in action, not the pathetic freaks we fight now and you wont be killed as easily with her around as it is to my understanding that it is you guys who suffer the most fatalities. However to make this transition easier I will also be allocating a human commanding officer for this unit who the rest of you will be able to speak to and work with if you are… uncomfortable with Captain Victoria. That person will always report to Captain Victoria and let me make it clear that Captain Victoria is in charge of this unit and not the second commanding officer, you will follow and listen to Captain Victoria's orders. Do I make myself clear?” Lillian asked them.
“Yes sir.” They all responded.
“I'll leave it to you to decide who the second commanding officer is. Well Captain Victoria they're all yours. Report to me when you have finished meeting them all and they have decided who the second officer is.” With that she turned around and left. She then called out to Alucard, who was leaning against the wall of one the walls of the motor pool,
“Alucard, meet me in my office.” He nodded and disappeared. She then looked up at Sinclair, who was walking next to her,
“Well what do you think? How'd I do?” she asked him.
“Well I'd say you've pissed off half of them and scared the rest, but they'll follow you. You'll no doubt earn their respect soon enough.” He replied to her. She let out a sigh of relief,
“Thank God. And what do you think of my decision about the vampires?” she also asked.
“A good one. I know what it was like when they were here, and I was waiting for you to wake them up. I full heartily agree with you and I too do not want to attend another funeral for a good soldier that died needlessly.” He replied simply.
“How did you know about the vampires?” she asked curiously.
“Well for one all you need to do is look at the records and two your father told me.” He stated.
“Oh, well I'm glad at least another person agrees with me, it means a lot to me.” She said as they walked up to the manor.
Chapter 8:
Lillian walked into her office to find Alucard staring at Integra's portrait again and just left him to it. She went over to her desk sat down then remembered something, now where was it she thought. Alucard looked over to the see what the commotion was about when he saw Lillian looking through her desk again with that confused expression on her face. How anyone could look that confused baffled Alucard to no end. Knowing that this, whatever she was doing would take awhile he turned back to look at Integra's portrait again. (5 min later.)
“Ah ha! Thought you could get away from me didn't ya? Well not this time pal, your mine.” Exclaimed Lillian looking proud. Alucard looked over again to see his new master opening up to what appears to be some kind of lollypop. Alucard just stared at her. A lollypop. After taking over 5 mins she went through her whole desk just to find one lollypop. And to top it of with a look like she just won some huge battle. Lillian saw Alucard staring at her.
“What? I'm entitled to a sweet tooth. I like lollypops.” She said sounding defensive. Alucard just smiled at her.
“Oh shut up you. Go back to brooding over Integra's portrait.” She said.
“I'm not brooding.” He remarked back.
“Are too.”
“Are not.” Alucard said walking up to Lillian.
“Are too!” Lillian said now standing on her desk so she could at least reach eye level with Alucard.
“Are not!” Before the situation could climax any more Seras knocked on the door.
“Are too! Enter.” Lillian finished.
“Captain Seras Victoria reporting sir. Master.” Seras saluted to Lillian then nodded to Alucard. She noticed that Sir Hellsing was standing on her desk glaring at Alucard who was glaring at her back. Ok she thought.
“Report captain.” Said Lillian now sitting on her chair.
“Ah yes sir. I have made contact with Hellsing's first tactical unit and they have chosen officer Anders to be the second commanding officer, and is that a lollypop in your mouth sir?” she asked. Alucard smirked.
“Shut up you. Yes, do you have a problem with that officer?” said Lillian ever so nicely.
“Oh, no sir, no.” Seras exclaimed shaking her hands.
“Good. Now Anders, Anders. Nope, don't know him. Computer bring up personnel file. First tactical unit officer Anders.” A computer screen popped up from the middle of the desk and brought up the file that was requested. She skimmed over his file, yeah he should do fine.
“No problems with the squad?” she asked Seras.
“No sir Hellsing, they seem like a good bunch.” Seras replied. Lillian twitched at the `sir Hellsing' part.
“Captain Victoria, let me give you the heads up. Don't under any circumstances call me Sir Hellsing. You can call me lady Hellsing, or lady Lillian or sir at the end of an order, but don't call me Sir Hellsing. I'm not a man, nor am I knight. I'm a lady and that is my title.” Lillian heard Alucard cough at the part where she said that she was a lady and yelled at him,
“What! So now you don't think I'm a Lady now is it?”
“You do lack certain…etiquette.” He replied simply.
“Etiquette! Stuff you! Etiquette be damned!” she yelled at him, banging her fist on the desk hard.
“Point proven.” He replied with a smile.
“Why I outta… I can act the why I damn well please nor do I need lessons in how to act like a lady from a snot-nosed, OUT DATED DRESSED, STICK UP HIS ARSE, PATHETIC ACCUSE FOR A GENTELMEN, LET ALONE A VAMPIRE! Unless there's something you're not telling us Alucard about your sex? Hmm.” Yelled Lillian now standing on her desk again. Alucard looked at boiling point. How dare she emphasize that he was not fully a man! Not to mention insult him as a vampire.
“Now, now master, lady Lillian. Lets not lose our cool and just settle down, breathe in and out. Count back from ten and let's start again shall we.” Seras said softly trying to break them apart before they decide to kill each other. Alucard and Lillian just glared at Seras fiercely. Alucard just turned around and went back to stare at Integra's portrait. Lillian just stuck her tongue at him and licked her finger and pointed it to the air. Point to me she thought and went back to sit on her desk and suck her lollypop smiling. Phew Seras thought, that was a close one.
“Did you want anything else Lady Lillian?” Seras asked.
“Umm, let me think.” She thought.
“Do you still have our weapons around somewhere?” Alucard asked.
“Ahh your weapons of course. Let me see. Computer search and locate the vampires Alucard and Seras Victoria stored weapons.”
Searching. Weapons found.”
“Display.” A screen now popped up on the desk with the location of their weapons.
“Why they're right in front of you Alucard.” Lillian answered.
“Computer open safe of Integra's portrait.”
Password, Lord Hellsing.” The computer asked.
“Do it now.” Lillian said stating her password.
Affirmative. Opening safe.” Integra's portrait swung forward and revealed a safe door, which opened also. Lillian jumped up and went over to open the shelf.
“That's a most amusing password.” Alucard said to Lillian.
“ Yeah well no one would guess it and it suits my mood when dealing with technology. Ok lets have a little looksee shall we.” Lillian said with the lollypop still in her month, she then rummaged around to see if she could see their weapons.
“This will take awhile.” Alucard said to the police girl.
“I heard that.” Lillian said.
“Ah, found them, you ungrateful…(mumbles off.)” Lillian said under her breath.
“Ok we have one Casull, nice weapon, we'll need to update it.” Lillian took the gun, aimed it and pretended to fire it.
“Yes definitely nice. Obliviously yours Alucard.” She said passing it to him.
“Ok next we have, ooh this is nice too. I like it. The jackal.” She picked up the weapon one handed and lifted up her other arm to put under it and aimed and pretended to fire again.
“Obliviously yours again Alucard. Now I know why you wanted your guns back. They're bloody good. With a few updates and modifications they'll be even better.” She said to him handing the gun over to Alucard. He paused for a moment with his guns in his hands before putting them both in his jacket. Oh how he loved his job. Seras couldn't believe Lady Lillian could actually handle the guns, she was human after all and how she was even able to point and hold the gun and hold it steady, let alone aim and pretend to shoot it. She is a Hellsing. Seras heard her master say in her head. Well that just answers my question she replied back. Alucard just laughed.
“Is there a joke I'm missing?” said Lillian to them both.
“The police girl was just shocked that you could handle my guns.” Alucard replied. Seras just stared at him. It was not a happy stare, she was not pleased.
“Right. And what did he say back to you Miss. Victoria?” Lillian asked Seras.
“Only that you were a Hellsing.” Seras replied.
“Oh and that doesn't answer your question.” Lillian asked looking at Seras.
“No, not really.” Said Seras being honest.
“I'm a Hellsing Seras, my family have been fighting vampires for centuries and in that time most of us have become hunters, so we're born like that now.” Seras just stared at her still confused.
“You'll understand in a few days. Now last but not least, whoa, this so can't be your weapon Seras. This is magnificent. The Harkonan Cannon, a true piece of art.” Seras just stood in amazement as she watched lady Lillian lift the cannon out stand it up, then hold it, aim it and pretended to shoot it like she did with master's guns and she did it with ease and saw no strain. Walter could barely lift it.
“Oh I like this. Walter was a true master of guns. It fires to types of bullets right, well missiles actually I suppose.” Said Lillian still holding the weapon looking at Seras.
“Yeah it does, comes handy in tuff situations. Isn't heavy Lady Lillian?” Seras asked wanting to know.
“Of course it's heavy, I may be small Seras but I am strong.”
“Oh.” Said Seras still confused.
“Any way here you go. Go and see Vincent for the updates and or modifications and he will give you bullets aswell. Now have I missed anything, you guys got everything?” Lillian asked.
“I'm right.” Said Alucard.
“Yeah, fine.” Said Seras still confused.
“Good then. Ok, computer close and seal safe. Now run along you two and get ammo upped. No doubt you both will be going on a mission tomorrow so you'll need bullets. Need anything else I'll be here. Oh can you tell Vincent I'll have my supper now, thanks. Ok paperwork here I come.” Said Lillian pretending to roll up imaginary sleeves.