Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 17 ( Chapter 19 )

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Chapter 17:
Lillian had sheathed the wrist knife again once she was far, far away enough from the MT. A shiver ran through her body. She did not like doctors, medical centers and especially needles! She would be a stone, cold, lifeless, corpse before she let anyone stick a needle in her. When captain Roberts saw Lillian approaching him, he stood up in attention.
“At ease Captain, take a load off. Report.” Lillian asked solemnly. Roberts sat down in the ambulance again.
“All enemies were destroyed. Clean up crew are in there working in the theater now. We lost two good men and several were injured. Most of them were sent to the hospital. They should be fine in a few days. I don't know the true count of the civilians that were lost sir but we got all the bastards and may they burn in hell.” Lillian nodded in agreement.
“And what about you Roberts, how are you, no offense but you look like shit.” He looked up at her and laughed.
“Nar I'm fine. But what about you sir you don't look too hot either.” Lillian smiled.
“Yeah I don't think I'll be winning any beauty contests at the moment but I'll be fine, thanks.” Lillian and Roberts shared a moment and Robert's then became serious.
“But what happened out there sir. I couldn't believe it. These freaks were hard to kill, harder than usual but then they all just seemed to drop down dead at our bullets like they became terribly weak or something. I don't get it. We had ghouls coming out every where like it was a setup.” Lillian looked out into the distance.
“It was a setup captain. There was a master vamp in there with the freaks and ghouls.” Roberts jaw dropped down.
“There was a vampire in there? I real vampire, a true undead, not one of the chipped freaks bigging themselves? What happened, is it dead?”
“Yeah it was and yes it's dead. It was a setup to flush me out. He just wanted to kill me but hey what else is new. What happened to you guys when the lights went out?” Lillian asked.
“Lights went out? I don't know what you're talking about sir, the lights never did go out.” Lillian looked at him in disbelief. She remembered quite clearly before might I add I got my head smashed in that the lights went off. I remember being blind as all hell. Lillian looked extremely confused. Alucard entered her mind then and answered, Vampire dark mind games, master, abilities that true nosferatu use. A light dawned. Ahh so that's what it was. Roberts just looked at her, what just hit her? Alucard walked out of the shadows and walked up to Lillian, he pulled something out of his pocket smiling ever so wickedly.
“You forgot your lollypop master for being such a good girl and facing that mean nasty doctor. Though I don't think you really deserve it, pulling a knife on him like that. Tsk tsk master, you almost made him wet his pants.” Roberts looked up at her not really getting the whole picture here. Lillian whirled around, pulled out her handgun from her back and shot Alucard three times, one in the head, in the heart and one abit down lower if you get my drift.
“Suck on that Alucard.” Lillian whirled back around and headed to her car. Nodding at captain Roberts.
“See you back at the manner, report to my office when you get there captain.” Roberts stared in disbelief, totally dumbfounded and moved his hands instinctively to, cover himself with Lillian walked past and feeling Alucard's pain and winced, that gotta hurt. Alucard went down on his knees laughing his head off regenerating himself. Boy did that hurt too. He looked at Lillian receding form and said,
“Stubborn, good aim, vindictive and bloody trigger happy. Ah reminds me of the good old days.” Alucard started laughing again.
At the sound of gun fire soldiers and MT's came running to see what else had happened now to only find a Alucard laughing his head off while lady Lillian walked calmly away and Captain Roberts covering himself.
When Lillian got back at the manor Vincent was in a state of sheer and utter distress.
“Nearly killed! Serious injuries!… real vampires…trap…setup…what the yell do you think you were doing!? Nearly killed…you're going to give me an ulcer, I can see it now. And where were those bloody vampires that are supposed to protect you and kill the vampires!?” Vincent panting all the way through it. Lillian wasn't really listening and didn't really care, she had survived and dusted the vamp's arse and that's all that mattered to her. The way my life is now I gotta live day by day. Lillian's thoughts deepened. Vincent was still babbling on and when Lillian reached her office she closed the door on Vincent.
“Yes, yes thank you Vincent, call me when Captain Roberts arrives.” Lillian shut the door on Vincent's face, him with wide eyes. Lillian leaned on the back of the door, breathing in and out. She thought for a moment she was in shock of some sort. She felt cold and distant, not really feeling anything. Someone could tell her a family member had died and she wouldn't have felt a thing. Lillian got up and started walking towards her desk. She looked to her side and saw Integra's portrait she walked up to it and stared, deep in thought. Whoever painted her portrait did a damn fine job. Integra was smiling, not a joyful smile but a secret smile, a small smile. Her eyes a cold striking blue, with a fierceness, a look `piss me off and die.' Lillian looked away and started walking to her desk again, that was until she saw herself in the mirror to the left of her desk on the wall.
“Shit.” She said with feeling. The bruises on her face were in full force and her face as puffy as a balloon. Lillian walked up to the mirror and sighed. Her head looked like it had an egg on it. She lifted her shirt to see bruises all down her side and ribs. Isn't it funny that nothing really hurts until you've seen it yourself? Like your brain has to register it with sight before it realises yep I'm damaged all right and that's when the pain kicked in. Lillian's head throbbed painfully and her sides and bruises ached in pain. Lillian stared to feel dizzy so she hobbled if you could call it that over to her chair and mercifully sat down. She could feel her concussion kick in again and almost wished for the doctor again. Almost being the key word here. Lillian thought she might doze off abit with her com link signaled and started beeping.
“Yes?” she said groggily. Vincent came on screen.
“Lady Lillian, Captain Roberts is here.”
“Thank you Vincent, send him in.” Vincent nodded and logged off. Lillian strained trying to sit up more and not so slumped before Captain Roberts came in. There was a knock on the door and Roberts entered.
“Sir.” He said and saluted. Lillian nodded and turned all of her attention to him.
“At ease captain and report.” Roberts gave a full report, Lillian really didn't get much of it due to her increasing headache but didn't worry about it too much as this would all be on paper. When he was finished Lillian nodded slightly as it hurt to move her head a lot and spoke.
“Captain I'm issuing your whole squad a 2 week respite with full pay. After tonight's events they deserve it. Go tell your men to see their families or go away somewhere for a holiday or something ok. After tomorrow I don't want to see any of you here until 2 weeks ok. Dismissed.” Captain Roberts nodded and started walking out towards the door.
“Oh and captain, you and your team did damn good tonight. You've successfully defended the crown and England. You should be proud, you've got a damn good team there.”
“Yeah but it's a shame we couldn't save all those people in there though.” Said Roberts and he walked out. Lillian head flashed onto the bloody scene and thought of the little girl with big blue eyes that would never be bright again.
“Yeah” she said as a sadness surround her heart.
“You can't save them all master.” Alucard said walking from the shadows. She looked over to him,
“Yeah, but I can damn well try.”
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