Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 18 ( Chapter 20 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 18:
Lillian sat back down at her desk, there was always more paperwork to do. I'll finish you all one day you bloody paperwork. Lillian thought shaking her fist at her desk. Then we'll see who has the last laugh. Alucard just stood there watching Lillian, amused as all hell, man she was better than watching that idiot box humans call TV. He watched her ruffle through her desk trying to find something, which after a good five minutes turned out to be another lollypop. How someone could look so pleased with themselves for finding a lollypop continued to baffle him to know end, but Lillian could do it. Ahh, success! Thought Lillian as she unwrapped the lollypop and threw the wrapper behind her. Vincent will clean it up. She rolled her shoulders back and turned her neck side-to-side trying to relieve some of the tension throughout her body. Her shoulder was killing her! And her head throbbed like there was no tomorrow. Lillian didn't want to think about the many bruises that covered her body, they would only hurt more.
“You're so stressed master.” Alucard said.
“Comes with the name and responsibility, no doubt one day soon I'll have heart problems and high blood pressure. Oh yeah and thanks for adding to that.” Lillian replied sarcastically.
“Always welcome master.” Alucard replied. Lillian just rolled her eyes.
“You're so tense master.” Alucard said walking up to her. She looked over at him.
“And you're still here… because?”
“Ah the affection and love I get from you master.” He sighed out.
“If you want “affection” and “love” why don't you get it from your servant, I bet she's dying to give some to you, cause you're gonna get none from me buddy boy. Now why don't you be a good little vampire and go off and do what you ah… normally do. Yes.” Said Lillian trying to make sense of her last sentence. She then went back to looking at her paperwork in front of her trying to ignore him.
“True I could master but that would defeat the purpose of why I'm here.” And what I could do to you. He added silently to himself. Lillian gave him no answer so he decided to do something the doctor suggested him to do. He went behind Lillian desk and started massaging her arms and shoulders. When Lillian realised what he was doing, which didn't take long she let out a loud yelp and jumped up quick as lightning stood up from her chair, jumped on her desk, lost her lollypop somewhere in between and jumped off the other side. Alucard was much faster than her and was already over the other side of the desk when she reached it, in front of her again.
“Alucard in the name of God what the hell do you think you're doing!?” She yelled at him.
“Helping you master. The doctor said I was to massage your shoulder everyday day and night, rub this gel on your bruises (he pulled it out of his coat pocket) and ensure you were put to bed, right about now actually.” He said with a smile on his face. And other stuff he thought to himself, which only made his smile widen. At the mention of the word `doctor' Lillian's eyes became silts and she said very slowly and venomously,
“I would wipe that smile off your face if I was you Alucard.” But of course he only just smiled more and laughed.
“Now, now Lillian, be a good little girl and let uncle Alucard take care of your injuries.” He said very playfully and pointed his index finger at her repeatedly. Lillian did not like that at all and if looks could kill, Alucard would be dead as a doornail by now.
“Watch what you say vampire. For they may be your last.” Lillian replied. Alucard just smiled very wickedly and started moving towards her slowly. Lillian started to feel frightened, she only had her knife on her and she was too weak at the moment to fight him off and he knew it. Damn it! Lillian thought. So Lillian did the only thing she could do before she could reach her gun.
“VINCENT!” Lillian bellowed at the top of her lungs.
Vincent heard her loud and clear. What a voice. He thought trying to clear his ear out as it was still echoing. She had talked into the inbuilt mike in his ear. Sigh, what has happened now?
“I swear vampire if so much as come near me I'll shoot you with the most holiest bullets ever created by man and shoot you some where very important to a man repeatedly until it doesn't grow back! And don't think I wont too!”
“Honestly master. The doctor said you had to have it or you could risk going into a coma.” Oh that's it thought Vincent as he heard the load voices coming from Lillian's office. The word doctor did it for Lillian and she ran over to her desk and whipped out her guns and started shooting at Alucard. When shots were heard everyone in the manor went in the opposite direction. They had learnt the hard way how to be smart. Vincent was about to do the same when…
“VINCENT GET YOUR ARSE IN HERE NOW!” Vincent sighed again in defeat. At least she had run out of bullets. Any small blessing is good around Lillian.
Nope, not yet. She found some more ammo. Vincent thought and hung his head down. Please if someone loves me up there let her not have the shotgun.
“Please master your acting like a child.”
“News flash vampire, I AM A CHILD! And I can bloody hell act the bloody way I bloody want to! Now touch me and die!”
Vincent walked in at that time. Yep shotgun in hand. Why me. Vincent pleaded looking above. Why me? Vincent watched the scene before him. The bullets Lillian kept firing out shot up the office. Alucard dodging nearly every one of them while trying to inject a needle into her, the doctor had also given him to knock her out and Lillian dodging him while shooting him at the same time. She was fast to go head to head with Alucard. But she was also tiring very rapidly. Alucard would win and very soon. However at that time oblivious to the events happening Seras choose that moment to phase into the middle of the room.
“I did it! I finally did it! Master I can faze in and out now!” Seras said excitedly clapping her hands together. The next thing she knew she was dodging a bullet headed toward her. She fazed again to the side of the room and saw the scene in front of her. Definitely not a good time she said to her self and fazed out again not seeing Vincent's desperate plea for help. Only Vincent had noticed Seras entrance and hasty exit.
“You are going to take your medicine master whether you like it or not!” Alucard yelled at Lillian. He was getting pissed as she had shot him a few times and it had bloody hurt.
“Over my dead body vampire. If that needle even touches my skin I swear I will lock you up for the rest of your undead life until you grow to be an old man!” Lillian yelled back at him with a few more shotgun blasts aimed at him for emphasis.
“But I will never grow into an old man master.”
“And that's my point!”
Lillian had then fully run out of bullets then. Damn, what the hell do I do now? Lillian was suddenly hit with shot of total pain in her head and all she could see was darkness. It was only for a second but it staggered her. Lillian then saw Vincent and ran over to him to hide behind him.
“Vincent stop this vile creature and protect me.” Vincent looked shocked for a moment. Lillian was clutching his sides like he was the last thing she had.
“Cowering behind a human now master? And here I thought, how do you say it? Oh, I can take care of my bloody self. I'm pretty sure that were your words.” He started laughing manically.
Bloody vampire Lillian said under her breath. Vincent said trying to calm the situation down and not let it get too out of hand without any one getting hurt, mainly him.
“Now, Now, Lady Lillian, Alucard. What seems to be the problem here?”
“He's trying to stick a needle into me that's the problem.” Lillian said in a girly voice, hiding behind Vincent head sticking out pointing at Alucard.
Alucard put his hands up to the air and rolled his eyes. Why me he thought. Of all the masters why did he have to have her? Integra was bad enough.
“Yes the big bad vampire was trying to give you your medication that the doctor told me to give to you so you wouldn't worsen your condition and fall into a coma. You're acting childish Lillian.”
Vincent now understanding the situation decided what he would do. Please oh god let me live through this and see next week, or at least tomorrow, he wasn't picky.
“All right then this is how we'll do this…Now Alucard!” The next thing Lillian knew Vincent had whipped around and bound her arms and legs in his wires. Lillian lost track of time and next thing she sees is Alucard in front of her and the needle piercing her skin. The medication kicked in immediately as it hit her bloodstream and the world started spinning and going out of focus. Lillian looked at Vincent and Alucard totally drugged up and pointed to them and said.
“I'm going to get you and you and your little dog too.” And started laughing and giggling and the same time.
“Bang, another one bites the dust.” She said also pointing a pretend gun at them as she hit her knees, still laughing her eyes rolling back into her head and she hit the ground unconscious rolled over and started snoring loudly. Seras chose to come back at that time as she was watching the scene of events, but at a safe distance and said,
“I hope she didn't mean me and if she anything like Integra she's going to be pissed when she wakes up.”
“Yes no doubt she will be.” Vincent said looking down at Lillian.
“Normally people look content or cute, peaceful even when they're sleeping but she just looks down right scary.” Seras said looking at Lillian who was on her side, breathing loudly but with a smile on her face, the one that you knew she was thinking very wicked and painful thoughts and you prayed it wasn't about you. It was not a smile you wanted to be pointed at you. Vincent replied thinking the same thing.
“Indeed.” Alucard starting laughing again, he usual sadistic laugh that sent grown men running into the night screaming in terror. Both Seras and Vincent looked at Alucard, yep he was as mad as her aswell. Alucard looked down at Lillian and thought, what a wicked little demon child and smiled to himself. Oh what shall tomorrow bring?