Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 32 ( Chapter 30 )

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Chapter 32:
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Lillian was sitting at her desk in her office; Alucard was leaning against the wall with his usual smirk on his face without his hat and glasses. Grace was sitting in the chair opposite Lillian. Lillian was staring at her friend and hadn't spoken for a few minutes. She was making Grace sweat it out so to speak and Lillian could feel Grace's uneasiness from her as she sat and constantly looked around the room. Grace knew she had done something wrong and practically guilty was written all over her face.
Lillian looked at her friend from childhood opposite her. Grace was the complete opposite to Lillian, in looks and personality. Lillian had long white blonde hair and blue eyes. Grace had short black hair cropped in the latest style (which involved numerous weird colours all through it.) with hazel eyes leaning into green. Grace was taller than Lillian but hey, who wasn't. Grace sure beat Lillian in the ability to be ladylike at the flick of a switch. Through school Grace had always been the more popular and desired by guys while I guess you could say Lillian had the brains and kept away from people. Lillian was the fitness freak with Grace being the one who was always `sick' during sport days or during gym. Grace always seemed to have it easy, while Lillian had it hard. Grace always seemed to well in the boyfriend department, Lillian's being non-existent. Grace was surprisingly a neat freak, while Lillian had never cleaned her room or tidied up something in her life, except her guns and weapons that is. Lillian's greatest downfall being that she was extremely slow witted when it came to jokes and `other' subjects while being sybaritic and all over the place in her personality, a real hot head at times. Grace always seemed to come off as cool and collected and could always seem to talk herself out of nearly any situation. Despite all this they had been best friends for years, ever since they were five years old.
On the tenth year of their friendship, they celebrated their ten years of being friends by buying each other a necklace. Lillian bought Grace a gold pendant of the sun with Lillian's name engraved on the back. And surprisingly Grace had bought Lillian a silver pendant of the full moon with Grace's name on the back, the pendants themselves were twins. They were both beautiful necklaces and most treasured by both of them.
Lillian could see Grace now fiddling with hers, no doubt to subconsciously remind Lillian that they were friends and of their friendship. Lillian was also currently wearing hers. Lillian smiled at this. That was Grace for you.
“Tell me Grace, my dear loyal, trustworthy and honest, friend. What were you doing down in the dungeons, when I asked you not to go down there? Hmm?” When Lillian spoke, Grace jumped at the sound of Lillian's voice as her thoughts were else where as she looked in a particular direction, that being Alucard of course. She turned back to Lillian smiling hesitantly.
“I ah, I got slightly lost and you know how people seem to travel southward when they're lost. It is a big house.” Grace said a matter of fact. Lillian smiled at this; Grace always tried to talk her way out of every conflict. Lillian folded her hands together and with a nice smile replied.
“Grace, this place was like your second home growing up. Being two years away wouldn't change that. Also southward would be towards the back of the manor towards the grounds.” Grace huffed at this and crossed her arms in front of her annoyed she wouldn't win this time.
“Alright, alright, I went down there to search for him.” She said pointing with her thumb at Alucard while she looked the other way. Lillian nodded her head and continued on.
“So what was so important that you went against my wishes and warnings that you had to go searching for Alucard down in the dungeons?” Grace smiled her own little smile at this and answered.
“Well Lillian I decided to take your advice from last night and go ask him myself. I was still curious about him and I wanted to hear more about what my friend had been up to these past few years from another person. I'm human so sue me.” She ended with a shrug. Lillian stopped smiling now. Damn it! She knew that outburst would come back to haunt her. But then she thought of something, something really devious and cruel and started smiling again.
Punishment for Alucard. She would allow Grace to talk his ear off and ask all the questions she wanted with a few ground rules for him to follow of course.
Master you wouldn't! She heard Alucard say in her mind. Oh but she would! Lillian knew Alucard would hate it more than simply to get shot. Grace would hammer him with questions and flirt with him and flaunt her, ah…wears. To Alucard, Grace was just an annoying human and didn't care for her infatuation with him. He would just use her to get a rise out of Lillian. But it would also annoy him more that would not be able to drink her blood for one and kill her when she finally pisses him off enough. Lillian thought some more and moved on. It was petty and pretty sad to use her friend this way, but worth it. She was human also.
“Very well Grace after this we'll arrange a time and place for you to speak with Alucard. However it will not be tonight, as that will be apart of your punishment for you earlier behavior towards Seras. Also in allowing this you must promise me that you will not enter the dungeons anymore for whatever reason. Do I make myself clear? This meeting also has to be alright with Alucard.” Lillian turned to Alucard now, deviously smiling daring him to say no. Alucard glared at her back while Lillian smiled sweetly at him.
“As you wish” Alucard replied. He'll find away to turn this against her. If he has to suffer, Lillian will suffer as well. Grace had stars in her eyes and couldn't wait.
“Yes Lillian perfectly clear. I can wait another night. Alucard must have other important stuff to do. Wait a minute, what's this about punishment?” Grace went all serious now.
“Why for your earlier behavior. I am the head of this house now Grace and such behavior is not tolerated. Don't worry Seras will also be punished.” Lillian stated.
“But Lillian it wasn't my fault! She attacked me first!” Grace pleaded on.
“Grace, Seras is military trained and would not have attacked you without some provocation, much provocation. I also know you have a bit of a mouth on you.” Grace couldn't say anything to that.
“Any way I best advise you to stay away from her from now on. Ok to best determine your punishment I want you to tell me exactly what happened.” Grace had a sour expression on her face now with her legs and arms crossed, pouting while sulking at the same time.
“ I can't believe you are punishing me Lillian, I'm older than you for Christ's sake, not to mention friends do not punish friends!” Grace whined.
“You are only older by a couple of months Grace. Besides, I'm more mature than you.” Lillian stated a matter of factly, head held up high. Grace dropped her jaw. Alucard started choking.
“Shut up you.” Lillian seethed at Alucard. Grace finally came to herself.
“More mature? Ah Lillian I think I beat you in that department cause lets face your still a virg…” Grace laughed but was cut off at the end by Lillian.
“Hey, hey, hey, hey. I don't want to hear it, I'm emotionally scared enough with your…other personal side life. Besides that doesn't count. And we are not debating that here, nor changing the topic to my personal life, existing or not. I am master of this house and this house has rules that must be abided by, by all who enter. You have broken those rules and therefore must be punished. I still love you though.” Lillian replied with a smile at the end. Graces eye slightly twitched. Lillian was scheming something and she knew it, no doubt using this as an excuse for getting out of something but what? Grace was thinking to herself.
“Now go on with your story about what happened so your punishment can be decided.” Lillian stated. Heh Lillian already knew what her punishment is. Not nightclubbing, dancing or boy shopping tonight, yeah! (Does a little metal dance.)
And here I thought you couldn't sink this low master. Alucard stated in her head.
Shut up you, or I will allow her to go out tonight with YOU as her escort, heh, heh. Lillian replied. There was no answer from Alucard to that.
Grace huffed and finally gave in.
“Fine then. I went down to the dungeons in search for Alucard. I just happen to get a bit lost down there as I had never been down there due to your father would never allow us. As I was wondering around, I just happened to run into Seras. We were not pleased to see each other and she demanded why I was down there. I said what's it to you. We said a few words. I suppose I got a bit ugly, the girl can't seem to take a few insults and well a few more later, she slapped me and I defended myself and well you know the rest. Do you want to know the exact words?” Grace drawled on. Lillian smiled at this, she had personally seen Grace in action with the insults she can through at girls. No doubt she insulted Seras intelligence and body most likely, with throwing Alucard at her some more. That's Grace for you. Grace had done this all her life and no one would touch Grace or retaliate because of the power and position her family gave her.
“No that's fine Grace; I can only imagine what you said to her but let's never again have a repeat of this incident. Do I make myself also clear on that?”
“Whatever.” Grace replied. Lillian knew that was going to be as good as she would get from Grace and left it there.
“Now Grace have you sustained any injuries during your little tousle with Seras?” Lillian asked. Grace rolled her eyes.
“Nope, I'm just peachy.” Grace replied with a smug look on her face, like Seras could hurt her thought Grace. However her hair and head really hurt with no doubt a headache coming and her skin still slightly stung were the bitch had slapped her. Grace also thought she was going to bruise where the bitch actually punched her! No doubt the girl was a bloody tomboy for all she knew, Grace thought.
Lillian smiled at this and knew she was lying. Lillian could still see the red on her face from where no doubt Seras had slapped her. Lillian remembered when Seras had knocked her out, God that hurt for a few days, headaches and all.
“Good. Well then as for you punishment you are to be locked in your room for 24 hours, one whole day and will not be allowed out till tomorrow night. Vincent will see to your needs and there well be no restrictions for what you want to do or use in your room. However this also means that nobody except either Vincent or myself is allowed in your room or sees you during your punishment. This also means that we will not be going out tonight. It will have to be tomorrow. So consider yourself officiously grounded girl. Any questions?” Lillian was smiling at this; she didn't have to go out tonight! Yeah! That meant no clubbing or dancing cause she sucked at it and no `boy shopping'! Life was good at the moment, life was good. Grace was shocked with her mouth hanging from her face. Grace was in disbelief. Her friend was grounding her and the cow was younger than her!
“But, but…” she stammered.
“No buts. This is your punishment and it will help insure you do not do it again. I have a house and order to keep Grace.” Lillian now turned on her com-link at her ear and called for Vincent.
“Vincent can you please see me in my office to escort Grace to her room. Thanks” Vincent answered Lillian as he always had it on, unlike Lillian who only turned it on when it suited her.
“I will be there shortly my lady.” And with that he was. A minute later saw Grace grumbling off with Vincent towards her room. Lillian was smiling like a chestier cat once Grace left the room. She and Grace had fought some more while they were waiting for Vincent but Lillian won in the end. Alucard got of the wall and went to stand in front of Lillian.
“Well you sure dodged that bullet master.” Knowing her thoughts. She smiled up at him.
“I sure did.”
“You seriously aren't going to allow that human to actually talk with me master. Rule one after all.” Alucard stated. Damn straight she was. She was about to tell him that when her com-link sounded. It was Commander Sinclair.
“Go ahead Commander.” She answered.
“There has been another freak attack in Northern London. Multiply targets with ghoul support and civilian casualties. Recommend sending Alucard Sir.”
“Very well.” Lillian ended. Lillian looked up at Alucard.
“We'll talk about this later Alucard. Why don't you vent some of your frustration on some freaks. I'll be just sending you and a clean up crew. Oh and also take Seras with you.”
“Humph. They are only target practice master. Why Police Girl, weren't you going to confine her to her room also?” Alucard asked.
“I was but I've decide for now it's best to get her out of the manor and no doubt she has some of her only frustration to vent because of Grace. The last thing I need is an irritated vampire around the house, no sorry two irritated vampires.” Lillian answered looking up at Alucard. She added in the last part when Alucard gave her an annoyed look. Lillian went on.
“Oh, I'm going to have to ask you about her recent behavior lately also but now go and have you both report to me when your mission is complete. See Sinclair for debriefing and Alucard do try to have a little fun.” Lillian answered with a smile. Alucard just huffed at her.
“Yes master.” And he started to phase through the floor. Lillian stood up and said one more thing.
“Oh Alucard and remember, smile, you have a wonderful tomorrow coming.” Alucard half way through the floor, his hat and glasses appearing on his head and stated his parting statement.
“As do you master. I'm going to love watching you dance.” Lillian glared at him and Alucard laughed the rest of the way down.
In Northern London, Paladin Alexia Anderson sat in wait. The trap had been set and everything was prepared and ready. Tonight she would have her revenge for her father's death and that vampire's head on a silver platter. Without Bishop Theodore here to stop her she'll have no restraints. The vampire will burn in hell for his crimes.
“Come now vampire. Come to your impending doom. Don't disappoint me now.” She laughed full and loud, she gripped her father's swords and made a cross.
“In the name of my father, the true Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.”
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