Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 34 ( Chapter 32 )

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Chapter: 34
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Lillian slammed on the brakes. Seras screamed in white knuckle fear and shock.
“This is it.” said Lillian with a crushing in trepidation.
She and Seras had been driving around the lower industrial area of London; searching, ever searching for Alucard. Lillian couldn't feel Alucard any longer since she heard him cry out to her. She could still feel the seals, but they seemed to be weakening or something. They just felt … different now. However, she could sense nothing else. She couldn't see him in her mind, contact him, or even feel his presence at all. All she felt in the void …that space where Alucard was supposed to be but wasn't. There was this type of white noise, a dull buzzing noise in her head. She was being blocked somehow, which should have been impossible; she was his master, his keeper, wasn't she? She should be able to contact him no matter what.
But what irritated her the most was that this feeling that she was getting back was familiar somehow; like she knew what was causing it, but couldn't seem to access the information in her mind. Damn it! It was right there, but she couldn't reach it. And if that wasn't enough, a huge headache was forming in her head.
“I can't think, go away!”
Lillian just sat there. She had slammed on the brakes, but for what reason? Seras said he was further up ahead.
But he is here…
“He's around here somewhere?” Lillian whispered, slightly spaced out.
Seras couldn't believe what Lillian had just said. She was breathing heavily, which was really pretty stupid, as she didn't need to breathe. She was clutching her chest tightly, like she was having a heart attack or something. Why the hell did Lillian brake like that!?
When Seras finally settled down, she thanked god she was wearing a seat belt. She was a strong believer in them, undead or not undead she sure didn't want to go flying through the windscreen, that's for sure. She looked over to Lillian who was staring straight ahead, her hands clutching the steering wheel tightly. She seemed distant, yet a determined look was in her eyes.
“Ah, Lillian…?” Seras asked hesitantly.
“He's somewhere here, with her.” She whispered back, though it really seemed she was mumbling to herself.
“What are you talking about Sir? Alucard and I were attacked a few more blocks ahead, not near this warehouse.” She exclaimed, looking around where they currently were in the district. Lillian then bolted straight up, eyes wide and yelled…
“He's here!”
She jumped out of the car and started running towards the nearest warehouse. Seras not knowing what to do hopped out of the car herself and ran after her.
“Lillian are you sure Alucard is here, I mean…” Seras yelled out to her.
Lillian quickly spun around and faced Seras, her eyes a cold ice blue in the night.
“This is Alucard we are talking about Seras! This is his life at stake! Do you really think I would go on a wild goose chase if I weren't 100% certain in my judgement! Do you?!”
And with that she continued running towards the warehouse at full speed. What more could Seras do? She ran after her.
Lillian had now reached the door of the warehouse; the gut feeling that he was here growing deeper. Her headache was growing worse with each thought. It was like something in her was guiding her to him, a part of her that knew where his was, but had nothing to do with the seals, of this she was sure. Alucard was here, somewhere, but here.
As Lillian touched the doorknob a great pain tore through her heart and she dropped to her knees, still holding the doorknob as she cried out in pain.
She breathed out heavily, panting almost as the pain subsided.
“Lillian!” cried Seras.
Seras yelled out to Lillian after seeing her fall. She approached Lillian in order to see if she was ok and to help her up; but Lillian simply snarled at her, like a wounded animal sensing danger. Seras slowly backed off.
“I'm fine Seras, there's no need for your concern. We are fine.”
Lillian whispered the last part out. Something was wrong with Lillian Seras thought. She didn't sound like herself any more. Lillian stood up on her own before briefly turning to Seras; then she opened the door, and ventured on. Seras gasped and took a small step back as she caught a glimpse of Lillian's face, her eyes. She couldn't believe what she thought she just saw.
Did I? Was that?
No it couldn't be. Lillian was human, but her eyes… No it was impossible; it must have been a trick of the lights. No human eyes looked like that. They didn't shine like, like… No it just couldn't be. All this about master is just getting to me. Seras thought.
Lillian walked inside, ignoring Seras completely. Seras to a last look around before following her inside. Her anxiety escalated, the thing was, there were no lights on outside.
“Does it hurt vampire?”
Paladin Alexia Anderson asked him softly, whispering her words against his face.
Alucard raised his head slightly, looking into her cold green eyes. She did look like her father, the Judas Priest after all; green eyes, slight Scottish accent and blonde hair. He could almost see the Judas Priest through her. However she would never be like him, he at least fought with honour and dignity and it was always fun to demean his pride. It was a shame he had to kill him though. He just didn't have any more fun after that, losing his best toy and all.
However the priest's daughter had none of these qualities he had possessed, she practically cheated after all. She fought with no honour, no dignity, and no belief in her powers. No she just simply used them to her own advantage. He was almost at the point of laughing at himself for the situation he was in, and yet, still he smiled at her.
When Alucard had woken up after collapsing earlier, he found that he had been moved and was now chained and bound to a wall. Paladin Alexia had literally crucified him to it. Her bayonets were imbedded, one in both hands, arms raised to his sides, one in each foot, legs together and lastly one where his heart was supposed to be, no doubt just for good measure.
Silver blessed chains across his body held him tightly against the wall. Some old scriptures bound him there also. The blessings around the room, prior to his, `crucifixion' were still in place effectively weakening him. They were similar to the ones she had used on him before, but not as powerful.
She must of dug deep to find those ones.” he mused to himself.
He got the feeling that the paladin did a very naughty thing and that she was using forbidden holy magic above her station. Alexia was also slowly draining his blood from his very veins. Bags of his blood were on display before him, just to the side, in the corner of the room. He had now lost just over half of his blood, including the blood that was still dripping from the wounds he possessed. These wounds he could not heal due to the blessings that were in place.
The great No-life King Alucard was completely defenceless and powerless to protect himself. It would have been funny; if it wasn't so serious and life threatening to him, but he smiled anyway. His power was slowly being sapped away from him.
The irony! He mused.
He who had done this to countless humans, vampires and freaks alike; draining their blood away for food or for fun, and now it was being done to him. He could no longer feel Lillian, nor contact her in anyway. The holy magic prevented this and so his powers were still sealed behind the level one seal. To release his powers and remove the seals, he required a word-spoken command from his master. However, all communication with Lillian was lost. Alucard chuckled to himself as he though of her. Lillian herself didn't even know how to fully release his vampiric powers. At this thought, he tried to laugh, but only coughed up more blood. Alucard said nothing to Alexia. He just stared at her, with that same smug “I know more than you and you'll never beat me” grin. “Bloody vampire!” swore Alexia.
She yelled at him and kicked him in his ribs for emphasis. Blood spurted out of Alucard's mouth, as that she had broken a couple of his ribs. Alucard merely continued his pretentious smiling as he licked up the remaining blood around his mouth. He looked over to the bags of blood that contained his essence. He sneered at the thought that he was like a lab rat whose parts were on display for public viewing.
“Tell me girl, just what do you plan to do with all those bags of my blood? Hmm? Want to become a vampire yourself? I would have been more than happy to help you on your way to damnation; but then again, you are already doing a most wonderful job on your own, aren't you?”
Alucard laughed at her. His mocking laughter sent into a rage and she kicked him in the side again, right into the side with his broken ribs. Alucard flinched in unbearable pain, but continued on grinning manically at her. Alexia on the other hand, was quivering with white hot rage.
“I…would…never…become…like…yo u…you…abomination of HELL!” She yelled.
Alucard merely laughed at her and she bare knuckle backhanded him across his face.
“Now vampire lets try this again. Does it hurt?”
She was closer to him now, her fist pushing against his broken ribs.
“I've always wondered if monsters like you feel pain, remorse, regret and…fear.” She whispered the last bit against his face once again.
Alucard still smiling back answered,
“Are you supposed to be torturing me girl? If you believe this is pain and horror, your so-called fear you speak of that you are so generously giving me now, you are sadly lacking in imagination and knowledge my dear. I've faced far worse, endured far worse, such horrors that not even nightmares dare show it to the human mind in fear of insanity. But then we both know much about insanity now don't we, must be hereditary.” Alucard was mocking her now.
“So we do, so we do. Well then vampire, I guess I'm just gonna have to get more creative now, aren't I? I promise you tonight vampire, you will yield to me. You will scream for me, you will beg for me, and repent for every sin you've ever committed, before I finally send you back to the Hell in which you were spawned from.” Alexia stated.
“I've always loved a bit of slap and tickle between enemies. I suggest you start with skinning the skin off my hands. That's always painful fun, an old classic. However, that takes real talent and skill, in which you sadly just do not possess. All well. But I've always been a fan of impaling people on spikes and watching them slowly die before my eyes myself. Oh how they quivered.” Alucard replied, still smiling of course.
However, now Alexia was smiling.
“What an excellent idea vampire. I've always wanted to skin a vampire alive; you'll feel pain, but will not die. Perfect. Oh and as for experience and skill, well, we just have all the time in the world, don't we vampire? Let's see if you will quiver…” Alexia spoke, now sharpening her knives.
“Simply wonderful…” Alucard whispered out, his smile widening, exposing his fangs.
Lillian was now jogging with haste down a long hallway in the warehouse. She was aware that Seras was following closely behind, but didn't really take any notice. Lillian knew she was close to him now, somehow she just knew. Somewhere deep inside her, something was guiding her to him. And she knew she felt something, something was growing inside her, a type of anger that had been awoken. And all the while, in the back of her mind, she could still here the little girl smiling and laughing.
“Argh! Go away!” Lillian growled out loud. She had stopped jogging now and held her head in her hands.
Her head was now throbbing as she held it.
“Lillian? Are you ok?” Seras asked hesitantly.
Something was really wrong with Lillian. She kept on growling to…to… herself? Humans aren't supposed to make that kinda sound, could they? Lillian seemed to be fighting something, but what? But what ever it was she just kept right back.
Master.” Seras thought on, she hoped they weren't too late. Please be all right master. But what was wrong with Lillian? She just didn't know what to do.
Lillian was growling some more to herself, always mumbling `go away'. The pain finally subsided and Lillian straightened up. She was smiling now. She couldn't hear the girl any longer.
“I'm fine Seras, just peachy.”
Lillian finally answered and continued on now walking instead. A total cold calmness seemed to radiate from her. Seras paused for a moment, Lillian didn't sound like herself at all. She felt and sounded so cold and mean now.
“What had happened to Lillian?
Seras continued on following her, but stayed a bit more back from this `new' Lillian.
The pain Lillian had felt earlier in her chest was gone now; it had felt like someone had put a stake through her heart when she had touched the doorknob, however it still slightly lingered.
Lillian looked down at the weapons she was carrying. Damn it! Her shotgun was still in the car! In the rush to get out, she had accidentally left it in there! Even though it was her favourite weapon, she still had on her, her two handguns, one in her shoulder holster, and one in the middle of her back. Her short sword was down her back and her twin knives, one in each boot. Lillian paused again.
“Seras, do you have your cannon on you?” she asked Seras.
“Ah, um no Sir, I had left it at the manor in the rush to get here. I only have my standard issue handgun on me.” Seras answered sheepishly.
Damn it! Why did if forget my weapon? Seras asked herself.
“That's ok Seras, it would have only got in my way anyway.”
Lillian answered looking back at Seras, smiling before continuing on down the hallway. Seras stopped herself.
`Master?' she thought.
Lillian was acting really weird, kinda like how master acts. And that smile she was now giving, it was so like master's, it was just creepy. But what frightened Seras the most now was Lillian's eyes. She could swear that she could see flecks of red in her blue eyes, like before when they were outside at the door to the warehouse. But that was just impossible! Lillian was no vampire! However, maybe Lillian has a different relationship with Alucard? A Different one, from what Integra and Alucard had? Seras thought trying to rationalise the idea.
“Seras, are you coming?” Lillian asked, slightly annoyed as she was still walking down the long hallway.
Seras shook herself from her thoughts.
“Yes sir!”
Seras answered and rushed up to catch up with Lillian.
Why was Lillian just walking? Shouldn't they be running due to the urgency of the situation? Seras was asking herself, though she dare not ask Lillian, not with the way she is acting now.
As they kept walking on, Seras could feel the air getting heavier. There was this great …pressure that was weighing down on her. Seras began to pant, her chest was tight, and this feeling that she was getting, reminded her of the pressure that she felt when she and Alucard were attacked.
“We're close! He's here!” Lillian yelled.
She grabbed Seras' hand and started to run deeper into the warehouse. The growing pain that Seras felt was tremendous now. She and Lillian were panting, gripped by a great and crushing pain in their chest. A sudden wave hit them as they got closer, and Lillian released Seras' hand as they both fell to their knees.
`This was it!' Lillian thought. Her head was throbbing again.
“Get out! Get out, get out, get out! I can do this! I don't need your help!”
Lillian was yelling to herself. Seras was on her knees, looking at Lillian. She was going through another one of her attacks. Was Lillian a skitso or something?
“Lil…li…an…” Seras whispered out as she could hardly breathe not that she really needed to nor could Seras speak. Breath seemed so hard to produce.
Lillian seemed to stop for a moment and started to settle down after awhile.
“Shh… It's ok now.” Lillian whispered.
Lillian rose to her feet now. Seras stared in wonder. Wasn't she just in pain like herself a moment ago? The pain was becoming immense and Seras wouldn't be able to take in much longer. Seras started to whimper in pain and curl up in a ball. Lillian looked over to Seras and bent down, extending her arm and hand out to Seras. She was smiling, but it was a nice smile this time, a warm smile. Seras was looking up at Lillian. She looked different again. What was this? Was it herself who was really losing her mind?
“It's ok now Seras. I'm not here to judge you. We have to get going now.” Lillian spoke to Seras softly.
Now that Seras was looking at Lillian more. Lillian was still smiling; but her smile was kinda sad. IT was like she was in the grip of loss, but still standing strong, like she was someone else.
“Li…?” Seras tried to speak Lillian's name but the pain was too much now.
Seras couldn't speak, she couldn't seem to breathe, or exist in the area she was now occupying. Lillian was still crouching down on her knees, her hand outstretched to Seras.
“Take my hand Seras. Alucard needs us, needs you.” Lillian spoke.
Master? Alucard? Master!
Seras remembered Alucard contorted in pain when they were attacked and how he had protected her; when he could have saved himself. Master. He needs me, Seras thought on. He had always been there for her in his own way; but he needs her now, needs her help. She would not fail him. She needed to be strong for him, as much as for herself.
I'm coming master.
Seras grunted in pain at the effort, as she raised her arm up to reach Lillian's hand. Lillian was still smiling that sad smile of hers. Seras stretched her hand and arm out as far as she could go, and finally clasped Lillian's hand. Seras was looking into Lillian's eyes now and they were bright blue, no red flicks, but a blazing blue that she had only seen twice before.
“Don't let go Seras.” Lillian whispered and raised them both up.
Lillian looked down the long hallway now, looking far off. Seras was staring at Lillian, totally bewildered. She could breathe again and the pain was gone. Seras couldn't take her eyes off Lillian.
`Who, what, was she?'
Lillian looked across to Seras again as they were relatively the same height and she smiled that sad smile of hers again.
“All better now?” Lillian asked Seras.
Seras could only nod.
“Good. We haven't much time Seras. Remember don't let go.”
Lillian started running, with Seras still clutching Lillian's hand, as her last lifeline on this earth. They ran down the endless hallway, hand in hand. Lillian was turning left and right at every turn, it seemed, she knew where she was going. Seras saw bits of paper suck to the walls here and there, imbedded with a knife. Seras shivered to herself as she tried not to dwell on the past. They must be near now. The papers seemed to glow brighter as they passed.
Seras clutched Lillian's had tighter, she was still trying to think through what had just happened. What was it with Lillian? First she was her normal self in the car, then she became really cold hearted and cruel and Seras swears she saw red flecks in Lillian's eyes, and then when they were both hit by that pain? What was that even? But then Lillian seemed to change again. She seemed more kind, but now she was smiling that sad smile of hers. Her eyes still that blazing vibrant blue. What was it with Lillian? Seras mused on. Even if Lillian was, heaven forbid, a skitso (multiple personalities) that wouldn't change her appearance so suddenly in any way, would it?
Seras thoughts drew back on the past, when Integra was the head of Hellsing. Just what sort of a relationship did Master Alucard have with Integra? Integra got married though, and with her husband begot an heir. That is why Lillian is even here in the first place. But there was that one incident when Integra was still with child…
“Seras, we are here! Prepare yourself!” Lillian yelled, shaking Seras out of her thoughts.
They had stopped in front of a door. Practically glowing white by the scriptures that were imbedded in it.
“Right!” Seras answered, steadying herself, still clutching Lillian's hand.
Even though Seras was holding Lillian's hand, she could still feel the growing pressure and heavy air around them, and she dared not let go. Lillian kicked open the door and they ran into the room. The stench of blood was thick in the air. Seras's eyes landed on the first thing she saw in the room.
“Dear God…” Lillian whispered at the sight that befell her eyes.
“MASTER!” Seras screamed.
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