Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 35 ( Chapter 33 )

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Chapter 35: (Kindly edited by my dear friend Mslcats )
“Seras no!” cried out Lillian.
Seras wrenched her hand from Lillian's and began to run to Alucard's side, but before she could even reach him she collapsed and fell to the ground. Once she had let go of Lillian's hand the building pressure had hit her, like a semi truck hitting a brick wall at top speed. She had tried to scream, but couldn't. She raised her head to Alucard once more and tried to reach out to him. Her vision was doubling from the shock to her system as she saw her arm, her hand reaching out to him.
“Ma…s…ter…” Seras mouthed. Not even a whimper escaped her lips. She saw Alucard chained against the wall, his head hung low. She…she… she had crucified him! His clothes were as rags, ripped and sliced from his body and his blood was splattered everywhere. The Paladins bayonets had pierced him in his arms, his legs, and his heart…
Master, Alucard.
Bloody tears fell from Seras eyes as she continued to stare at Alucard and still she could not reach him, her hand still reaching out for him. The scriptures started to glow brighter and Seras clutched herself tightly in a little ball. The pain, the agony was tremendous and still not a sound came from her lips, her eyes only for Alucard.
“Well, well. It seems we have some uninvited guests. Though it's a wonder she still lives. Any normal vampire would have crumbled to dust by now. It will be fun watching her slowly die though. Vile creature.” Paladin Alexia spoke with disgust as she spat on Seras. She turned back to Alucard now, totally oblivious to Lillian who was still standing there in shock.
“I hope you're watching vampire, will you feel anything as she slowly dies before your eyes. The pain must be tremendous and you can't do a thing about it, can you monster? Ha, no you can't. Look how she pitifully still tries to reach for you. How utterly sad really.” Alexia kicked Seras hard in the side. Seras mouth opened in response to cry out, but still not a sound.
Lillian had been watching all this, as if frozen in time while reality played on around her, until she finally snapped.
“How dare you defile God in such away! Priest you are an abomination before the house of God!” Lillian yelled.
The priest now turned to Lillian and laughed.
“How dare I? How dare I? You say? You have no right to speak you little wench. I am Paladin Alexia Anderson, daughter of Paladin Alexander Anderson and tonight my vengeance will be complete. I shall destroy everything that the vampire once held dear and then finally kill the forsaken murderer of my father. Justice will be fulfilled tonight and for all the pain, grief and suffering this vampire put me through I will give back to him a hundred fold!” The paladin spoke, her bayonets now pointed to Lillian. It was Lillian's turn to laugh now.
“You fool!” she laughed at the paladin.
“Why do you laugh girl, I'm about to kill your precious vampire before your very eyes! Tell why you laugh! I am no fool!”
Lillian started to slowly walk towards the fallen paladin. Lillian's eyes began to glow a bright blue and a sad smile appeared on her face. The paladin started to back away,
“Those eyes, where have I seen those eyes before?” she yelled out to no one in particular.
“You are a fool fallen priest. You are no paladin. God does not accept you into his house. Though you may have once been anointed as a priest, you are fallen now and soon to be forsaken yourself. Judgment has come fallen priest and the crimes you have committed now shall weigh heavily on your soul.” Lillian spoke ever so softly as she continued to walk up to the fallen priest. Alexia held her bayonets closer to her body as she still backed away.
“Stay away from me! Don't look at me! Those eyes. Don't look at me with those eyes! I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!” she yelled. Lillian stopped now, her head tilted to the side slightly.
“There is no grief, nor pain, nor sorrow that grips you over your father's death. There is nothing except the will to give pain and the thought of vengeance that grips you.” Lillian closed her eyes and sighed.
“You do not fall under my jurisdiction, your judgment is not this day fallen priest.” Lillian's eyes snapped open now, her eyes glowing more fiercely than before.
“Though I can not stand idly by and let this monstrosity continue! These scriptures that you have stolen are of ancient origin and were forbidden to ever be used by one such as yourself and therefore you have broken that law. How the Vatican has fallen.” Lillian spoke in disgust.
“How, how…did you know? No matter. The Vatican does not even know I have them or that I am even here!” Alexia yelled back.
“Really? For that crime alone you should be excommunicated. But I have no interest in the Vatican. Your vendetta against these two vampires ends now! Never again shall you speak the words of God fallen priest! Though your true judgment is not this day, your punishment for your crimes you have committed here is now!” Lillian's eyes began to glow like twin blue flames and she raised her palm, arm outstretched now facing Alexia.
“Let your soul be blinded and speak no more fallen priest! I bind you Alexia Anderson and I bind your soul for this night hence forth!” she yelled. The scriptures began to glow bright blue and Seras started screaming endlessly. Her voice was finally unlocked and she screamed for herself, the excruciating pain she was going through and for Alucard.
Lillian began to whisper some long forgotten ancient tongue and a wind, like the voice of ten thousand whisperers ancient and old, seemed to pick up from nowhere in the room, swirling and swirling, like the very air was being stirred by the hand of GOD, and it was directed towards Alexia.
“Stop it! Stop it I say! Go away! Go away! I'll kill you! I'll kill all of you!” she started to run towards Lillian, but the wind kept pushing her back.
The wind built up more and more and the scriptures were ripped off the walls, as if by unseen hands reaching out from within the vortex as the whirlwind rampaged its way throughout the room. The scriptures fell to the floor and crumpled into dust.
“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” yelled Alexia, as she spun around looking all around the room.
The holy magic was gone now. It was just an ordinary room in a warehouse again. Seras slowly raised herself to her hands and knees. It was gone. The great painful barrier was gone. Seras took two very determined breathes as she tested the air. She could breathe and speak again. She looked over to Alucard once more who was still bound by chains and crucified to the wall.
“Ma...s...ter?” she croaked out loud, her voice still strained from her constant screaming before.
She started to crawl towards him. She finally staggered to her feet and ran to him. When she finally reached him, bloody tears were streaming down her face once more. She pulled the heavy chains that bound him off him and threw them to the floor.
“It's ok now master, everything will be alright. Lillian is here now and she'll take care of everything, you'll see.” Seras spoke, almost sobbing with the effort to get him down.
Alucard labored as he started to raise his head up slightly. He had been drifting in and out of conscious for quite some time now. He was starting to feel better now though. Like a great pressure had been lifted off him. He was still very weak though; he needed blood before his wounds would begin to heal. Wait a minute; someone was unchaining him, speaking to him. Lillian?
“Li... ll...ian?” Alucard mumbled out.
Seras paused.
“Yes master, Lillian is here for you. I'm here for you as well Alucard. It's me Seras, you know your Police Girl. Everything is going to be ok now.” Seras answered, relief flooded through her body. He'll be ok. He'll be ok.
Alucard raised his head up higher and looked at the person who was speaking to him. He knew that voice.
“Se…ras? Pol…ice Gi…rl?” Alucard whispered out. Seras smiled and choked back another sob as she laughed.
“Yes master it's me, your Police Girl. I'm here for you ok. I'm… (Sob) I'm going to pull out the bayonets now ok (Sob). It's going to hurt ok.”
More tears streamed down her face as she prepared to pull the first bayonet out from his hands. Alucard's head fell down low as he whispered out to Seras,
“I'm glad you're here Seras. It's …it is good you came now. She was about to skin me alive. Heh, I know how you can't stand violence very much. Strange though, a vampire not enjoying violence, I suppose that's why I like you so much Seras. Such a strong spirit…”
Seras paused for a moment after hearing his words; tenderness touched her heart before she came back to herself and readied to pull out the bayonets. She didn't know if she would have neither the strength nor the will to pull them all out. But she had to be strong, Alucard needed her. She pulled out the first one. Alucard grunted in pain before his mouth opened and blood from his lungs came out. Seras closed her eyes as she reached for the next one.
The fallen priest was still staring around the room. The scriptures were gone. But that's impossible! No one accept, accept them… could possibly do what she just did. Alexia looked over to Lillian who was still standing there, her eyes continuing to glow softly in the dark warehouse, not as brightly as before. A small sad smile on her lips and her long platinum blonde hair held in a loose braid.
Those eyes of hers? Why does she continue to look at me like that with those eyes of hers? Why…?
Alexia flashed back on what Bishop Theodore spoke to her earlier,
(Start flashback)
Alexia she must come to no harm, do you hear me?” Theodore spoke, as he faced Alexia from his desk at the Vatican.
Alexia was in Bishop Julian Theodore's office; they were in the middle of a conversation.
Why do you care so much about the Hellsing wench bishop? She means nothing to us. Her pitiful organization that she has inherited is nothing compared to us. They only hinder us in our plans and those abominations she houses are an insult to God.” Alexia answered.
Julian simply nodded his head.
That may be Alexia however she still must not be harmed. She is special, one of nine. I didn't believe it at first, but after further study it proved true. So it cannot be rectified. Tell me Alexia have you heard of Deaths' judgment? No, actually I suppose you wouldn't have. Either way she must not be harmed in any way. We need her Paladin Anderson. The Vatican needs her. She is needed for our plans. With the awakening of, Mother Dearest we need all the help we can get.” Theodore spoke. Alexia merely shrugged.
Whatever, why she is so important to us I really don't care nor why we would need such a wench for our plans, but that's not my problem now is it? Just as long as she doesn't get in my way, I won't harm a little hair on her little head. The vampire is the one I want.” Alexia turned around and started to walk out of the bishop's office.
Alexia, be weary of this hatred that spawns in you. Do not let your vengeance consume you. You will only meet a terrible end.” Theodore stated.
Whatever.” Was her answer as she reached the door. Bishop Theodore called out to her one last time.
And Alexia. If you do so happen come across her path once more, don't piss her off. You just might find judgment at your doorstep. And she doesn't accept no for an answer.”
Alexia paused for a moment taking in his words. She opened the door and left the office. Senile old man.
(End Flashback)
Alexia was remembering his words more clearly now. The bastard! What did he mean by that, at the end, about judgment? That small smile on his face at the end. She looked back over to Lillian and Alexia felt something she had not felt in a long time…fear. Those scriptures, she could've never been able to do that.
“Just what the hell are you?” she asked Lillian, bewildered.
Lillian only smiled that small sad smile of hers.
“I'm sorry; sympathy will not be given to one such as her.” With that said Lillian's head fell back and she sort of slumped a bit before she started to laugh now, cold and cruel. Her head snapped back up again as she continued to laugh.
“With the little girl now gone, and her, I get to come out and play. Though the bitch gives me such a headache.” Lillian rubbed her head with her hand as she cracked her neck from pushing it side to side.
“I get such a crick in the back of my neck you know.” She spoke out before looking at Alexia again.
“What am I you asked fallen priest? Well how does one answer a question such as that if they do not even know the answer themselves? Hmm?” Lillian started to walk slowly towards the fallen priest, still smiling that cold, cruel smile of hers.
Alexia took and step back and gasped. Her eyes! Her eyes! Lillian still continued to walk every so slowly towards her.
“Tell me fallen priest, when you were supposedly torturing my Alucard, did it make you feel special? Did it make you feel proud?” Lillian spoke on. Lillian's eyes had once more changed to her normal blue but with red flecks incased in her irises.
“Vile demon!” Alexia spat out. Lillian stopped now and smiled more widely. Her head slightly tilting back.
“Really? Come now fallen priest where's that anger, that hatred for my Alucard. That vengeance you kept speaking of, your pitiful retribution. To get to Alucard you first have to defeat me. But how will you defeat me without your holy magic? Hmm? You are forsaken now fallen priest, she…we…I, made sure of that.” Lillian started to laugh again.
Alexia cringed back at that laughter, it seemed like it was coming from an insane person.
“I don't care what Bishop Theodore said, nor what the Vatican want with you; but I will kill you, you little wench!”
Alexia raised her bayonets and prepared to attack. She will have her vengeance. She could feel her anger, her hatred fueling her once more. After Lillian had attacked her earlier with that wind, she had felt empty afterward; but now with her anger and hatred back she felt stronger than ever before. They felt like a warm friends on a cold winter's night.
“Prepare yourself wench!” and with that Alexia started to run towards Lillian.
Lillian only smiled and reached down her back. She drew her short sword from its sheath down her spine.
“That's it fallen priest! Run towards me and attack me! Come on! Come on!” Lillian yelled, as she steadied herself for battle, her short sword held in front of her.
Alexia finally reached her and their weapons clashed against each other. The Chilling Clang reverberated through the warehouse. Lillian's short sword against Alexia's two bayonets. Both women, stared in utter hatred at the other. Low animal growls of wrath escaping both their lips.
The sounds of a fierce sword battle raging caused Seras to look over to where Lillian and the priest were fighting.
So it has begun…Lillian will make it all better.
She looked back over to Alucard. Just one more to go…
Lillian ducked, deflected and dodged Alexia's attacks. Their swords clashed once more and Lillian pushed Alexia off her and lunched her own flurry of attacks. Alexia was barely able to deflect or dodge Lillian's attacks. Minutes passed tick-tocking in eternity as they fought on. Alexia managed to push Lillian once more and they stood meters from each other at a shaky standoff.
Sweat was trailing down Alexia's forehead. She was panting heavily. Damn it! How can she be so damn calm? Lillian had been smiling the whole time as they fought, and she was still smiling now. Lillian wasn't panting, nor did she seem tired or exhausted from the battle.
“Come on fallen priest. Tell me that's not the best you've got. You truly are pathetic you know. And here I thought I was going to have fun tonight. I never get to come out and play.”
Lillian was pacing side to side, (like a vile cat toying with its prey), staring at the priest as she talked. Lillian stopped now. She readied her sword and was just about to lunch another attack when this massive pain hit her chest where her heart was. Her eyes flashed red before she looked over to Alucard. Seras had just pulled the last bayonet from Alucard's body, the one that was imbedded where his heart was supposed to be.
Lillian was bent over as she clutched her heart. She turned back to Alexia, but it was too late. Alexia saw this as a moment of weakness and lunched her attack. She had thrown one of her bayonets towards Lillian's heart and there was nothing she could do to stop it!
It was too late. The bayonet was headed straight for her and she had no time to dodge it or bring up her sword to block.
Time slowed in that instant. She saw the fallen priest's vicious smile and the sword that was flying through the air straight for her heart. It seemed she had all the time in the world to simply dodge the sword or raise her own blade; but at the same time no time at all, she was suspended in the moment.
Lillian screamed in her head.
“Got ya!” the priest yelled in triumphant.
The bayonet pierced Lillian's flesh and she screamed. Seras turned to the sound of the scream and gasped before screaming out herself,
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