Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 37 ( Chapter 35 )

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Chapter 37: (Kindly edited by my dear friend Mslcats! )
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Alucard had returned Lillian to her room. She would need her rest, now more than ever. Just in the distance in the back of his mind he could feel Her, Mother Dearest. He now knew that the previous power wave, that had attacked him and Seras, was actually the awakening of her when her being touched the mortal plain. Only vampires or highly gifted supernatural beings would have felt her presence. Normal humans would have felt nothing. However, what worried him the most was Mother Dearest's plans. Why hadn't she attacked or made her presence known to everyone? He had notice that the vampire activity had increased lately, and the freaks were also increasing in number. But they had not been attacking the human population as of yet. Was she waiting for something?
Alucard laid Lillian on her bed and put her under the covers. He just stood there looking at her, watching her as she slept on. She would be his. She is his and belonged only to him. Lillian was dreaming now and he wanted to enter her mind, but he could hear Vincent coming up the stairs. No doubt heading to Lillian's room to check on her. He did not need to be badgered with questions again like Seras had when he told her of his blood connection with Lillian. No doubt Vincent will know soon enough either by realizing himself or Seras telling him. So he left Lillian and her room and descended down into his own. Seras could keep her mansion room; he preferred his coffin and dungeon sanctum just fine.
Alucard sat in his throne like chair cross-legged, glass of blood like wine in hand. No doubt the pathetic Vatican bishop had believed Lillian's threat and all the Vatican had left Protestant soil, so he wouldn't get to play tonight. Though he really wanted to kill the fallen priest himself for what she did to him, however no doubt she would be dead before the dawn, though not by his hand. Alucard allowed himself to brood as his thoughts drifted back to the past. Back to a time with his Integra, back to a time when his plans had first been set in motion, as he himself waited for the dawn.
“Alucard, it has been confirmed. I'm pregnant.” Stated Integra as she stood staring out from her window her desk to the back of her, a cigar in hand, unlit and her arms crossed.
Alucard was standing just from the shadows, to the left of her, his normal attire on, minus his hat and sunglasses.
“I know.” He answered.
The two simple words seemed to whisper across the room echoing ever so slightly, yet they seemed to hold no emotion what so ever. Integra turned around at this to face him. A smile played across her lips as she walked over to her desk to sit down, cigar still in hand. Alucard's eyes followed her movements. When she was seated Integra went through her desk drawers for her lighter before she finally lit the cigar and took in a deep shuddering breath.
“Of course you would know Alucard. There is nothing of importance in this house which you do not know of.” Integra stated flatly.
She breathed out the smoke from her mouth. Alucard moved closer into the room as he stopped before her desk, before her. His own smile playing across his lips. Alucard's blood red eyes staring into her own ice blue.
“A lord must know what is going on in his own court.”
“You are no Lord Alucard and this is not your court. It's mine.” Integra stated, her eyes never leaving his. Alucard's smile only widened.
“Your… husband doesn't seem to think so. Such a small and weak little man he is. But then again we all see others and ourselves in different light. Or maybe darkness I should say.” Alucard answered back putting more emphasis on the word darkness as he stared into her eyes.
Integra's eyes flared before they became her normal ice blue once more. She decided to ignore that little jab. She leaned back in her seat.
“This does not concern… him.” She stated taking another drag of her cigar.
Alucard moved even closer to her now.
“Oh but it does Integra. It does. He is after all the father of your unborn child.”
He looked over to the cigar in her hand before turning back to her.
“So glad you're looking after its health, but then again you never really cared for your own.” He stated.
Integra looked over to the cigar in her hand before turning back to him.
“It's a new brand Walter has given me, new on the market. They are called something health cigarettes. Mine has been specially formed into cigars. They are supposed to taste and feel the same as normal ones though they don't have the same harmful substance in them like normal cigarettes. They taste disgusting though. But I need my vice now, now more than ever.” Integra answered him. Alucard nodded.
“So that is why they smell different.” He stated. Integra continued on.
“As for my husband Alucard, he, he…” Integra paused and looked away.
Alucard's head and eyebrow rose realizing what she wasn't saying.
“He doesn't know, does he?” Alucard mused. Integra was still looking away when she whispered out.
“No, no he doesn't. I haven't told Grantham yet.” Alucard started laughing.
Integra's anger rose and she slammed her fist on her desk.
“Stop laughing!” she demanded.
Alucard stopped immediately before he, himself slammed his own two fists down on her desk and faced her. His own face inches from hers.
“What's the matter Integra? Aren't you finally satisfied? Aren't you fulfilled? You have done your duty haven't you? You have served and protected your Queen and country to the best of your ability and then some. Wed the pathetic accuse for a human they ordered you to. Wed to a husband who demeans you constantly and wants to take control of what you have worked so hard all your life to achieve, to build. And now to top it all off his seed rests inside of you, now growing inside of you. Congratulations Integra Hellsing you have a bastard husband and an heir to your organization. So what is the matter Integra? Why do you now try to attend every freak battle? Why do you drown yourself in paperwork each and every night? You sleep in the library whenever you can and avoid him when ever possible. Don't you love your husband, Integra? Why do you hide? Or is it just…” Alucard declared and demanded before whispered his last sentence.
A fury had built in his eyes and they seemed to glow their bright, blood red in the dark, dim room. Integra just sat there in shock at Alucard's outburst. Her cigar had burnt out long ago as she sat there in thought of his words, before trying to answer.
“Alucard, I…” Integra stammered trying to formulate the words.
Alucard straightened up and looked down at Integra.
“But you will take it won't you Integra, like you have always taken it. You have given everything now and they have given you nothing in return. When your own Uncle tried to kill you, you took it. When you became knighted and head of the organization at such a young age, you took it. How you took their constant demands. How they demeaned you for being a woman and so you changed yourself. And still when they branded you and the organization as traitors you took it. When they sent you to jail, you took it. When they released you and told you, you would be marrying that pathetic accuse for a human being you took it. And now when they ordered a child out of you, an heir to your organization; you gave them what they wanted. You are now pregnant…”
Integra's own anger flared to life as she answered back,
“Alucard it was and still is my duty, my responsibility as a Hellsing to serve and obey my Queen and country. I am and will be till the day I die a servant of the crown. Everyone has to make sacrifices and endure hard decisions made for them during life. Even if they weren't just.”
Integra whispered the last bit, trying to some way justify the situation she was now in; to justify why she had endured such hardships, why she had suffered all her life. Alucard moved closer to Integra, his gloved hand brushing past her long platinum blonde hair. His voice was softer now.
“But what about you my dear Integra? Do you get no say in your life? Will you choose to forever be a servant to them till the day you die? What about your own wants and needs? Your own desires you wish to be fulfilled.”
Alucard continued to stroke Integra's hair as he whispered his last sentence seductively against her ear. Integra swooned for a moment as she heard his words and felt his will beat softly against her mind. The both of them were so alike and yet so different at the same time. They both had suffered as such during their life span. But she would never get to have her own desires fulfilled. It was just impossible. And so she allowed her eyes to close for the moment, remembering the moment of the small comfort he offered before she came once more to herself, to her sensibility, to her duty and her responsibility. She will also forever be a Hellsing.
“Alucard, what I want right now is for you to leave me be. My own wants, needs and desires as you put it mean nothing to the Queen and the Round Table Conference. What matters only that I perform my duty and fulfill my responsibilities. I am also married now Alucard and with child. Whether I wanted to be or not also means nothing. Furthermore I will not commit the sin of adultery. I am still protestant, my faith and the vows I made will not waver, just because it was not my choice, want or desire. It is bad enough that my husband already assumes that I've always had an `on and off' affair with you. Now know your place, you are dismissed.” Integra answered him turning her own face to look him in the eyes.
Alucard disappeared for a brief moment before reappearing in front of her desk once more. He bowed lowly.
“Yes, my master.” Alucard straightened himself up and began to walk out of the room, back to the shadows, his last comments being,
“Remember my dear master, that pathetic excuse for a creature on this earth, that you call your husband, has been waiting not so patiently as you've known and suffered these passed nights, for you to fall pregnant. He means to take over the organization and then do away with you after the birth. With the child still alive, he thinks he is able to keep me under control by the seals. Be careful who you talk to now and more importantly where, you talk.”
Alucard paused for a moment and looked back to Integra, her face as cool and solid as marble before he continued on,
“My offer is still on the table so to speak. Of course when or if you might say you're tired of being betrayed by the ones controlling your life. Being played like a mere puppet...” and he disappeared into the shadows.
Integra lit another `health' cigar as she pondered on Alucard's words.
“So my husband wants to kill me…”
You are a man Grantham, a man not a coward. The vampire can't touch you; we made sure of that before we married the Hag.” The small man mumbled out to himself at the entranceway to the basement.
What do you think you're doing?” a voice asked behind him.
Grantham jumped in shock almost falling down the stairs when the person spoke to him. After collecting himself, he turned around quickly to see who had dared startle him with his best glare showing. He hated them for being able to scare him so easily. He found Seras standing behind him, a sour look on her face.
How dare you vampire sneak up on me like that! What are you doing here? Speak!” Grantham shot out, composing himself.
He wasn't a very tall man but he was just taller than Seras, so he rose himself to his full height and puffed out his chest. Seras merely raised an eyebrow before answering.
Trying to get to my room, but you are in my way. Now move human before I move you myself.”
Seras couldn't stand the little human in front of her. Normally she didn't mind any human, but this human he… he just disgusted her to no end and no doubt the feeling was mutual by the way he treated and acted around her. Stuck up bastard. Grantham's eyes widened at her statement and he started to turn red with anger. Her behavior was appalling! Filthy vampire. Grantham yelled out in response,
Why you dirty little prat! How dare you speak to me in such a manner! Do you realize just whom you're talking too? Do you know who I am? I am Integra Hellsing's husband-” Seras rolled her eyes before cutting him short, retorting,
Yes that's all. You are just Sir Integra's husband. Nothing more. You have no title here small man. Now get out of my way human.”
Seras walked forward and pushed Grantham out of her way as she began to descend the stairs, she waved her hand saying,
By the way human, my master has not been in the best of moods of late. If you still wish to keep your puny head on your pathetic shoulders, I advise you not to disturb him. Stupid human.”
And she disappeared. Grantham stared down in her direction, spluttering in anger at being talk to in such a manner. His last comment echoing off the walls felt like they were echoing off the walls in his mind. Human, puny, pathetic, stupid…
Stupid Human? I'll give you stupid human you wench!” he yelled after her and marched down the stairs, his past fear gone.
When he reached the bottom of the stairs he found Seras gone. There was just this long hallway, lit only by a few lamps to the side. It was only darkness further on, but he still should have been able to still hear her, her footsteps. He was only seconds behind her but she was gone. All he could hear were water drops in the distance.
All well, he would deal with her later. When he became master Hellsing, unlike his wife, he would ensure every bloodsucking fiend was silenced. Every, single, one of them. But now he had bigger fish to fry tonight, so to speak.
Grantham took a step forward into the dark, dim hallway; but then stopped once more. He felt a weird prickling sensation down his spine. It felt like someone was watching him. Grantham then saw a shadow of something dart to the side of him out of the corner of his eye. Grantham turned sharply in response, only to find nothing there. A sound behind him made him spin around in the opposite direction. But still nothing was there. He could have sworn he heard panted breathing just now. The tingling sensation down his neck and spine was fear. My mind is just playing tricks of me. Grantham tried to theorize. Grantham then heard another sound, this time down the hallway, a big crashing sound. Grantham heart began to beat faster.
Is anyone there? Is that you Officer Victoria?” he whispered out in a small voice.
His voiced echoed down the hallway and Grantham hated himself for how small and frightened it sounded. Grantham was disgusted in himself even further as he found himself hunching, his arms held close to his body. Grantham was shocked at his behavior; he was a man after all, not a small schoolboy! He straightened himself up and held his arms to his sides, fists clenched. Let's not forget the reason you are here Grantham, he thought to himself. He would have the vampire's respect or he will lock Alucard away until the vampire rots!
Grantham began to walk forward again and ignored the eyes that seemed to be watching his every move, the shadows that seemed to shift and move and the continued labored panting, it was all in his mind he told himself. Hellsing would be his soon he reassured himself, as soon as Integra was pregnant, all he had to do was wait until the child was born and then… Grantham stopped dead. He had walked a far way down the hallway now as he had noticed many doors on either side of him. It was the smell that stopped him. The smell was putrid and it reeked of death and blood. Grantham could hear the water drops more clearly now, but they sounded even more heavier than any normal water drop. The shadows had ceased to move and the breathing had stopped. All he could hear were the heavy drops of what he thought was water.
Vampire are you there?” Grantham asked out into the darkness.
There seem to be no lamp along here. His voice still sounded weak and the smell had escalated his fear once more as his heart began beating faster. No answer came. Grantham started to become annoyed at being constantly ignored.
Vampire if you are there I demand you to answer me immediately!” he ordered, as he moved forward into the gloom of the dark hallway, forgetting the smell for the moment.
Grantham could see a dim light so he moved closer to it before stopping once he realized it was a suspended candle in mid air. When Grantham's eyes finally adjusted to the dim light Grantham stopped once more at the sight that befell him. Blood packets were scattered everywhere, some empty, some fully drained of blood, others still half full, ripped in places as the blood slowly seeped out like an open wound. The blood was everywhere, on the floor, the walls, the ceiling and on the furniture, if you could still call it that anymore. There was a small table and tall backed chair. Now however, both had been ripped into pieces clearly by inhuman hands and lay also scattered in amongst the bloodied hallway. Grantham could also see by the small candlelight that there were huge bullet holes or craters in the walls also. What in the hell had happened here? Was Grantham's first thought, as he viewed the wreckage and carnage that had become the Hellsing's manor's bottom basement. He knew it had been done in anger though, the destruction of the hall clearly showed it.
Who dares disturbs me?” a voice whispered out venomously.
Grantham's eyes darted from the carnage to where the voice had come from. He saw a dark figure leaning up against a wall, hunched in the sitting position on the ground, his knees up, arms resting limply on top. One hand however held a glass of which appeared to be a dark liquid. Its head was down and all Grantham could see was its dark long hair that trailed to the floor. Grantham sworn he had never seen it that long before. He took a deep breath and swallowed loudly.
Vampire, I need to speak to you and I have no time for your games.” Grantham spoke out.
He didn't know why he didn't notice him before when he took the hallway in.
It's because you're weak, your mind is small.” Alucard whispered out.
No emotion carried through in that sentence. It was like he was merely stating facts. Grantham took a step forward.
Now see here vampire. I will not have you speak of me in such a manner, do you hear me?” Grantham stated firmly pointing fiercely at Alucard.
Alucard merely raised his head to look at the little man that had disturbed him. It was Integra's pathetic excuse for a husband. The man was short than an average male at his age, just taller than Seras actually. Very pudgy almost, it seem the man had begun `to let himself go' so they speak. Very plain looking, nothing striking, it was one of those faces you wouldn't remember the next day. Brown eyes and light brown hair accompanied the average looking face. The suit he currently wore was brown also. The human wasn't supposed to be here though. Integra had ordered him not to go down here into his domain.
You're not supposed be here human.” Alucard stated, heat in his voice as he took a drink of his glass, which Grantham now noticed, was blood.
Grantham felt like gagging watching him drink the liquid, the smell of the room didn't help much either. A bad taste had developed on the back of his tongue now, from breathing through his mouth to try and escape the putrid smell. When he heard Alucard's statement, Grantham's eyes narrowed as he stared at the vampire.
I can go where I want, when I want vampire.” He answered shortly.
Alucard continued to stare into the crimson liquid, watching it twirl as he spun the glass slightly.
You were ordered not to come down here mortal and you have disobeyed that order. What shall we do with you, hmm?”
How dare you try and threaten me Vampire.” Grantham stated irritated.
You try my patience human. Do what you're told to do and leave now.” Alucard hissed out, now becoming annoyed.
Grantham still stood his ground retorting,
Nobody orders me around here vampire, not even Integra. You however don't know your place, as well as her, the little cow, my wife-” Grantham was cut short.
Alucard had thrown his glass against the opposite wall smashing it into a thousand pieces, more red liquid splashing everywhere. The next thing Grantham knew was that Alucard had him in a vice-grip hold by his tie and collar and had him pushed up against the wall, his feet dangling from the floor. It felt like his heart was pounding in his throat, his eyes were wide as they could be. Alucard held him from arms length and Grantham was staring right into his crimson orbs glowing in the darkness that had surrounded them.
Nobody ever insults Integra in my presence mortal!” Alucard shot out, growling in anger.
Though Alucard had not hurt him yet, Grantham knew violence was in the air. The walls were now darker and Grantham could see even darker things move around behind Alucard. Grantham didn't want to see anymore, but he remembered something. Alucard couldn't hurt him, the seals prevented that. Through this thought, he was able to push off the darkness washing over his mind and remember who he was, why he was here, and who he soon was going to be. Master Hellsing. He would have Alucard's respect whether Alucard liked it or not.
Alucard, release me this instant!” he demanded.
Alucard's eyes narrowed at being ordered around by the human. Alucard moved closer to Grantham now smiling.
Or what human? What could you possibly do to me?” Alucard queried, knowing it was nothing.
Mark my words vampire I am well protected. By the way many thanks for confirming it. Everyone knows you and Integra have been having an affair all these years, even now behind my back.” Grantham spat out.
Alucard started laughing madly. Grantham only grew angrier and through that anger bolder as he demanded,
Stop laughing vampire!” he yelled.
Alucard stopped suddenly and was right in Grantham's face when he stated,
Then they are all fools.”
Grantham's eyes narrowed.
Don't even try to deny it vampire! Now release me this instant vampire!” Grantham shouted.
Alucard's disgust in the little man was only growing as he pulled back.
Shut up, before I decide to kill you human” Alucard retorted getting sick and tired of the man.
Wanting to rip him into pieces for the rats to eat; Grantham however only smiled at Alucard's statement.
You can't. As I said before vampire I am well protected. If I die here by unnatural causes, underlined for example you killing me; Integra will be stripped of her title, her funding, her organization, her land and will be exiled forever from England. Signed by her majesty, the Queen of England. So you can't touch me Alucard, so release me now.” Alucard's smile only broadened and so Grantham's faltered.
So I can't kill you human. So what. I've actually seen that agreement Integra signed myself and nowhere did it state that I couldn't harm you mentally, only physically. I'm going to make you wish you were dead and that you never decided to come here and touch what is mine.” Alucard threatened.
Grantham's smile returned.
I bet you hate that vampire, don't you? That Integra is mywife. That I have full rights to her. That I get to fuck her.”
Alucard's eyes narrowed into slits, his grip tightening. Grantham knew he was walking a fine line here, but still he continued on.
While you can't do a single thing about it. I think you're all just talk vampire. You can't touch me, the seals prevent you from doing any harm whatsoever to me and you know it. By the way, when I finally to get Integra pregnant, which I will and soon, Integra will be ordered on maternity-leave, leaving me to run Hellsing. Which means I run you. I will have your respect Alucard and you will obey me or I will see to it personally that you be locked away for eternity or until you rot vampire. Whatever way is fine by me.” Grantham stated smugly.
He took great satisfaction when Alucard's eyes widened when he told him he would ensure Integra fell pregnant. Alucard began to growl darkly.
“Let's test that little theory of yours shall we?” he smiled wickedly.
Alucard looked straight into Grantham's eyes and paralyzed him from moving or speaking. Alucard continued on.
“There are many ways to truly hurt a man without leaving a physically mark and this one you're about to feel is one of them.”
Grantham was panicking now. Why can't he move his body? His limbs refused to move; all he could do was move his eyes around. What was this? What did Alucard mean when he said that? Fear had settled in deep now into his stomach as he watched Alucard slowly move closer to him. Alucard then extended his other arm and began to slowly reach down low, very low. Grantham's eyes widened when he realized what Alucard was about to do. He was screaming in his head and yet no sound escaped his lips. Alucard then, quick as a snake's strike, grabbed Grantham's crotch and began to squeeze. Gently first, before he began to slowly tighten his grip. Grantham wanted to scream in pain, but couldn't. The pain was tremendous and all he could see was Alucard smiling wickedly at him while he still tightened his grip. Alucard's eyes glowing with delight, his face surround by his long black hair that was moving in the background darkness. Tears were forming in Grantham's eyes as they began to stream out. Grantham was beginning to hyperventilate. Alucard was still smiling wickedly as he tilted his head laughing.
“What's this human? I feel no pain; the seals aren't crashing down me. I am hurting you, right?” he added ever so sweetly, squeezing just a little bit tighter.
Grantham's mouth finally dropped though still he was unable to make a sound, still in Alucard's grip both mentally and physically. Grantham felt like his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, he almost wished it to happen, anything to escape the pain and Alucard was still squeezing! Grantham instinctively began to open and close his mouth like a fish. Grantham was practically begging him with his eyes to let go. Alucard moved a bit more forward, placing his ear over Grantham's mouth.
“What's that human? Speak. I can't hear you.” Alucard laughed.
He moved back his eyes now boring into Grantham's.
“But wait, there's more. Let's see what else we can do, what else we can find. Shall we?”
Alucard took great pleasure in torturing the small man in front of him. He knew it was petty of him, but he felt like being petty at the moment, very petty. After all, this was the man that took Integra from him. It should have been hisright to take her, not the filth in front of him. Alucard felt Grantham's fear and reviled in it. The human's heart was beating faster and faster, like gigantic drum beating in Alucard's head. This was when he noticed however that something just was not quite right with it. Grantham's heart wasn't operating, as it should.
“What do we have here?” Alucard queried.
The human had a heart condition and one that he didn't know about. Perfect. Alucard then felt Seras approach him.
“What do you want Police girl?” Alucard shot out harshly.
“Master if you continue to squeeze the human's, ah manhood, he's going to explode.” Seras stated crossing her arms below her chest.
Her breasts were just too damn big to cross over her chest properly.
“And you say that like it's a bad thing Seras?” Alucard asked, smiling wickedly.
“Unfortunately, yes master. Though I really want you tear off what little balls the human has, Integra has that agreement with the Queen and the Round Table Conference. No harm can come to the human while he is with us. Though I would rather like to kill him myself, we can't.” Seras sighed out.
“Ooh, getting a bit bloodthirsty are we Police Girl?” Alucard asked, sniggering.
Seras merely rolled her eyes, knowing what Alucard was doing.
“No master and we are not here to debate how bloodthirsty I am. I would never be able to live up to your vampiric standards anyway. Now quit stalling and release the human. He does actually look like he's about to explode, for real.” Seras stated as she glanced over to Grantham.
Tears still continued to stream down his face his eyes now beginning to roll back into his head. It was Alucard's turn to sigh now.
“True you are not the vampire I had hoped. But that will all change in good time Seras.”
Alucard now released his crushing grip on Grantham's crotch. Finally, Grantham was now able to thankfully faint, which he did mind you.
“I knew you would spoil my fun Police Girl.” Alucard pouted.
Alucard allowed Grantham to drop to the floor. Seras moved closer to Alucard.
“Grow up and quit your pouting Master. Though it really is a shame we can't kill him.” She stated.
Alucard was also looking down at Grantham, smiling wickedly once more.
“We don't have to Police girl.” He merely stated.
Seras looked up at him.
“What do you mean? You know as much as I do, that Integra is now pregnant and he is the father. He wasn't lying when he stated Integra would be forced onto maternity-leave while he will run Hellsing. Don't you want him dead master?” Seras asked puzzled. Alucard shot a dirty look towards her.
“Of course I want him dead! What a stupid question to ask Police Girl!”
Seras backed off. Alucard looked downwards to Grantham once more, smiling now as he continued on.
“But we don't have to kill him. Our little human has a heart condition. Such a shame really, he'll die so young. All he needs is a little push though, which mind you can be easily arranged. It's fascinating just how frail humans really can be.” Alucard began to laugh madly and Seras couldn't help but smile also.
Maybe she was becoming more bloodthirsty.
“It really is such a shame.” She agreed.
Alucard then picked up Grantham by the neck collar of his suit like a ragged doll and began to walk down the hallway.
“Well, let us begin shall we. I hope you are not afraid of nightmares my dear human.” He whispered into the ear of the unconscious Grantham.
“Well, I'll leave it to you then master. By the way, you better not leave Walter to clean up your little temper tantrum.” Seras called out, as she began to walk away in the other direction.
She heard Alucard state though before he disappeared.
“I don't care what Integra says. I am still and will forever be a Lord and Master. And this, Hellsing Manor is my castle, my domain, my court and I will defend and protect it from any such filth.”
Alucard then started to laugh long and hard. Seras just continued to walk away from pausing to hear what he said. I really should just forget this ever happened, she thought to herself.
“Seras, Seras!” some one called out towards her. Seras snapped out of her little reverie and looked into the direction the voice was coming from. It was Vincent. Seras had been reminiscing the past as she walked through the halls of the Hellsing Manor. She didn't know why she remembered that particular memory of Grantham Pettirim. She had told herself to forget about that, but it seems she hadn't. She was glad Grantham was long dead though, but it also reminded her that Lillian was related to him. Her father was his son after all, or maybe not. Vincent had caught up to her now.
“There you are Seras. May I see you in my office? There is something I wish to discuss about the recent mission.” He asked her.
“Sure Vincent.”
She simply answered as she began to follow him, her thoughts still on the past as she looked at the walls of Hellsing Manor. After what Alucard did to Lillian tonight, I guess it really is true. How long had he been doing it to her though? Feeding her his blood without her knowledge? What happened earlier that night confirmed that it had been a while. Does Vincent even know?
Alucard was down in his room as he sifted through Seras thoughts. He too had reminisced the past. Seras could think whatever she wanted; it didn't bother him, for now. A smile played upon his lips as he remembered what he had done to the little human. Alucard picked up a glass of blood wine beside him and toasted to the air.
“And so it begins. Are you watching Abraham? I hope you are, I really hope you are…”
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