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Disclaimer: None of this is mine. Based off the anime.
Notes: It's silly and it's out of character (mostly) and it would never really happen because of the whole secrecy thing, but the plot bunny -- er, puppy -- just wouldn't go away. Secrecy aside, it's the kind of argument I could see those two having, especially early on.
"Miss." The sale clerk's tone was diffident. She turned and looked at him, eyes wide and surprised behind her glasses.
"I'm sorry, Miss, but store policy prohibits all pets except seeing-eye dogs."
She glanced down at the animal padding at her side, and the clerk thought he saw a little smile play across her lips. "Guess you'll just have to wait outside, Alucard."
The animal's growl was not precisely canine -- but then again, very few dogs had eight eyes (and how had he missed that before?). Nor did many dogs change, as though flowing through shadow from one shape to another, into human beings. The clerk gulped and shrank back.
The girl folded her arms. "What?" she demanded.
"No, Master," the man who had been the dog repeated. There was nothing servile in his manner, despite the words. The girl scowled up at him.
"Alucard," it was a little too whiny to be an order. "Outside."
It had the air of a recurrent argument. "My duty is to protect you --" and as the girl opened her mouth to protest, he added, "-- and yes, to do Hellsing's bidding, but you are Hellsing, and if you are injured, there will be no Hellsing and I will be failing my duty."
Tension hummed in the air as eyes locked, red and blue. The clerk watched nervously, not wanting to move for fear of attracting their attention, but not wanting to be here if things got out of hand. In the end, the girl just spun on her heel and stalked deeper into the store. "Well, then, come on," she said, rather ungraciously. "You can carry the packages."
The man gave a self-satisfied smirk, exposing -- and now the clerk's nervousness ratcheted up to terror -- pointy, elongated canines. As he moved to follow the girl, he turned back to the frightened clerk and gave a jaunty wave. "Happy Christmas!"
The clerk almost fainted.
- finis -