Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Silence Is Golden ❯ Meet Kairi ( Chapter 12 )

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Author's notes: Thanks soooo much for the reviews, guys . . . oh, and just for the record . . . I
write this chapter from experience. A bunch of my friends and I went to the mall (including
Malakai), and everywhere we went, girls were acting exactly like this toward him and a couple of
my other friends, Leigh and Adriain (who are brothers, by the way). I can't blame them tho . . .
they are really hot . . . so here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for . . .
"Oooh, c'mon, Master Alucard! We have to go in here!"
Victoria tugged on his arm, impatiently trying to lead Alucard into the store. Malakai
walked along beside them unprotesting as he looked around him. He was attracting a lot of
stares from the people surrounding them, most particularly women. Occasionally he'd
acknowledge their existence with a small smile, after which they'd blush and start giggling with
their friends. This was one of his favorite games to play . . .
"Police Girl . . ." Alucard growled.
"Ah, let it go, Alucard . . . she's not going to stop anytime soon, and I wouldn't try to
make her. This is the first time in a long time she's had a chance to go out just to have fun,"
Malakai said to him.
Alucard shot a glare his way. Malakai stuck out his tongue at Alucard. A couple of
teenage girls started giggling and whispering amongst themselves. Malakai turned and winked at
one of them, who waved back, blushing madly. But once they entered the store, his main focus
was to keep sight of Victoria. She was all over the place, looking through the clothes in the
women's section, and selecting several different outfits to try on. This was a side of her he had
never seen before. But he had to admit, it was nice to see her in clothes other than the dark,
gloomy outfits she had back at the manor. She looked best in light blue colors, he had decided.
She had a couple of bags full of clothes already in the car Integral had lent them for the day. He
almost lost sight of her as she headed determinedly to the dressing room. Malakai and Alucard
leaned back against the wall, waiting.
Alucard was dressed differently than usual today, wearing different boots (much like his
own), black jeans, a black belt, and a white dress shirt. He seemed comfortable in these clothes,
and Victoria seemed to like the way he looked. Malakai himself was dressed in a white long-
sleeved shirt with a high black collar and black sleeves, loose black jeans, and boots. Underneath
his shirt was a white tank top, and his pentacle.
As they waited for Victoria to come out, they chatted quietly about her.
"This isn't a terrible way to spend the day, Alucard. You have to admit, she looks
absolutely stunning in those clothes."
"Hn. But I'd rather that we didn't have to "spend the day" doing anything but sleeping.
As we should be."
"True. But as she said, we have to make the best of it."
Just then, Victoria stepped out of the dressing room in a light blue flare skirt and a loose
white top, and knee-high white socks. Malakai smiled. Funny thing was, Alucard did too.
Victoria spun around, causing the skirt to lift slightly as she twirled around to face them. She
really did look cute.
"Nice," Malakai said.
She beamed at him. Alucard said nothing, but then, just his smile was enough for

Victoria. She marched right back into the dressing room.
"See what I mean?" Malakai grinned at Alucard.
He knew that was the only answer he was going to get. When Victoria came out again,
she was wearing hip hugging, light wash jeans, a tight, ocean blue shirt that said "I need someone
really bad-are you really bad?" across it in black letters. Malakai laughed at the message on the
shirt and told her that he liked it. Alucard said nothing but smiled just the same. A few more
minutes of this passed before they headed up to the counter to purchase what she wanted. But as
soon as they left the store, Victoria let out a shriek of delight, jumping up and down.
"Ohmigod! Kairi! Hey!" she exclaimed, waving to a girl with waist length black hair,
deep blue eyes, and a rather nice figure.
The girl smiled and left the group she was with to approach Victoria. The minute she got
close enough, Victoria and the girl called Kairi hugged each other tightly.
"Victoria-chan! How are you? I haven't seen you in, oh, ages! We missed you, girl!"
Kairi smiled.
"Yeah, well, I've been really busy lately. But, um, here, I want to introduce you to some
friends of mine. Mast- uh, I mean, Alucard, this is Kairi, Kairi, Alucard. And this is Malakai.
Kairi has been one of my best friends since grade school!" Victoria said.
"Ooooooh, Seras Victoria! I always knew that you were irresistible to the male species,
but . . . daaaaaamn. What have you been doing, girl?"
Malakai chuckled shaking his head slightly. He liked this girl. Alucard smiled.
"Oh, a little of this, a little of that. Work, mostly. Uh, but, what have you been doing? I
mean, are you still seeing that boy . . . what's his name . . . Shuichi?"
"Oh, yeah, actually. Things are going pretty well with us. But, hey, do you want to go to
the food court with us? We're going to V.S. after that, so . . . you wanna?"
Victoria glanced back at Malakai and Alucard before replying in the affirmative. The
energetic Kairi led them to the bustling, loud food court at the center of the mall.
"So, what do you want? Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, American, whatever you
want . . . hey, I'll even pay for it, too," Kairi asked.
"Ummm, I'll have Chinese. And thanks," Victoria smiled.
Afer that brief and incomplete conversation, they all spread out to hunt down whatever it
was they were hungry for. Alucard and Malakai simply decided to eat whatever Victoria was
eating . . . they weren't all that hungry, having eaten earlier that day.
When they four of them sat down, Kairi said, "So, you coming to V.S. with me? I
imagine your boys over there won't be too pleased to be dragged along, but . . . hey, it ain't all
about them, right? Though it might later on . . . heheheh."
Victoria smiled at Malakai, who was slurping noodles at the time and totally ignoring
her. Or so it seemed.
"What's V.S. anyway?" Malakai said suddenly.
"Ohmigod, you don't know? Dude, you're a dude. You should know all about it. You
know, Victoria's Secret?"
"Oh, yeah . . . why should I know all about it?"
He asked these questions so innocently (he really had absolutely no idea what they were
talking about) that Kairi burst into laughter.
"You're so cute," She laughed, "V.S. is a store where . . . oh, God, you tell him, Seras,

he's your boyfriend."
Victoria arched an eyebrow at Kairi. Kairi was her best friend, and she loved her to
death, but sometimes she was just too creepy. Sometimes they were complete opposites of each
other. She had started having sex when she was seventeen, whereas Victoria herself was still a
virgin. She was totally comfortable around other people (especially the opposite sex), whereas
Victoria was shy and uneasy. Though working with a bunch of men night in and night out had
helped her overcome this nervous feeling slightly. That, and being with her master. There was
no way you could afford to be nervous if you were going to be with him. Because he'd take
advantage of that at every turn.
"It's a store where women go to buy expensive underwear and stuff like that . . . you
know. Don't pretend to be clueless, you know what I'm talking about," Victoria said, coloring
"Oh . . ." Malakai said.
Oh my God. He really didn't know? What hell is with this guy? He's over five hundred
years old, for Chrissakes! Victoria thought in amazement.
Alucard, on the other hand, seemed to know exactly what they were talking about. A
small grin curved his lips as his bright blue eyes gazed at her in amusement.
"You might as well give up, Police Girl. He has absolutely no idea what you're going on
about. He'll have to discover that for himself. You can't explain it to him," Alucard said.
"But as old as he is . . . I mean . . . how can he not know?" Victoria replied.
"He is not that kind of a man, Seras. He isn't as promiscuous as you'd think, considering
his earlier behavior. He simply enjoys flirting, that is all," Alucard explained.
"Oh, well, I guess you're right, Alucard," Victoria replied, glancing at Malakai who was
ignoring them again, slurping noodles.
He had such an innocent look on his face that Victoria smiled. He was utterly adorable.
He seemed fascinated by the world humans lived in during the day, and observed everything with
keen interest.
(AN: Yes, ladies and gents, the real Malakai is truly this innocent. As old as he is and as
incredibly hot as he is . . . he still had no idea what Victoria's Secret was until we -and by we I
mean Leigh- explained it to him. He's so cuuuuuute!"
After they had eaten, they headed to the mysterious store called Victoria's Secret. But it
was only seconds after they had approached the entrance that Malakai truly understood exactly
what it was. And refused to enter. Alucard wasn't to keen on going in either, but Victoria and
Kairi strode inside casually as if they owned the place. The store clerk smiled when she saw
Kairi and Victoria.
"Ah, girls! It's been ages since you last came to see me, and oh . . . Seras Victoria! You
aren't wearing any of your good things!" The woman scolded her, pulling back her shirt to peer
down at her bra.
Victoria blushed and pulled away, saying, "Yeah, well, I . . . lost them all."
"Ah, I see, well, then we'll have to find you some more, hmm?"
Kairi followed them as the clerk led them, around, picking out different things for
Victoria to try on. For some odd reason, she knew all of Victoria's (and Kairi's) exact sizes.
When they'd finally decided on a couple of good things and a couple of better ones, they paid for
them and left the store.
"Sorry to keep you waiting," Victoria said, blushing slightly.

"It's fine . . . so now what?" Malakai replied.
"How about we got get ice cream?" Kairi suggested.
(AN: Kairi comes up with all the fun stuff. Did you notice that?)
As they strode to the ice cream stand, led by Kairi, Victoria secretly wondered if buying
from V.S. had been the best idea. She wondered why on earth she'd done it in the first place,
after all . . . ah, what the hell. As Kairi had quietly reminded her, it all came down to the people
who'd see you wearing it. Victoria blushed at the thought of anyone seeing her wearing any of it.
When it was her turn to order her ice cream, she bought black cherry ice cream in a rather big
waffle cone. The ice cream was piled high atop it, so she started eating it the second she got it to
prevent it from melting. Malakai decided on strawberry ice cream, Kairi got mint chocolate chip,
and Alucard got chocolate. Victoria snatched up a pile of napkins and led them to an empty
"So . . . umm . . . crap, it's melting . . . Victoria . . . what're you gonna do after this . . . I
mean, I have to go to work once I finish eating this, you know . . . " Kairi said.
"Ah, we're gonna hit the supermarket and then go home," Victoria replied.
"Mmmm, sounds like a plan to me.," Kairi told her.
"Yeah, well . . . we have a lot of stuff to do, so."
And sure enough, once they had finished their ice cream, Kairi left and the three that
remained headed for the car. Victoria wondered what was for dinner, and then giggled. They
had just finished lunch, and already she was thinking about dinner. But she was just so hungry!
She loved finally being able to eat real food. Earlier that day, Walter had brought them breakfast.
Muffins and milk and oatmeal and raspberry jelly and honey and butter and toast and sausage.
She decided that she'd never tasted anything better. Malakai and Alucard had an easy time
adjusting to the change of lifestyle. Which was good, considering their circumstances. Victoria
opened the door and slid into the driver's seat. Alucard took passenger and Malakai got in back.
They reached the supermarket, and Alucard and Malakai waited by the pharmacy while Victoria
collected tampons, a razor, and other necessities. But within a space of fifteen minutes they were
out of there and headed home to Hellsing Manor.
They were greeted by a smiling Walter, who helped them carry their things inside and
down to their rooms in the basement. Afterwards, Walter had a large, wooden wardrobe brought
down so Victoria could put her clothes inside, and a small cupboard so that other things could be
stored. He even had a lock put on it so no one could get into it without her permission. As soon
as this was taken care of, Victoria got to work. She sorted through her clothes and hung them up
int the wardrobe, sticking her V.S. items into the neat little drawers in the bottom of it. She stuck
her journal and other little things like her razor, her shampoo, her lotion, etcetera into the
cupboard locking it and sticking the key underneath her mattress. Then, she pushed her table into
a corner and set her cupboard underneath it, the chairs shielding it from view as it was pushed
against the corner. Walter helped her with the posters she had bought. One was of a magical
looking place with a blue tint to it that had numerous fairies on it. Another was of a white tiger
and an orange tiger lying together by a crystal-like pond. And another was a velvet color-it-
yourself poster that had a collection of fantasy creatures on it. That particular poster was set on
the table for later. The entire decorating process took a couple of hours, and when they had
finished, Victoria collapsed on a chair, sighing. Her room looked much better now. Only one

thing was missing. She took three small picture frames out of a bag on the floor and set them up
on the table.
"Hello, Daddy," she smiled.

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