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Author's Note: It has been a long time, but I am finally at it again! Yay! Anyway, since it's
summer, there should not be a problem for awhile. So one with the Chapter! Which one is it
Bright green eyes watched the figure down the hall move. It was coming slowly, nervously, as
though unsure of itself, but it was coming. Closer . . . closer . . . GOTCHA!! With one swift
movement, Malakai pounced. The young male was shoved forcefully against the wall, Malakai
pinned the Hellsing against it. His hot breath blew against Isaac's ear.
"It is very unwise," he breathed, "to wander this house at night."
Isaac's trembling sent soft tremors through Malakai. The Hellsing's fear, a quality so rare
in other members of his family, amused the former vampire to no end.
"Let me go," Isaac muttered uncomfortably.
"Why?" Malakai replied, pressing harder, increasing the other male's discomfort, "Am I
making you nervous?"
"N-no, just get away," Isaac muttered, trying to push him away.
His feeble attempts to free himself did almost nothing except amuse the older, stronger
male. After a moment, he ceased movement and simply glared. Malakai chuckled softly. On a
whim, he gently ran the tip of his tongue along the curve of Isaac's ear. Isaac shuddered.
"You taste good," Malakai murmured, "I'll bet your blood tastes even better, Hellsing."
Isaac's eyes widened. To further frighten the young man, and simply because he felt like
it, Malakai tipped his head down and bit very gently on the young Hellsing's neck.
"Stop it!" Isaac hissed.
"You are scared."
"No I am not!"
"I am not!"
With a shove Malakai had not expected, Isaac managed to push him away. But with a
quick movement, he pinned the Hellsing to the floor, knees pinning his legs, hands pinning his
"You can't overpower me, little boy," Malakai sneered.
Although he could not see, Malakai could feel the glare the young hellsing sent his way.
The fear was gone, replaced by rage that reminded Malakai of Integra. In that, at least, Isaac was
"Bastard," Isaac growled.
"Oooooh, what strong language," Malakai responded, grinning.
"Don't mock me," came the furious reply.
"Or what?"
No answer. But if looks could kill . . .
"Let go."
"Let go."
"I don't think so."
"Let me go, you disgraceful, foul, evil son-of-"
Oh, how Malakai wanted to hit that stupid little boy. But instead, one hand found it's

way to the Hellsing's throat, choking off his sentence. Isaac's newly freed hand clutched his
wrist, attempting to free himself from Malakai's grip around his neck.
"You," Malakai hissed, "were but a foul word away from making a big mistake."
"Auuugh," Isaac choked, tears springing to his eyes, which he shut tightly.
And suddenly the crushing grip on his neck was removed, and soft lips pressed gently
against his, before the weight atop him was lifted and he was left lying on the floor, taking deep,
sobbing breaths. Malakai had left.
* * * * * * * * * *
"I should have told you that assaulting a Hellsing in a dark place was a bad idea," Alucard
said, voice rich with amusement, "Even a young Hellsing."
"Do you honestly believe that it would have made a difference?"
Malakai lay on Alucard's bed, while his best friend sat backwards on his chair, facing
"Though, I can honestly say your attraction to him is . . . understandable."
"You know that's what it is. I have known you long enough to know when you want
"Mmmm. And I always get what I want."
A small smile lifted the corners of Malakai's mouth. Sitting up, he eyed Alucard with a
look the dark haired man knew well.
"And you know this from experience, don't you, my old friend?"
"As you well know, it could very well be your fault I am the way I am."
A smirking grin graced Alucard's lips.
"That could be."
"Frightening, isn't it?"
"Who better to . . . experiment with than a dear old friend, hmm?"
"I can think of no one better."
"I'm sure."
Memories that, to others, would have been disturbing drifted pleasantly through the
minds of the oldest residents of Hellsing. It was obvious that, although one had taken to the
experimentation and the other had not, neither regretted it.
"Let's keep this to ourselves, shall we? Poor Miss Victoria would not take well to that
particular bit of information."
And as though she had been summoned by the mentioning of her name, Victoria
stumbled through the door.
"Master Alucard," she said wearily.
Taking a weary, stumbling step into the room, she collapsed.

Her blood burned. Her heart beat decreased dangerously. Her skin was hot. She could
not see. As she lay comatose in this agonizing state, she could feel her body changing.
She felt her canines lengthening and sharpening to a point. And what she could not see
was her baby blue irises swirling in a sea of crimson. Slowly, the pain began to subside. As she
regained control of her body her limbs began trembling. She opened her eyes. The lid to her
coffin was open, and her master was sitting backwards on his chair, watching her intently.
Malakai was leaning back in his, legs resting atop the wooden table. When she slowly sat up,
Malakai's eyes locked on her. Alucard smiled.
"So you are awake."
"Well . . . obviously. Though alive and well is debatable . . ."
Alucard chuckled and swung his leg back over the seat, standing up and moving to sit
beside her. He curled an arm around her, and she leaned against him, glad it was over. She
inhaled deeply, his scent filling her lungs. It was nice.
"How are you feeling?" Malakai asked.
"Well . . . kinda shaky, but all right I suppose."
Then there was a soft knock on the door. Walter, Victoria smiled.
"Come in," she called.
The door opened and sure enough, there was Walter.
"Miss Victoria? I came to check on you . . . are you feeling well?"
"Yes, Walter, thank you."
"Very good."
"Goodbye, Miss Victoria."
Soon after, another knock sounded at the door.
Sir Integra. Victoria invited her inside, and the Hellsing stepped in.
"I heard that you had changed back. It seems to be true."
"Yes, very."
"I will allow you time to recover, but tomorrow you will be escorted to the research
facility to run some tests."
"Yes, Sir."
Integral nodded and turned to go. She stopped just before closing the door and turned
"Oh, and Seras?"
"Congratulations. We are happy to have you back."
"Thank you. I am happy to be back."
It seemed that all the members of the Hellsing Organization were pleased that at least one
of the vampire residents of Hellsing manor was a vampire again.
* * * * * * * * * *
It was morning, Victoria was sleeping, Malakai and Alucard were sitting on the stairs. As
Malakai smoked (one cigarette after another after another after another . . . and so on), and
Alucard watched, Isaac Hellsing came slowly and hesitantly down the staircase opposite theirs.

He walked across the space between the staircases and came to stand at the bottom of the one
Malakai and Alucard were watching him from. He cleared his throat, and cast his gaze to the
floor, closing them briefly and moving his lips as though trying to remember what he was going
to say.
"Malakai. I . . . need to speak with you alone."
"Please come with me."
Malakai let him fidget for a moment before casually standing and following Isaac up the
stairs and into a hallway, where he was promptly led into an empty room. Isaac peered out into
the hallway before locking the door. Malakai leaned against a wall, arching an eyebrow at Isaac
but saying nothing. Isaac turned around to face him.
"I need to speak to you . . . about the other night."
Isaac glanced down at the floor for a moment, collecting his thoughts.
"I was . . . very angry with you."
"Oh, I couldn't tell."
Isaac chose to ignore the sarcastic comment.
"But I was also very afraid."
No response.
"You . . . kissed me, and I . . . didn't know what to do. It made me . . . oh God. I don't
know what. But I know that it was everything that I have always been told is wrong. And . . . I
am ashamed."
"It's not because of what you did. It's because I tried to deny that . . . I liked it," Isaac
muttered, "And I . . . I, uh . . ."
His voice became very, very quiet, almost like a whisper.
"I want you to do it again."

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