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Author's notes: Hey y'all. I am finally almost kinda sorta close to finishing this story!
Awesome, right???? Well, just letting you know that I am very grateful for all the reviews, and
the ideas you guys have given me, I didn't expect so many people to like this fic, especially since
this is my first time ever writing one. I am kinda stuck at the moment trying to figure out a killer
ending, but I have partial writer's block at the moment, so any ideas would be appreciated. Well,
thanks for listening to me rant, and on with the chapter!!
Anxiety twisted her stomach, fear made her feel sick. Wouldn't they get in trouble for
this? Wasn't there a rule against it? Victoria's mind raced with these apprehensive thoughts as
she followed Alucard and Malakai down a dark street, away from Hellsing Manor. There had to
be a rule prohibiting this kind of behavior. There had to be something, some way for her to get
out of it! She drank her medical blood every night, what more did they want?!
Alucard sensed her conflicted inner thoughts, trying very hard not to throw some angry,
sarcastic remark at her. But if memory served him, and it did, he had once felt the very same
things. Besides, he was trying to help her, and anything he said at the moment would only
worsen her anxious mood. He understood her worries about getting in trouble; his master could
not kill him but she could certainly kill Victoria. Though . . . he honestly did not think she
would. She had taken a liking to his fledgling lately. Which he planned on using to his
advantage at a later date.
What can we do, old friend? She is afraid, and nothing we say will change that, Alucard
asked Malakai.
We can let it happen. Truly, nothing else will soothe her fears. She must learn that it is
not as bad as she has made herself believe. You remember how hard the first time is, Malakai
replied with a mental smile.
Yes, Alucard sighed silently.
Sometimes he did not understand Malakai's endless supply of patience. Even when they
were human, Malakai was far more kindhearted, quiet, understanding. Alucard was not lacking
in these qualities, exactly, but he rarely found them useful, and so, rarely put them to use.
Casting a glance at the night sky, a smile spread over his face. How good it was to be a vampire
again. Secretly he wondered why his master was allowing this. She was perfectly aware of his
intentions tonight, and on a normal night, she would have forbidden it. Perhaps she believed that
it would be better for Victoria to experience this? Though he wondered, at the moment, he really
didn't care. It was finally happening, that was what mattered.
Soon, they came upon a street that was completely dark. Few people walked on it, but
that was perfect for what they were planning tonight. The fewer the better. Alucard and Malakai
came to a silent agreement and stopped. Victoria, who was distracted, did not notice that they
stopped. She ran into Alucard, who had turned and was watching her. She blushed as she
looked up at him. He gave her a small smile. She smiled back. Malakai diverted their attention
to the man that approached them on the same side of the street.
Alucard stood behind Victoria, gently taking hold of her shoulders, and bent to whisper in
her ear. She tensed.
"Relax, Victoria . . . do you see him?"
"Yes," she replied softly.
"Close your eyes."

"Do it."
She did as she was told and then he said, "Now focus. Concentrate on him, listen to his
heartbeat. You can hear it, can't you? Listen . . . can you smell his blood? It's not cold, like the
medical blood you are used to. It's hot, alive. It's what you need to survive, Victoria. It's what
you hunger for, every night, every day. It's eating away at you, isn't it? It doesn't have to be that
way. You can make it stop. You can make the ache go away. All you have to do is kill them. It
will be so easy, Victoria. No matter how hard they fight, you can overcome them. You can take
their blood without any effort at all. You just have to want to. You do want to, Victoria. I can
feel it in you. Now do it."
Her breathing was heavy, her own heart raced. She was becoming increasingly more
aware of the fangs that ached in her mouth. She could feel the thirst stirring inside her, she could
feel it pulsing to the rhythm of his heartbeat. The heartbeat of the man her master wanted her to
kill. In a wave of violent, vampiric hunger, her human conscience vanished, overwhelmed by the
aching need to feed. She opened her eyes, the crimson irises darkened by bloodlust, her pupils
narrowed into slits. Alucard released her. Malakai stepped forward to stand beside him.
"She's going to do it."
"I know."
The tone in Alucard's voice told Malakai that his own bloodlust was starting to take hold.
Malakai laughed softly, "Take it easy, old friend. You will have your turn soon enough.
For now, let her finish what you started. Just watch. It has been a very long time since I last had
the pleasure of watching one of your blood-crazed fledglings hunt for the first time."
"She isn't blood-crazed."
"Aaah, and that, I fear, is what makes her so endearing."
"I know it."
He was all she could see now. He was all she could smell, and hear. He was hers, and he
was going to die by her hand. He moved toward her slowly, completely unaware that she existed.
She stood on the threshold of the shadow realm she used to phase, waiting unseen for him to
come just close enough for her to attack. She knew this was wrong. But right then, in that
moment, she also knew that there were no other options. She was a vampire, human conscience
or not. This was what she was made for. She stood just beside an alleyway, where instinct told
her she could feed unnoticed. Finally, he came within reach. She lunged. Materializing, she
took hold of his jacket, and the two of them fell into the alleyway, her looming over him with
eyes shimmering red in the darkness.
"H-hey, uh, watch it."
She smiled an unseen smile.
"Let me go!"
She pulled him to his knees, and, crouching slightly, she bent her head close to his neck,
where she could smell his blood flowing through his body.
"What the hell? What do you think you're doing? Let me go you psycho-bi-"
She sank her fangs into his neck. Blood instantly rushed into her mouth, tasting sweet
and hot and sending a pleasant feeling through her that she rather enjoyed. Slowly, gently, she
began sucking on the puncture wounds her fangs had made in his skin. The soft noises of protest
escaped his mouth. Minutes passed, and finally, there was no more blood left in him. She
released his corpse and watched with fascination as it crumbled into ashes. She backed out of the

alley and walked casually back to where her master waited. A grin spread across his face as she
approached, pride shining in his eyes. She smiled. She stopped just in front of him. He reached
out and wiped blood from her lips with his thumb. By this time, her eyes had cleared, and she
was far more rational. Looking into his eyes, she saw the darkness of the bloodlust shining back.
Suddenly, his head turned in the direction of a woman (a girl, really, she couldn't have been more
than 16 or so) walking down the street on the side opposite them. He released her and within an
instant he was at the other side, hand around the girl's neck, pushing her back against a wall as he
sucked her blood. But that was not the end of the bloodshed. Before he was finished, he had
killed four people, and when he at last crossed over to their side of the street, the bloodlust had
not left his eyes.
Victoria stood very still as he approached, blood dripping from his lips in a small stream
down his chin. He came very close to her, and when she realized his intentions, she didn't dare
try to stop him. He bent his head, his hot breath on her skin, and gently sank his fangs into her.
Her breath stopped short. The peculiar sensation creeping through her sent goose bumps
crawling over her skin. Her knees weakened as she felt her blood being pulled from her body. It
didn't hurt, but it gave her the creeps. It was an almost pleasant sensation, if she ignored the
source and the sharp, tingly feeling where he was contentedly sucking her blood. After a
moment, he stopped, and held her close until she'd healed and regained some of her blood.
Malakai stood watching this with quiet interest. Finally, Victoria managed to stand on her own,
and Alucard held her at arm's length, studying her. The blood on his face was gone, and so was
the dark expression in his eyes. He smiled at her.
"Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" he asked her.
"Are you referring to feeding or being fed from?"
"Take your pick."
"I'd have to say . . . it wasn't as bad as I feared. I really . . . I think that maybe someday, I
could even get used to it. As for the other, well . . . I'd rather it didn't happen too often."
"Of course," Alucard smiled.
"Now, can we go home?"
"As soon as Malakai has his fun, then yes, we can go home."
Malakai's eyes lit up as he said, "Is it my turn now?"

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