Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ What if Alucard had a Son? ❯ October 31, 20XX ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

What If Alucard Had a Son?
Amy walked down a park path with her son, Morgan. It was his birthday, October 31. He was five and brought a new definition to `demonic.' Amy swung her arms and heard the shrieking of squirrels from the bushes lining the bath.
“Morgan!” she yelled, “At least hide the carcasses this time!” A mad laugh like the fathers, only higher, ensued.
Who is the father you may ask? Alucard.
Amy heard a deeper laugh from behind. She knew that laugh all too well. Turning she stuck her hands on her hips and glared up at him. Actually glared UP at him. For reference, her height; 5'2” his height; 6'6” (by request). She was small and fair, he was tall and dark.
She sighed. “Alucard. Nice to see you after five years. What brings you here?”
He smirked. “Amy. Cute as always, but I'm here on Hellsing business. Reports of brutal attacks on animals. Sent to investigate by Sir Hellsing. Go home Amy, for your safety.”
She gave a cute laugh. She knew exactly what he was talking about. Morgan. So, Hellsing had found out about the animals. At least they didn't suspect humans were being killed yet.
Morgan knew who his father was. His mother, Amy had told him. He didn't believe her at first, so he asked his neighbors, Kat and Molly, other wise known as Tech. They had both verified the fact. Kat because she had met him, and Tech because, well he didn't know how Tech knew, but she did.
Looking at the man his mother called “Alucard,” he stayed in the bushes watching. Morgan and Amy both wanted to surprise him with the fact he had a son, and besides the attacks were courtesy of him. Amy would not let him attack people, but her would practice fighting with Tech and “sneaking” with Kat.
Amy began toying with one of her braids. She was wearing them because Morgan liked her hair in braids. She knew Morgan was watching and silently asked him when they should tell Alucard he was a father. Morgan wanted now, but she wanted later. So she compromised.
“Maa, Alucard, about the attacks. What is it about them that is dangerous? It's only animals, right? So why should I go home? Also, there is something about them you should know.” Amy paused. Her eyes lit up with mischief. “But first, there's someone I want you to meet. Morgan, come here.”
Morgan heard his mother call him and came, acting innocent, with the dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He grabbed his mother's leg and put his thumb in his mouth. Widening his eyes, he stared cutely at the Man in Red towering in front of his mother.
Amy patted his head, knowing Alucard was waiting. “The attacks were caused by Morgan. My son. Your son.” She looked at Morgan's head and smiled. A loud `Thump' followed her words.
Jerking her head up, she saw Alucard lying flat out on the ground. Blinking, she walked over to him and nudged him with at toe. He didn't move. Waving her hand in front of his face, she softly called his name.
It was no use. He was in a dead faint, out cold to the world, thanks to two words. “Your son.”
Amy giggled. The almighty Alucard fainting, It was just funny.