Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Young Miss Hellsing ❯ Blinded Heart ( Chapter 7 )

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“So you're the heir to the Hellsing family?” Sage asked as she poured Celeste a cup of tea with orange flavor. Celeste thanked her and sipped the tea. “Yes, I don't necessarily know the history behind the Hellsing family but I intend to find out. I never really get time to ask Draco, Julian and Victor about it though. I've got a human life to life too you know. So, you're a new breed of vampire as well Sage?”
“No… I'm an older vampire. I don't like to walk through sunlight but I had to if I wanted to find Helena. She is dead from what I've heard from Alucard. She was killed by that freak Incognito. Anyway, I'm glad I can be of service.” Harley said. Celeste smiled to Harley thankfully. She was always willing to take an extra hand in this fight. Of course, now that she knew what Jeremy Hartley was, she had to confront him but carefully. Paige was hanging in the balance. If anything he was definitely use her against him. Out of sheer curiosity, she wondered if he knew what she was, who she was. Did he know about the Hellsing family? Those where questions she knew she wouldn't get answers to until she approached him. “Sage, tomorrow night I have to go to Jeremy Hartley. When I do, I'm going to put a bullet in him chest.” Sage looked up at Celeste and smiled. “Allow me to accompany you Miss Celeste.”
“Yes but you will have to keep your distance for a while all right? I need to have a talk with my servant.” Celeste stood up and opened her window. “Sorry about coming over without making reservations Miss Hellsing. Do you think your parents would mind?” Sage asked before she jumped out of the window. Celeste shook her head chuckling. “They didn't even know you were here. Anyway, best be going and prepare for tomorrow. Have you made enough figurines?”
“Always. Good day Miss Hellsing.”
Sage jumped out of the window and ran through the streets. Sage was simply amazing and a true friend to the end. She had injected herself with the blood of the new breed of vampires so that she could walk through the sunlight just to find Helena. Unfortunately, Helena had been gone for fifty years. Now Sage was going to join her and fight the new breed. Yes, she would make a worthy ally. Now there was other business Celeste had to tend to. She was going to have a talk with chat with her servant downstairs in her basement. She rose from her bed and proceeded downstairs, where Alucard had been waiting for her. “Good day to you… Miss Hellsing.”
“There's nothing for you to say Miss Hellsing. It's clear that your judgment on that human was correct. He is indeed a servant of Raphael Devinicus.”
Celeste nodded her head and took her chance to speak. “Alucard, I want nothing more than to carve out Jeremy's heart but my younger sister is too drawn to him. He's playing with her mind and she's too naïve to see it.” Celeste said firmly but Alucard shook his head. “Let this battle with your maggot enemy end tonight. Are you well prepared?”
Alucard rose from his chair and walked to his master. Though Celeste didn't know what he had planned, she stood her ground and allowed Alucard to take her chin and tilt her face up. “Are you afraid of death?” Was the question he asked.
“No. What I am afraid of what's going to happen if I die. I don't want London overrun with foul creatures and I don't want any harm to come to my family. Alucard, if anything happens to me, I want you to protect my family understand?”
Alucard smiled at his master, baring his fangs at her. He came down and gave her neck a sweet kiss, massaging his fangs against her neck. Celeste gasped when she felt this but immediately wrapped her arms around him. Alucard's kiss was so captivating she felt herself being lifted off her feet and surrounded by darkness. It was a silent darkness that was only inhabited by her and Alucard. The warmth from his mouth danced upon her skin and his hands were immobile. The way he kissed was unique and unmatched, inhuman. When Alucard stopped, Celeste grabbed his face and kissed him gently. Alucard had responded to the kiss it hadn't lasted as long as the kiss to her neck. When Alucard broke the kiss, Celeste's senses had returned. She said nothing to her servant and walked up the stairs with the feeling of his eyes on her. When she arrived in her room, she locked the door and leaned against it. Touching her lips, she silently wished that the kiss had lasted just a while longer. As she reminisced of her servant's lips, Celeste's window opened and her brother had entered. “Were you with Alucard?”
“Yes I was. I was preparing for tonight. We have to-”
Celeste hadn't noticed it, but instead of speaking with Julian, she was talking to her brother. Her mind was still hazy from the kiss but it was too late. Her eyes widened with fear. She would have to explain to her brother now, who would surely tell their mother, father and Paige. “David I can explain.” She started. David took didn't want an explanation. He only took his sister into his arms and hugged her gently. “I only wish that you would have told me sooner. Julian is right you know, you don't have to fight this battle alone. Even if you wanted to, we wouldn't allow you to do so. You may not know it, but while you're fighting to protect us, we're in our own battle fighting to protect you.”
Celeste buried her face into her brother's chest and smiled softly. “Thank you David but you can't fight with me. You don't have to training and the weapon. You could be killed.” Celeste said. David only smiled to his sister and poked her nose. “Don't worry about me.” He said. Just as Celeste was about to speak, Paige entered the room cheerfully. “Wow, someone's got a hanger in their mouth. What's going on with you?”
“I got my first pay check today and Jeremy wants to help me spend it. He's going to take me into the city to help me spend. I'll pick something up for you guys.” Paige said gleefully. She spun around and danced out of the room. “I don't trust it David. I know what Jeremy is and what he's capable of. I don't want him hurting any of us.” Celeste said. David knew exactly what she was talking about but who would believe them? Telling their parents would be useless and they couldn't just dispose of Jeremy. There had to be a way to catch him in the act without any of them getting hurt. “Celeste, we need a tactical meeting. I'll get on the phone and call Draco while you gather up Victor and Julian.”
Celeste got up to announce the meeting she would be having with everyone to Julian and Victor. The two agreed to attend and David came back with Draco's ok. It would also be a good time to introduce Sage to the team. When she came back, David told her that Draco would be arriving around five before Lily served dinner. It would be perfect since Paige's date with Jeremy wasn't arrive until seven thirty. It would give her the chance to discuss everything over with them. When the time came, everyone had gone to the park to explain everything. Julian, David, Victor and Celeste all arrived together while Harley and Sage came together. “Who's the woman?” Draco asked first.
“Draco this is Harley but her real name is Sage. She came to London to find her friend but she died fifty years ago. She's going to be helping us with her ability to bring figurines to life.”
Everyone agreed to Harley's assistance sense they were going to need all that they could get. Celeste cleared her throat and started the meeting off. “I was able to discover what Jeremy Hartley is two nights ago. He was telling me something about being his queen once London was destroyed. It could mean that he is Raphael Devinicus. I'm not positive about it but he's not human and that's for damn sure.” Celeste said. Everyone looked at one another then back at Celeste. Julian spoke next. “Moreover, Hartley is taking Miss Paige out on a date tonight. We need someone to keep tabs on her. If what Celeste says about you is true Harley, I recommend you making a figurine to track them.” Julian suggested. Harley smiled and opened her hand. Immediately a bird flew into it and became a glass figurine. “I got it covered. I suggest we keep everyone's eyes open. Things do tend to go bump in the night.”
Later that night after dinner, Paige dressed in her light blue dress and matching shoes for her date that night. Jeremy and Dahlia both arrived together at the Hellsing house wearing the clothes of Jeremy's fashion label. “Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Farbrook. I'm glad you're allowing us to take Paige out tonight.” Jeremy said.
“Back at ten Mr. Hartley. She has school in the morning.”
Lily and Wesley kissed Paige good bye and watched as the three loaded into the limo and drove away. As they were in the limo, Paige looked out the window at the city lights. She smiled at them as she thought about seeing herself on one of the billboards. Soon everyone would speak of Paige Farbrook the supermodel. “Paige, I have to go to the office for some papers. I'll join you two later.” Dahlia stepped out of the limo and walked inside the building. When the limo drove off, Jeremy smiled to Paige reassuringly. “She'll join us shortly. Care to join me for dinner?”
“Of course.”
Jeremy had the limo driver take them to the Blue Moon, a five star restaurant that he was very fond of. There, Jeremy enjoyed a pan seared steak while Paige ate her duck breast. When they had finished, Paige watched as Jeremy looked out the window at the London sky. How handsome he had looked. She wanted to reach across the table and tap his hand but she was too timid to do so. “Paige.”
Jeremy turned to her and gave her a smile that warmed her heart. “You are so beautiful. I'm honored that you are one of my models. I'm so glad that I have you.” He said. Paige blushed as she looked deep into Jeremy's brown eyes. He had her and she wanted it to be that way always. She had always thought him handsome but now it was more than appearances. He thought her useful, priceless. She was someone to praise and idolize. Jeremy had kept his promise to give her fame and fortune. It wouldn't be long before her name was in lights and everyone wanted to be in her shoes. She loved Jeremy for making her dream a reality. “Mr. Hartley-”
“Call me Jeremy my sweet and I know what it is you want to say. You want to thank me for making all of this possible. You don't have to. You had this talent inside of you and your sister envies you for it. She refused to stay at my party because she hated to see the critics praise you. It is you that everyone wants, not her. It will remain this way as long as you promise to fulfill my dream of success and absolute victory.”
Paige smiled at Jeremy and agreed whole heartedly to make his dream a reality the same way he did hers. She imagined they would go far in this business. They would be wealthy and famous. Celeste would definitely envy her in the end and beg for her forgiveness. Her denial of her dream would come back at her one hundred fold. “Paige, come for a walk with me in the park.” Jeremy said as he extended his hand. Paige took his hand and stood up, accepting his invitation.
From the trees, Harley's bird watched from a distance as they left the restaurant. It flew behind the limo and perched on a tree in the park. The two walked deep into the park until they reached the fountain in the middle. Jeremy smiled at her and took her hand gently. “I'm glad you came out with me Paige.”
“I would have gone anywhere with you Jeremy. I trust you completely.”
Jeremy smiled down at Paige and took her into his arms. “If you trust me… then let me.” He said. Jeremy closed the gap between their lips and took Paige into a heated kiss. The world around Paige spun as he kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him back. Paige couldn't help but feel it was right. She loved Jeremy and nothing would ever come between them. When he broke the kiss, he smiled down to her and caressed her cheek. “It's getting late… you should be home now. If you'd like you can come out with me more often.”
“I'd love that Jeremy.”
Jeremy kissed Paige again and took her by the hand, leading her out of the park and by to the limo. They sat hand in hand the entire ride and when they arrived, Jeremy took her hands in his. “Don't tell about us. Promise me that.”
“I promise. I'll never tell Jeremy.”
Jeremy kissed her lips again and allowed her to exit the limo. He watched as she entered her house then drove off down the street. “Jeremy… I love you so.” Paige whispered by she entered the house. She opened the door and stepped inside, locking the door behind her and un aware of Harley's bird that had kept watch over her the entire night.
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