Hetalia - Axis Powers Fan Fiction ❯ America's Random Unofficial Holidays: Oct 17th ❯ The Call ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Well folks, I'm back again! This piece is short, but I suppose that makes some of you very happy. Ah well, find your best (or worst) gaudy clothes, sit back and enjoy!
Disclaimer: BTW, I still don't have legal ownership of Hetalia. Though not for lack of trying.
Wear Something Gaudy Day
The room was dark, peaceful and quiet. Outside the bay window the moon peeked from behind clouds and a few stars could be seen.
Ring! Ring!
The sound of an old-fashioned phone ringing shattered the picturesque atmosphere. France jerked awake and groped for the phone. He couldn't feel it so he rolled over and peeled open one eye. He located the phone and also noticed that the digital clock declared it as 2:53 of October 17th. The phone rang again before he managed to hit the button to connect the call.
“Oui?” he muttered.
“There you are France! I really need your help with something! America's voice was way too loud for that time of the morning.
“America, you do know it iz nearly t'ree in ze morning, don't you?” France growled.
“Really? But it's totally six at night!” There was a pause. France waited. “Oh right! Huge time gap. Anyway France, you gotta help me! It's an emergency!”
France sighed. “What?”
“Tomorrow is Wear Something Gaudy Day and I don't have anything to wear! I need suggestions.”
France groaned. “And zis required you to call me at t'ree in ze morning, why?”
Because you wear some of the gaudiest clothes I see outside movies! Besides, me and some of my kids are going to have a contest. I can't let California, New York or Florida win without a fight.”

France slapped a hand over his eyes. “One, my kids and I, as Angleterre would point out. Two, find some of your 20's, 60's and 70's fashions, or call Japan.”
France could see in his head America's glasses flashing as his eyes lit up. France hoped he'd decide to pester Japan.
“Awesome idea! Thanks France and tell England I said hi, bye!”

The line went dead and France pressed the end call button before tossing the phone across the room.

”Don't break my phone,” England muttered quietly, still mostly asleep.

”Mmm,” France wrapped an arm around England's waist, “America says `ello.”

”Mhh…remind me to yell at him later,” England said as he fell back into a comfortable sleep.

France smiled and kissed the back of England's neck. “Oui.”
One wonders what the hell Alfred is going to end up wearing. And notice he never actually apologized. I suppose not as funny, but I wanted a change of pace.