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All opposition must be cast away...


"Ve~! I just can't wait for the fireworks to start!"

By the time the trio had returned to Florence, the sun had sunk below the horizon, the day at last changing into night. Innumerable stars dotted the ebon sky, free of clouds or any form of cover. The twinkling, heavenly dots only added to the serene atmosphere of the ethereal city. Just how beautiful the municipal would be once the sparks are launched into the air...

The blond smiled. "You're really excited Italien."

"Of course I am Germania!" Italy beamed. "The weather is perfect and the sky is clear! These conditions are perfect for the fireworks festival!"

Japan chuckled. "I heard Italian fireworks displays are especially beautiful." He laughed at the excited nod he received. "I can't wait to see them for myself, above such a beautiful land..." Seriously, that comment made the brunet blush! It seemed as if the earlier attack had not occurred...

"Grazie Giappone!" Italy could not help but feel flattered.

Oh Germany wanted to join in on that. "I can't wait either." The blond added, the flush on the auburn's face only intensifying.

"Oh smettere di ragazzi! You're embarrassing me!" The redness of the brunet's cheeks attested to that.

Nope. "Why should I stop saying what's true, Italia-kun?" The raven smirked.

"There's no reason to, so I say we should continue." The German wore the same expression as the Asian, only serving to fluster the blithe more. Seriously, is this revenge for all the times the brunet flustered them?! Intentional or not, it sure seemed like it. Not that Italy actually minded in the end though; all three shared a good laugh, not able to hold it in anymore.

All was good in the world. All was at peace. Nothing could go wrong, right? Right?! "Boo!"

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!" What popped out of the blue terrified the living daylights out of the poor boy; a deathly pale bloated visage sporting blood-shot eyes lacking pupils above the most rotten daggers of teeth, veins and welts all over the skin pounced from the shadows, the being possessing that face leaping at the Italian, arms out as it made the most grotesque of groans. The panic-stricken jumped ten feet into the air, automatically throwing himself into the bulky arms that have always kept him safe. "GERMANIA! SONO SPAVENTATO!"

The ghoul suddenly let out a bark of laughter, the face detaching to show one of a regular teenage male. "Oh my god! That was priceless!" He wiped away the tears that formed in his eyes, clutching onto his sides as he was overtaken by bouts and bouts of unrestrained laughter.

"I-It's just a mask?!" The brunet whimpered, peeking his head from the German's chest.

The adolescent scoffed. "What are you, stupid? Of course it is!"

"Watch your mouth you insolent brat!" Germany barked, narrowing his eyes at the tactless teen. "Show some respect! The guy you just frightened is Italy, your own country!"

The youth snickered. "Man, I didn't know my own country is such a wimp! Anyone with even an ounce more bravery would realize that right off the bat!" What a rude, rude person. The guy glanced over the trembling nation, scoffing at what he saw. "I can't believe my own country can't even win a fight. I can see all those bruises. Seeing as you're such a scaredy-cat, you must have lost miserably." He sneered. "Now I'm ashamed to be an Italian. Why was I so cursed to be born as this miserable nationality?"

"WHY YOU—" However, something stopped the blond from acting on his oh so obvious desire to beat the bully's face in; his beloved wrapped his arms even more tightly around his chest, sobbing. The normally harsh man's heart broke. Just simply broke. Poor Italy just can't catch a break! First the rapist homophobe and now a heartless bully! Plus what's going on with his two closest friends...poor him! Poor indeed!

Jealousy could not even begin to describe what overtook the raven as he watched his Italy cling onto his rival, said rival returning the strong embrace vigorously. However, there were much more pressing matters to attend to. Much more pressing, such as eviscerating the moronic monster who dared so much as terrify his Italy just to get a kick out of it. "Would you like me to tell you how your country got those bruises?" Japan asked, being faux affable; the deep scowl on his face betrayed any notion of politeness. "He was almost raped by a horrible fiend."

"What he says is true." Germany affirmed, glaring at the tormentor as if waiting for him to refute.

You would think that would earn some sympathy. "Well deserved." Or not. "First my country is a pathetic wimp, and now I find out he's gay! I'm getting out of here as soon as possible!" He scoffed. "I don't want to become a wuss or a fag." He shivered. "Or both. God forbid both! I would rather die!"

"Nani?" That feckless youth broke the last straw. "What did you say you piece of trash? Italy is your own country and you dare talk bad about him, even after finding out he was almost raped?" He spat. "Sore o kurikaesu no o konomu? Kono mujōna kaibutsu."

The offender could not understand a lick of Japanese coming from the Asian's mouth. That didn't stop him from taking several steps back in absolute terror as the raven inched forward, killer intent radiating off of him. The teen was scared for his life, simple as that. "H-Hey! It was just a joke! Chill out!"

"Teme wa kuzu." The ebon hissed, the temperature dropping several degrees. Gulp. "Just a joke? Do you know how damaging such 'jokes' can be?"

The guy waved his hands in a placating gesture. "Did you ever hear of 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me'? Words don't hurt at all!"

"Whoever wrote that is the greatest liar there was and ever will be!" Three pairs of eyes widened in shock as they realized the brunet was the one to say that. Brown eyes narrowed. "Words hurt a lot! Physical wounds will heal with simple treatment, but wounds inflicted by words may never recover!" Why did it sound like he was speaking from experience?!

Germany growled at the bully, further tightening his hold on his beloved. "Is that your excuse for attacking anyone you want? Because you won't inflict physical damage?" He scoffed. "Have you ever heard of verbal abuse?"

"What I'm saying is the truth though and the truth hurts!" Panic made its way into the cornered's voice.

Bad choice. The raven took several menacing steps forward. "First you said what you said was a joke and that words don't hurt—"

"And now that what you're saying is the truth and that it hurts?" The blond finished, glaring daggers at the adolescent. "Which is it? Both contradict each other." He sneered. "You hypocrite."

The feckless youth began to tremble in his shoes. "G-Go away!"

"We will once you apologize to Italy for saying such horrible things to him." There was no room for compromise; the sharp glint in the Asian's piercing black eyes spoke volumes.

The German nodded. "And also for scaring him earlier. That would be the right thing to do."

"Never!" The loathed suddenly put the disguise back on, screaming as loudly as he possibly could. "RRRROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

Although that had earned a horrified shriek from the poor Italian—not taken lightly in the least of course as the German held the terrified closer to him, the Japanese snarling—it had failed to scare the two other nations. After they had calmed the panicked down, they faced the tactless with emotionless eyes, not amused. At. All.

"Why should I even apologize to that cowardly queer?! I-I would rather die!" Terrible choice of words.

Not even the most grotesque and well-crafted of masks could ever be scarier than the Japanese's glare as it fixed onto the offender. "You would rather die? Would you like for me to fulfill that wish?" The teen fled not even a moment later, running like the devil was at his heels. Which it was. Verbal evisceration complete.

"T-Thanks!" The two turned back to the brunet who let himself out of the blond's grasp, shivering. "But you guys scared me too!" Chills ran up and down his spine as he faced Japan. "I never heard you call anyone 'kuzu' or 'mujōna kaibutsu' before!" He then faced Germany. "And I thought you were going to pound that bully's face in! Despite how horrible that guy was, he was just a kid! And besides, there are always people who take joy in making other people miserable! Some people are just like that!" Tears began leaking out. "Don't scare me anymore! Please! Per favore!"

Once again, the pair was unable to deny begging limpid brown eyes. "...Hai."


And once again, the sudden melancholic look on the normally blithe's face failed to go unnoticed. However, this time, the sadden spoke up himself. "...Two people have called me a fag now: that homophobe and that bully. Am I really a fag?"

"You aren't!" The German immediately responded. Why did that answer hurt so much though?! "You may be strange, but that doesn't automatically make you a fag!"

The Japanese reluctantly nodded. "And besides, we both know how much you like girls." So much pain!

"Actually..." That single word hooked the listeners in in an instant. The auburn shyly looked up at his friends. "Although I have always found girls to be pretty...I've never been in love with one in the past. Or even had a crush on one."

The raven's jaw dropped onto the ground. "EH?! But you've been around for many years! How is it possible that you haven't fallen for a girl?!"

"I don't know." The confessor shrugged. "I just never did." He gave a sad laugh. "Is there something wrong with me?"

The blond shook his head. "You're perfectly fine the way you are. Those jerks are just idiots."

"But how would you know you were never in love if you haven't been with anyone?" The sable questioned. "You wouldn't be able to know what it was like if you've never experienced it before."

Germany scratched his chin. "I have to agree on that one."

"That's not true." Limpid brown eyes were shaded by bangs. "I did have a first love."

Black eyes nearly bugged out of their skull. "HONTŌNI?! Then you really did love a gir—"

"A guy."

Those two words stopped him short. "Nani?!"

"My first love...was a guy." So Japan did hear him right!

Realization dawned on the blond. "Italy told me this before, a long time ago..." The raven couldn't even bring himself to be jealous, shocked beyond belief.

"So you're actually gay?!" Please say yes! Wait, where was that thought coming from?!

Say yes! Say yes! "No." Two broken hearts sunk into the deepest abyss with no hope of return. "I'm not straight either." Hearts still sunk. "...I'm bi." Hearts soaring back to their rightful chests!

"As in..." Hope returning!

Italy nodded. "As in bisexual; I like guys and girls. I find both attractive." Hearts in hyperdrive! They had a chance! YES!

"Wait!" Something seemed off though. Japan was perplexed as he faced the brunet. "If you like both genders...why have you only flirted with girls?" Please don't sound jealous! Please. Don't. Sound. Jealous!

The questioned immediately flinched, hands held up as fear overtook him. "I don't want to be punched in the face! I don't think most guys would like it if another guy flirted with them!" He trembled. "I don't want to be beaten up more!"

"Sumimasen!" The Asian bowed, truly apologetic. "I didn't mean to upset you! I'm so sorry!"

The brunet shook his head. "...It's nothing."

"Hey Italy..." The addressed turned to Germany as he spoke. "...What ever happened to your first love? Where is he now?"

Unimaginable pain flashed past the sullen's face. "...Please don't ask. Either of you."

"...Ich verstehe."


After all, both hated seeing their precious beloved suffering. Said beloved rustled, immediately drawing their attention back to him. "...Do you guys see me as a loser now?" Limpid brown eyes were hidden once again. "I mean, other than my first love, I haven't been with anyone, guy or girl. I'm so lame—"

"DON'T EVER SAY THAT!" The self-chastiser gasped, shocked at the dual exclamation.

Germany grasped his fellow European's shoulders. "You aren't lame at all! Someone isn't made more incredible because they had multiple partners and sleep around! If anything, that makes them a player!"

"That's right!" Japan followed as he interlaced his fingers with the brunet's. "And even if every male and female went after you, I know you wouldn't just cast them to the side! You're not that kind of person. In fact, you're very honorable!"

Italy gave a self-depreciating laugh, unable to meet his friends' eyes. "Even though I'm strange and am unable to keep my hands to myself?"

"Of course!" Japan exclaimed as he took hold of the hazel's head, forcing him to make eye contact. "No matter how much someone hurts you, you could never bring yourself to hold a grudge against them; you're always able to forgive them with a smile on your face!"

The blond grabbed the brunet's chin, turning the auburn to face him. "You don't know how hard that actually is." He sighed. "In the past, I always held a distrust of other countries; all I saw was countries taking advantage of other countries for their own gain, yet would go to war without a second thought." Fondness graced his features. "And then I met you; no matter how badly I treated you after we first met, you always came back to me with that beautiful smile on your face." He shook his head. "And even as you caused me trouble from time to time...I actually enjoyed rescuing you, bailing you out despite how angry and annoyed I seemed every time." He chuckled. "You were always by my side, no matter what. Even when I screamed at you, you stayed. Even when I punched you, you stayed. Even when I choked you, you stayed. That earns a lot of respect from me." He lowered his head. "...I'm sorry for hurting you all those times."

"Aww! Don't sweat it Germania!" The addressed sheepishly scratched the back of his neck. "I was never angry at you for that!"

The raven once again made his beloved face him. "You see what I mean? You're a very honorable person." His cheeks reddened. "And...I'm deeply sorry for how I acted towards you when we first met; you did not deserve the aloofness I exhibited towards you."

"Nah! It's fine!" Italy beamed. "I was never mad at you either!"

The Asian sighed in relief. "Watashi wa ureshī."

"So..." The pair glanced back at him as a blush ignited his cheeks. "You both don't mind that I find guys attractive too?" His flush only darkened. "You know, I always thought you both are very handsome."

Said nations spontaneously combusted. "O-Of course not!" Japan stammered. "In fact, I've always thought you are very handsome too!"

"Y-Yeah! What he said!" Germany stuttered. He became redder than his own blood in an instant. "And to tell you the truth, you aren't the only one who's still a virgin."

Italy was confused. "What are you saying?" He cocked his head to the side. "Are you saying you're a virgin too?" The blond abruptly imploding was more than enough to answer his question. The perplexed then turned, facing his other companion. "Giappone, are you a virgin too?"

"H-Hai I-Italia-k-kun!" Tomatoes from all over were envious of him at that moment. "I-In fact, I've never actually been in a relationship before!"

Brown eyes widened in shock. "No way!"

"S-Same here." Come on, where're the explosions of guts?!

Italy beamed, limpid brown eyes limpid once more. "Grazie! I feel so much better now!"



"Ne Ne! I have a new name for the three of us!" Italy grinned as he excitedly spread his arms out. "How about the Axis Virgin Trio?"

Two jaws smashed onto the ground simultaneously. Germany was the first to regain his composure, eyes narrowed at the Italian. "NO!"

"I-I don't think it's a very good idea..." I wonder why?

Italy groaned. "Aww! Why not?! You guys just said it isn't a bad thing for me to still be a virgin, and the same goes for you two!" He crossed his arms, pouting. "Why not?!"

"J-Just no." Seriously, this guy would be the death of them.

The brunet sighed. "...Okay." His frown quickly morphed back into a dazzling smile, the blithe throwing his arms around his two friends who at last realized what position they were in, jumping back as though burned. Just how easily flustered are the pair by the Italian? Don't answer that question.

"...So Italia-kun," Japan oh so discreetly moved closer back to the brunet's side, face ignited, "do you have anyone who has won your favor as of now?"

Germany did the same. "...Are you in love with anyone right now Italien?"

"EH?!" Brown eyes widened into saucers. "Why are you asking me this question?!"

Closer. "We just want to know Italia-kun."

"Yeah, we just want to know Italien." Closer.

They exchanged a heated glare as they went to either side of the brunet, wanting no needing the answer to be one of them and one of them only. However, the auburn's sigh broke them from their match. "I'm not telling!"

"So you do have someone you're fond of, Italia-kun?" Fell for the trap.

Italy pouted. "I'm still not telling!"

"Since when were you not willing to tell us something?" Germany demanded. "Come on, tell us."

"Tell us."

"Tell us."

"Tell us."

"Tell us."

"Tell us."

"Tell us."

"Tell us."

"Tell us."

"AHH! You guys are scaring me!" The shriek that followed was enough to stop the pair's mindless chanting.

That doesn't necessarily mean they stopped altogether. "We're your best friends, Italia-kun. Your secret is safe with us; the person you love will never have to know." Lies.

"No means no!" The obstinate stomped his foot. He sighed. "Besides, they're way out of my league."

That one word dropped two mouths. "'They'?! As in plural?!"

"No!" The shout was a little too fast though. Luckily, it went past the shocked nations. "I meant that they could be a girl too! I only said I never fell for a girl in the past!"

The temperature plummeted below freezing. "So you're in love with a girl right now?" Why was that word spat out? In such contempt?

"I'm not telling!" That was not a yes. Nor was that a no. The persistent hung his head. "Besides, didn't I say they're way out of my league?"

Seriously, even the South Pole couldn't get as cold as the atmosphere at that moment. "Who is this person, Italia-kun?"

"We'll teach this person a lesson." Knuckles were cracked. Two sets of knuckles to be precise.

Italy face-palmed. How uncharacteristic. "I don't want you to beat them up!" And he added under his breath... "And I don't think you even could."

"Want to bet?" Ominous glasses glint.

Ominous aura. "We'll see about that."

"Oh come on!" The interrogated groaned, frustrated. Once again, how uncharacteristic. He finally gave in. "Fine." Two faces brightened. "I'll give you a hint as to who they are..." He suddenly turned, dust flying as he ran off. "You'll have to catch me first!" As he disappeared into the horizon, a second shout rang out. "Oh yeah! You can't use nets, ropes, snares, whips, other people, motor vehicles, drones, robots, traps, animals, plants, mythical creatures, and anything besides just catching me in your arms! You only have an hour!" Did he have to list that many things? On second thought...probably.

Germany and Japan exchanged a glance, reaching a swift and silent agreement as they took off, chasing their beloved. You would think they finally reached an understanding. Don't be mistaken. Oh they still hated each other. Oh they still wanted to have the Italian all to themselves. Oh they were still insanely jealous of each other. They just wanted to make sure their beloved was safe, that no encounters with rapists or bullies would happen again...or so they kept telling themselves. Of course they didn't want any harm falling onto their beloved! Of course not! Never! However, they needed to find out who their precious Italy was in love with and now...even if it meant negotiating a temporary ceasefire. Temporary.

"Italia-kun! I'll make you as much pasta as you could possibly eat for the rest of eternity if you return now!" How could the Italian resist pasta? If you cannot catch someone, lure them in.

"I can make my own pasta!" An answering shout echoed. "I'm not telling!" Guess he can. Shock.

Germany sneered. "You're going about this the wrong way, Japan." He cupped his mouth, taking a deep breath. "ITALIEN! IF YOU DON'T COME HERE THIS VERY INSTANT, YOU'LL NEVER SEE ANOTHER BITE OF PASTA EVER AGAIN!"

"NOOOOOO!" The blur in the distance only zipped away faster at the threat.

The raven scoffed. "Your approach worked so well."

"Humph." The larger scoffed back. He then reached into the magical space all anime characters have, whipping out a book conveniently titled 'How to Catch a Runaway Italian'. After skimming through several pages—still on the move of course—he once again made to yell. "HEY ITALY! IF YOU DON'T COME BACK RIGHT THIS INSTANT, I'LL FORCE YOU TO EAT ENGLAND'S SCONES FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!"

"NOOOOOOOOO! DO YOU HATE ME THAT MUCH?!" Opposite effect than what was intended. Opposite effect indeed.

The Asian glared. "Really? Igirisu-san's scones? Are you trying to poison Italia-kun?"

"Stupid book!" Yeah, blame all your life's problems on a single book. Which was what he did as he savagely tore it in half, tossing both pieces to the side. Poor book!

Japan tried once again. "Italia-kun! How about I make you some dango and gelato? I'll make as much as you can eat and more!"

"I'M STILL NOT TELLING!" As expected.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. Gulp. They so didn't want to do this. Sharing a glance, both knew what had to be done. Double gulp. The German took the Japanese in one arm—both cringing as the larger did so—before taking off once again, the blond running faster than he thought possible towards the faster-than-light Italian. Seriously, just how fast could he run?! If only they were allowed to have a car...or a falcon. "ITALIEN!"


The people on the streets stared at the pair as though they were insane—which they may or may not be. Seriously, what kind of man carried another dressed in a Teru Mikami cosplay, running through the streets as though they were in hot pursuit of someone—which they were? It was a wonder nobody had collided into them. A real wonder indeed. If only Light Yagami had Italy's speed, he would never have been caught, most likely able to run to a spare piece of the Death Note and kill all those in his way before they knew what hit them. Good thing Italy isn't actually Light. Shudder.

The three—one way ahead of the other two—finally made it to a clearing, no one else around. Thank goodness; they didn't need any more people questioning their sanity. They're perfectly sane for your information! Once the German tired—the brunet still on the run for god knows how—the Japanese got off, chasing the Italian all on his own. "Mattekudasai! Italia-kun!"

"NO! I WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU!" Losing all hope.

Even as the raven lost his breath, the auburn was still able to go. How ridiculous! Just how strong are those legs?! Hmm...strong legs—no! Don't think about that! As the German caught up to the Japanese—both panting harshly—they exchanged a desolate glance. Forget about their mutual hatred; they didn't want to lose their beloved to some stranger. Or even worse: another country. To think of Italy giving another such warm hugs—wait! That's it!



"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The blur flashed even faster than ever before except in the opposite direction; the two countries suddenly found themselves on their backs, arms full of Italy. "YOU CAN'T TAKE AWAY MY HUGS! ANYTHING BUT THE HUGS!"

Mission accomplished. The two smirked as they returned the embrace. "We caught you within an hour. Tell us."

"Really?!" The pair gulped as the hazel checked his watch. They must be right! They had to be right! "Fifty-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds passed." He groaned. "Aww man!"

Their hearts nearly stopped. "Why didn't you hold out for that extra second, Italia-kun?"

"It wouldn't have been hard to do so." That's definitely true; all Italy had to do was run just a smidgen bit slower.

A blush ignited on the brunet's cheeks. "But...I don't want to lose my hugs from you both!" He pouted. "I had to hurry as soon as possible!"

"Y-You know I would never actually do that, Italia-kun." Another explosion was building up. "Watashi wa hontōni kimi o dakishimetaidesu!" Boom.

Italy beamed. "Aww! I really like hugging you too Nihon!"

"Same here. I...like hugging you too Italien." Germany stuttered.

The addressed sheepishly scratched the back of his neck. "Grazie Germania!"

"Now..." Let's get down to business. "Tell us."

There's no use in stalling. "...Fine." The demanded reluctantly nodded. "I'll tell you..." Just hurry up! The two countries were dying little by little inside with every passing second. "...They're very precious to me. They're irreplaceable." And then the speaker stood, grinning. "There! I told you!" He then turned back towards the city, creating another dust cloud as he rushed back towards it. "Come on Germania! Giappone! The fireworks will start very soon! Let's watch from Florence!"

Japan and Germany stood there, mouths agape as they stared after their beloved. That little hint didn't help the two at all to their dismay. Just who could it be?



•German: Italien=Italy, Ja=Yes, Ich verstehe=I understand, Bitte=You're welcome

•Japanese: Italia=Italy, Nani=What, Sore o kurikaesu no o konomu=Would you like to repeat that, Kono mujōna kaibutsu=This heartless monster, Teme wa kuzu=You're trash, Hai=Yes, Hontōni=Really, Sumimasen=Sorry, Wakatta=I understand, Watashi wa ureshī=I'm glad, Dōitashimashite=You're welcome, Ne=Hey, Igirisu=England, Mattekudasai=Please wait for me, Watashi wa hontōni kimi o dakishimetaidesu=I really like hugging you, Nihon=Japan

•Italian: Germania=Germany, Grazie=Thanks, Giappone=Japan, Oh smettere di ragazzi=Oh stop guys, Sono spaventato=I'm scared, Per favore=Please

Sadly, such people who think it's fun to make people feel bad about themselves actually do exist. Believe me, there is one such person in my life. In fact, I'm one of that person's targets. /:

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