Hetalia - Axis Powers Fan Fiction ❯ Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità ❯ Chapter 8 Part 3 ( Chapter 10 )

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Ah, how time flies. So much can happen within such a short amount of time, where moments could last for an eternity each. The fond memories that are created...Germany smiled as one came to mind; after countless sessions of driving lessons in which either he or Japan was desperately praying for their lives, a certain reckless driver named Italy finally became...decent at operating a motor vehicle. Although both were terrified beyond belief, the brilliant beaming of their beloved, the heated showers of kisses he rained on them made everything worthwhile. Yes, fond memories—

"WWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"—Wait, what was that?! That sounded like Italy! And it's coming from the bedroom! Panic overtaking his normally lucid brain, the blond rushed toward the bedroom, slamming the door wide open.

The sight that greeted him absolutely broke his heart; there lay his precious Italian, arms wrapped around the Japanese as he cried into the raven's chest, said raven fighting back tears which poured out anyways. What a depressing sight. "WHAT'S WRONG?!" Rushing over faster than a blink of an eye, Germany clasped his hand onto the brunet's shoulder, shaking him roughly. "ANSWER ME—"

"—Ludwig-san." Dull black eyes stopped his action on the spot. Wait dull?! The sable sighed, keeping his precious in one arm as he feebly pointed to the calendar. August 6th?! What's so special about that date—oh. Oh...

Realization dawned on the German. "Today's the day—"

"WHEN YOU AS HOLY ROME WERE DISSOLVED IN 1806!" The weeper wailed.

Enervated nod. "This also happens to be the day when Hiroshima...I...was bombed by Amerika-san." Sniffle. "The day the first of the atom bombs were dropped on me in 1945."

"No way..." Shock froze up a usually clear mind. "...So during this time of year—"


"...So do I." Streams flowed down. "During this day, I normally isolate myself from everyone and lay down in my bed to ride through my depression so no one would see me like this, but I figured since we are a triad now..." He couldn't finish his sentence.

But the other could. "...we shouldn't hide anything anymore." The auburn buried himself deeper into the Asian's chest, almost seeming as though he was trying to disappear.

"Feliciano, Kiku..." Germany wrapped an arm around each, his own tears slipping from his eyes as lithe arms clung onto his frame. After several minutes of crying it out, the three pulled apart. The fulvous took that opportunity to place firm hands on the hazel's shoulders. "Feliciano..." Dead brown eyes looked up. Wait dead?! Braving through the heartbreak, the speaker continued. "...I'm here now. There's no need to be sad on this day anymore."

Bangs shaded dead brown eyes. "But after doing something for over two hundred years, it's kinda hard to just stop." His eyes flickered to the lethargic nation beside him. "And Kiku..."

"Then no matter how long it takes, I'll see to you getting better." Large arms wrapped around a smaller frame, a second smaller frame taken into his arms as well. "...And you and America have patched up relations since World War II, right?"

"Yes. We are incredibly good friends now. We have been for quite some time." Just where was he going with this?!

Just where? "Then you shouldn't be holding onto this hurt. If you have truly forgiven him, then you should be able to get past those feelings of pain he had caused you...since you should have let them go." Blue eyes next trained onto brown. "You should let go of your hurt too. Now that I—who was once Holy Rome—am now here, there is no more reason to be miserable." He cupped both countries' cheeks, forcing them to meet his eyes. "If you continue to submerge yourselves in what's currently making you miserable, you won't ever be happy; anger or anxiety will be the predominant emotions you'll experience...and I don't want that for either of you." Azure orbs softened as large thumbs wiped at continuously flowing trails. "I know it won't be easy, nor will it be quick...but I'll be there every step of the way."

"Wow Ludwig..." Crystalline tears finally dried. "Someone incredibly wise must have taught you this."

Chuckle. "Yes, I learned it from you."

"Right..." Double-take. "What?! Me?!"

Fond smile. "Yes, you."

"But I'm not wise!" Or so he thought.

The blond frowned. "That's not true at all!" Blue eyes narrowed. "You may be strange and a bit air-headed at times, but that doesn't make you stupid!" Foreheads were pressed together. "You are the one who doesn't hold grudges against anyone, no matter what they did to you; me, Kiku, Austria, your brother, the whole world...you name it. You might grow scared, but never resentful." Lips pressed against a smaller pair. "You have taught me to let go of the past."

"Ludwig-san is correct you know." Another pair of arms wrapped around the brunet's waist, another pair of lips pressing to his. "You must be considerably wise to not hold anything against anyone. No matter what." Smile. "Even I can't do that, and I'm 800 years older than you." Cheeks were fondly caressed. "Obete imasu, Feli-kun. Nani ga arou tomo watashi wa kimi wo eien ni aishimasu...watashi no tenshi. Watashi no kichōna koibito."

Usually stern eyes were flooded with the utmost love. "Erinnere Ich werde immer liebe dich...mein Engel. Meine kostbare Liebhaber. Don't ever doubt yourself, Feliciano—"

"GRAZIE! GRAZIE!" Falling backwards onto the bed, the two nations suddenly found themselves on their backs as kisses were rained all over their faces, arms wrapped tightly around their frames. All misery had been banished. "IO SARÒ SEMPRE TI AMO ENTRAMBI TROPPO I MIEI ANGELI! MIEI AMANTI PREZIOSI!"

Combust. "FELICIANO!"

"Feli-kun!" Giggle.

Obviously one of them was taking it better than the other. "FELICIANO!"

"TI AMO!" Peck. Kiss. Smooch. Peck. Kiss. Smooch. DUAL EXPLOSION!

Everything was back to normal...for now.






"Feli-kun, wake up!"





"Feliciano! Wake up!"



idiot, air head, brainless, brain-dead...

heartless, brick wall, arrogant, wicked...


The two charged, gun and sword in hand—


Italy bolted straight up from the bed, shrilly screaming. Concerned pairs of black and blue stared into brown as they flung open.

"Feli-kun?! Are you alright?!" The Asian wrapped his arms around him, holding him tightly.

Glare. "Does he look alright Kiku?" The poor boy was practically hyperventilating. Ignoring the return glare shot his way, Germany embraced his fellow European from behind. "What's wrong?!"

"I-It's nothing!" Yeah right.

Sigh. "Please don't hide this from us." Piercing ebon orbs bore into caramel. "We're not supposed to be withholding secrets anymore, isn't that right?"


A second sigh resounded. "Feliciano...Kiku and I heard you mumbling in your sleep."

"That was just—"

A hand was held up, silencing him. "'Please stop', 'Please don't fight over me'..." Black eyes lessened in intensity. "Feli-kun, were you having a nightmare about that fight?"

"...Yes." There was no use in denying it. The confessor shrunk in on himself, shivering wildly. "Truth be told, ever since that night...this scene has been replaying in my mind over and over again every time I sleep." He contracted into a ball. "...It's been haunting me for quite some time." His head shot up, meeting his lovers' confounded expressions. "I never said anything about this because I know you guys were trying your best to make this triad work out and I'm infinitely grateful for that." Smile. Smile faded. "...And I thought it would eventually pass. But now..."

Blue eyes softened. "You weren't able to hide your distress anymore." Nod.

"We're so sorry you had to see that." The Asian tightened his embrace. "To think it's giving you nightmares!"

A large hand rubbed patterns into the auburn's back. "We were wrong to do that and for that, we are forever sorry." The hand stopped, pressing the brunet towards its owner's chest. "But rest assured, that will never happen ever again." Blue eyes shone warmth. "I love both you and Kiku, and I never want to hurt either of you."

"I love you both as well." Japan smiled, leaning into the larger nations' chests.

The Italian fully unfurled, bright smile returning. "Thanks you guys. I love both of you too." The three shared a warm embrace—


"Che cosa?!"—only for the alarm clock to go off, the trio jolting apart.

The German glared murder at the infernal device. "Why the heck is this thing going off at 6:00am?!"

"Well today is..." Black eyes threw themselves at the calendar, widening as they took in the date. Oh crap.

Oh crap indeed. "What the?!" The incident just now must have made the normally astute country forget something. Shock! "We have a World Meeting today!"

"No wonder!" The raven and blond leapt off the bed as though it were in a sea of flames, rushing to get ready.

The fulvous peeked his head from the bathroom door. "Feliciano! You too!"

"Okay." Salute.

Brow twitch. "Your right hand, not your left!"

"Roger!" Right-hand salute. As soon as that door had closed at last, the Italian made sure the coast was clear before bounding off the mattress, rushing towards the dresser. Feeling along the sides of the furniture, his hand at last found the secret compartment, the brunet quickly making sure no one was around once again before pulling it open, exposing the contents.

Piles upon piles of sketches were strewn about the space, their contents the same; each page bore a drawing of either Japan, Germany, Italy himself with either one, or all three of them together. All were happy and smiling at each other in the pictures. A warm smile was brought to the artist's own face; those two were the loves of his life, what keeps him going. His inspiration. He loved them so much. More than anything in fact.

However, that was not what he was looking for...


"Okay. Settle down. SETTLE DOWN! GEEZ!"

Chaos. Utter. Chaos. Countries screaming at each other. Roughhousing. Trying to strangle each other. A certain one attempting to pitch his ridiculous ideas of 'an all-evil destroying superhero' only to be ignored. Some even trying to kill each other. Yep, your typical World Meeting. Typical indeed.


Well, that's how you get the job done. England sighed. "Thanks Germany." Two claps of his hands. "Well, it looks like we covered everything—"

"—No we haven't!" All eyes whipped onto a certain Italian...

...whose brother face-palmed. "What do you have to announce that's so important?!" Romano humphed. "I just want to get out of here already!" Nods and murmurs of agreement were exchanged. Everyone just wanted to get out.

"But I do have something important to say! Something of the utmost importance!" The serious look on his face stunned all the occupants in the room...which vanished instantly as a wide grin took its place, the blithe snaking his arms around a certain two nations who sat to either side of him, beaming as he stood, them having to stand with him. "Ludwig, Kiku, and I are dating! We're now the Axis Virgin Trio!"

Mouths dropped open. Crickets chirping could clearly be heard. The dropping of a pin was deafening. All was frozen in time. The German face-palmed. "Feliciano, why the heck did you have to tell the whole world that we're together?" Well, every single embodiment of every single country and micronation was present—yeah Italy told the whole world alright. Tick mark appearing. "And what did I say about that horrendous title?"

"Don't be mad, Ludwig-san." A placating hand was placed on a broad shoulder. "We should be proud to date Feli-kun and shouldn't let what others think get in the way of that." The elder sighed. "And if Feli-kun wants to call us that, no matter how embarrassing..." Full-body flush. "...we should be fine with it."

Blue eyes softened. "Kiku...you're right." The man turned, making to leave. "Come on, let's go. At least we won't have to keep anything secret now—"









The room reanimated in full-force, hands waving about rapidly as clapping echoed off of the conference room walls. Cheers filled the air. Some danced. And some even went up to the triad.

"Congrats dudes!" America exclaimed. "I knew something was up the moment you guys called each other by your human names! No one does that! Neither of you do that with your brothers! Not even Austria and Hungary—who have been together for many decades—do that!" Fanboying. "SWWEEEETTTTTTTT!" Out of commission.

Someone appearing to be a tamer version of the American, a curled ahoge amongst wavy locks approached the trio. "I am very happy for you three!" The guy bowed. "Congratulations!"

"And you are..." Question marks floated about in the German's eyes.

A certain someone beat the addressed to the punch. "Aww! Thanks Canada!"

"You know my name?!" The Canadian beamed. "Thank you so much Italy!"

Question marks still floated above the Japanese's head. "Who?"

"Canada." Still present. "You know, America's younger twin brother." Yet to leave. "One of the largest countries on the map." Nothing. The Italian whined. "Oh come on!"

The discussed gave a nervous chuckle. "It's fine! No one can help it!" Shrug. "I'm used to this by now." He eyed the exit. "I'm a little thirsty so I'm going to the lobby to get some water! Bye!"

"Bye!" Hmm...maybe he should hang out with Canada more often? To make him feel less alone? Definitely.

A sigh could be heard in front of the trio, them snapping their attention toward the source. England shook his head. "I saw this coming from a mile away. I always knew you three were too close to be just friends." He stomped his foot. "I KNEW IT!"

"Come on, be happy for them." A hulking presence which struck fear into the hearts of many suddenly came about. Said presence giggled. "I'm so happy for you three!"

Wow. Despite appearing all scary and monstrous, that presence really wasn't a bad guy. The brunet smiled back. "Thanks Russia!"

"What the?!" A mouth dropped, Japan glaring murder at the Russian. "You just talked to him! Him of all countries!"

Italy sighed. "Remember the talk we had about letting the past go?" Arms crossed. "And how we shouldn't hold grudges?"


No buts. "It's about time you and Russia began improving relations." Limpid brown eyes begging. "Please?"

"...Alright." Like I've said so many times by now, Japan just could not refuse his beloved.

The Slavic beamed. "Yay!" He then skipped towards the door. "Bye you three! I'm going to be prancing about for a bit!" ...Okay.

"Yeah, whatever." All attention was returned to the British as he made his way out. "See you. I need to use the gentlemen's room. Congrats by the way."

A certain trio that was always up to no good made its way over. "Kesese! I'm so proud of you West!"

Spain smirked. "Ita-chan's all grown up! And he snagged not one but two guys!"

"Oh love is beautiful, is it not?" France wept. "So beautiful!"

Germany quirked a brow. "You aren't upset?" He turned towards his sibling. "Don't you three like Feliciano too?"

"Of course!" Prussia cackled. "But I know you and Japan love him and since Ita-chan loves you both back, I'm just going to be happy for you three!" He snickered. "The awesome me will be the most awesome brother-in-law in the world!" Wait what?!

The French sniffled. "There are so many fish out there in the sea, even if Ita-chan is the best one there is!" He dramatically swung his hand over his eyes. "I'll have another chance at love someday!"

"All I want is for Ita-chan to be happy." The Spaniard laughed, smirking as he pulled a certain someone over. "Besides, I still have Lovino!"

Romano scowled. "Okay you pompous jerk! You have no right to use my human name!" Blushing all over. His eyes softened as he glanced at his younger sibling and said younger sibling's lovers. "Even if you're with that Sushi Shrimp and Macho Potato especially the Macho Potato...as long as you're happy, I'm happy." A lethal flame spontaneously ignited as the brother glared heatedly at the two. "But if either of you screws Veneziano over, I'll rip out your intestines and dangle them in front of you as I strangle the life out of you with them—"

"Lovino! Lovino! Calm down!" Arms wrapped around the raging nation, dragging him away. "Come on, let's go!" The Spanish smiled at the trio. "Lovino and I are going to get some fresh air!"

Nope. "Let me go you b—"

"And we're off!" And then they were gone.

Two countries were absolutely traumatized. "Umm..."

"That was..." They better not mess with Italy—not that they would have anyways. Never.

A throat cleared. "...Good job." Switzerland was there, his sister nudging him on.

"I'm so happy for you three!" Liechtenstein cheered.

Poland stepped up. "Well, well...to think you actually want to improve relations with Russia." Shrug. "That's Italy for you, too kind for his own good." The guy huffed, a smile gracing his face. "Great job you three." A smirk crossed his lips. "You know, I was beginning to think poor Italy was cursed!"

"Not exactly-aru. It can be argued that this was all fate's plan, its design-aru. It kept Italy from choosing the wrong ones-aru." The conversers watched as China approached them, his arms folded in his robes. The Chinese smirked. "Well, well Japan...I never knew you had a romantic side to you-aru."

Blush. "Chūgoku-san..."

"See-aru?! Look at what I mean-aru!" The ancient snickered. "You refer to practically everyone as '-san' and the little ones '-chan' but never '-kun'...except for Italy-aru!"

Frown. "And Pochi-kun—"

"Italy and your dog-aru! Your dog-aru! Not a human nor a country-aru! Your dog-aru!" Okay, point taken. Mischievous glint. "And when you speak Japanese, you call everyone 'anata', even babies-aru! I would know-aru! I'm your big brother after all-aru!" Evil laugh. "But Italy is 'kimi'-aru! Not even your dog is that-aru!"

Combust! "Feli-kun doesn't want me to be formal with him though!"

"So-aru? You could just say 'omae' then if that's the case-aru." Smug smile. "That's even less formal-aru." The oldest snickered. "And 'kimi' can be used in a romantic context—"


"Oh my little brother's growing up-aru!" Wipes at imaginary tears.

Tick mark. "I'm 3284 years old Chūgoku-san." Twitch. Twitch. "I'm not that much younger than you."

"Kesese! The awesome me sees what China's going at here!" Prussia cackled as he faced his brother, roughly smacking his back. "West here makes little exceptions for Ita-chan from time to time! He turns from Drill Sergeant Nasty to a puddle of goop in Ita-chan's hands!"


"High five! High five! Bad Touch! Yeah!" The Prussian, France, and Spain—who had just returned with a significantly subdued aka tranquilized Romano—exchanged a multitude of high fives, a little-too-wide grins on all three faces.

That wasn't all. "Hey-aru! Don't leave me out-aru!" China proceeded to join in on the...ritual. "And now that Japan and Germany have fallen for each other too, the circle is complete-aru!"

"Uh—huh?!" Meanwhile, Italy just stood there, bemusement obviously evident.

Germany was no different. "I'm just as confused as you are, Feliciano." Seriously, since when did someone as wise as China high five a bunch of rebel rousers?!

"Just what is the world coming to?" Bad Touch and the Chinese ceased what they were doing, the lovers as well as they seeing who came into the scene.

The brunet beamed. "Austria-nii!" The younger proceeded to tackle the elder to the ground, nuzzling him up over-affectionately. "Thank you so much for that advice!"

"N-No problem." Flustered beyond belief. "I'm so relieved everything worked out."

A flash was quick to follow. "ITA-CHAN!" A shrill squeal was the only warning before a blur crashed into the auburn, whirling him around rapidly.

"Hungary-san!" The woman tightened her grip on the boy in her arms, rubbing their cheeks together as her shrieking only increased in volume.

The bespectacled sighed. "Hungary dear, please calm down."

"Calm down?! Why?!" The lady pouted as she brought the Italian closer to herself. "I'm so happy for Ita-chan! This precious sweetheart uke has gotten himself two sexy semes!" Wait what?! Since when were attackers sexy?! On second thought...

The poor guy was absolutely perplexed. "Kiku...what does Hungary-san mean by 'receiver' and 'attacker'?!" Poor naïve guy.

"I-It's nothing important!" Ebon orbs widened as their owner suddenly felt...something trickling from his nostril.

The question was immediately forgotten at the sight of the crimson fluid. "OH NO! YOU'RE BLEEDING!" Running at the speed of Italy, the brunet dove for some tissues as he escaped the Hungarian's hold, stuffing them into the raven's face. "IT WON'T STOP!" If anything, it only worsened. I wonder why?

"Stop with the vulgarity!" The Austrian covered his eyes, rapidly turning away.

A snort resounded. "Stupid aristocrat." A certain albino murmured under his breath. "I doubt you could even handle anything interesting going on between Ita-chan and West or Ita-chan and Japan."

"Oh excuse me?" Indignant snort. "For your information, I was in the middle of a fiasco involving Italy and Germany during Buon San Valentino a long time back."

Buon San Valentino?! "Wait, isn't that when—?!"

"Yes." Nod.

Oh. Everyone—except Italy—knew where this was going. Including China. "I remember the time when Italy first hugged and kissed Japan on the cheek and the aftermath-aru. I was simply passing by-aru." Hehehe.



Ignored. Question marks and squiggles dominated the blithe's mind. "What are you guys talking about?!"



Too. Bad. "Both technically tried to marry you before!"

"Both technically tried to marry you before-aru!" High five.



No effect. China snickered. "It doesn't matter that Japan only wanted you to take responsibility-aru..."

"...And that West was confused." Smirk.

Gasp. "What do you mean by marry?!"

"Tie the knot, get hitched...you know." Spain shrugged.

A lecherous grin crossed France's lips. "Oh you lucky dog! You had two guys try to marry you!"

"MARRY WHOM?! VENEZIANO?!" It was that moment when Romano came back to life, frothing at the mouth. "LET ME AT THEM!" Let's just say it took all of Bad Touch and the superstrength of the Asian superpower to hold back the increasingly rabid nation.

Mouth had yet regained the ability to close. Ignoring his feral brother, Italy slowly turned, staring at Germany and Japan. "You both really tried to marry me before?"



Gulp. "And have those feelings changed?" Just where was this going?!

"Well now I'm certain of my love towards you..." Blush.

Burning. "I no longer want us to be conjoined through obligation alone..."

"But?!" The suspense was just too great!

Neither could hold it in anymore. "NEIN!"


Different languages, same meaning. It was at that moment everyone who had left the room reentered, confusion on all their faces as they witnessed the utter stillness of those who had stayed. "'No'..."



Limpid brown eyes were unable to close, staying wide open. "...I never knew." Bangs hid them. "I never knew. I'm sorry for not seeing those signs. I really am."

"Feli-kun, don't be sad." Japan took the brunet into his arms.

Germany joined them, wrapping them both in an embrace. "We're not mad."

"...So I guess that makes this a lot easier." Just what was Italy saying?! He wiggled out of the double grasp, standing before them. Nervous trembling. Deep breath. "Here goes." Clear throat. "Ludwig, Kiku...we have been through so much together. The Axis, World War II, the Cold War, now...we have spent so much time together." He smiled at Germany. "I've loved you for so long and love you for who you are now, not who you were in the past. You have made me fall for you Ludwig; how you would bother to help me no matter what the problem was, no matter the situation...you were always there for me. You make me feel special. My life just wouldn't be the same without you in it." Leaving the blond's gaping mouth, caramel hues flickered to ebon. "Although we have known each other for less than a century, I feel like we've been together for an eternity. We may seem like completely different individuals with our different personalities, but we're actually pretty alike what with our many similar interests. Your secret warmth has never failed to touch my heart...and I'm so grateful you entered my life. It just wouldn't be complete without you." Honey hues took in two sets of gaping maws. "You both were my first friends, first best friends, and first lovers...and I want us to be so much more."

Gasp. "What are you?!"

"Could it be?!" Fingers covered lips as the breath caught in the raven's throat.

Drop onto both knees. Reach into both pockets, velvet cases in each hand, both popped open to reveal golden bands bearing tiny diamonds all over. "Ludwig, Kiku...will you both marry me?" Heart beating. "I hope the rings are good enough! I made them myself you know!" Tremulous shaking. "I know I didn't realize when you both proposed and I regret that more than anything...but I hope you'll—"



Italy suddenly found himself on the ground, this time on the receiving end of a shower of kisses as he was hugged tightly. "You both!"


"JA! JA!"

Tears formed in black and blue hues, forming in brown ones as well. "GRAZIE!" Triple tackle hug.

"About time!"

"So romantic!"


"I knew it."

"I'm so happy!"


"Luck sure favored those kids-aru!"

"This was meant to happen."






"WAIT!" All the celebratory cheering ceased as Romano pried the Spaniard's grip, standing with a book in his hand. "Poly marriages aren't legal anywhere!" Subdued murmur. Dampened atmosphere. Limpid brown eyes became miserable. Black and blue subsequently followed. At the sight of his younger sibling's unbridled sorrow, emerald orbs narrowed as their owner took that book...and kicked it into the air. "AH SCREW THE RULES! WE'RE THE COUNTRIES!"

Cheering resumed. "FRATELLO! GRAZIE!" Said big brother found himself suddenly on his back, his little brother kissing him on the cheeks in rapid succession.

"VENEZIANO!" Ignite. But for some reason, he just could not bring himself to push his overly affectionate sibling off. Blush. "...I'll be sure you three are married; in fact, I'll be doing the marrying myself." Flush. "Both of us were technically priests at one point. I have the power to...and I'll use it." Completely crimson. "Great job Veneziano. I hope you live a happy life with those two—"

Hugs and kisses commenced. "GRAZIE! GRAZIE!"


The temperature suddenly dropped to absolute zero. "But first..."

"...say sorry to Feli-kun." Ebon orbs bore into a certain seven.

Gulp. Wait, how would they—oh right, stalking. The stalking.

Let's just say there were apologies ringing in the air from the hapless for the next hour or so.


"These three have written their own wedding vows."

Everything was perfect. The sun was shining brightly. The sky was clear. The day was warm. Melodious harmonies of singing birds filled the air. Wedding music played all around. The grass was green. Flowers of all kinds and colors bloomed brilliantly and fragrantly. Literally the entire world took witness to the three countries at the altar—all three hand-in-hand...a crimson chrysanthemum, red rose, and violet in each of their black suits—as Romano, who was in holy robes, read the ceremonial sermon. Some cried. Some wept. Some bawled. Some sniffed. The best men—Austria, Prussia, France, Spain, Poland, China, America, Canada, England, Russia, and the priest himself—had given surprisingly heartwarming speeches about the three, and yes...Russia and Romano too.

And now it was time. Germany faced Italy. "I promise to encourage your compassion because that is what makes you unique and wonderful. I promise to nurture your dreams because through them your soul shines. I promise to help shoulder our challenges for there is nothing we cannot face if we stand together. I promise to be your partner in all things; not possessing you, but working with you as a part of the whole. Lastly, I promise to you perfect love and perfect trust for one lifetime with you could never be enough. This is my sacred vow to you, my equal in all things." And to Japan... "I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love. And to always know in the deepest part of my soul that no matter what challenges might carry us apart, we will always find our way back to each other."

"Thank you, Ludwig-san..." Tears slipped out. "I take you to be my partner for life. I promise above all else to live in truth with you and to communicate fully and fearlessly. I give you my hand and my heart as a sanctuary of warmth and peace and pledge my love, devotion, faith, and honor as I join my life to yours." And to Italy... "I promise to love and care for you, and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love. I will always be honest with you, kind, patient, and forgiving. I promise to try to be on time. But most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you. I love you."

Last but not least. Swallow your fears. Italy took a deep breath, trembling as he gazed at both of his grooms. "Ludwig, Kiku...you both are the most important people in my life. You two have always been by my side, my first in everything; friends, best friends, lovers, fiancés...and now husbands. Thank you for always being by my side. Thank you for seeing past my innumerable flaws and for accepting them, for loving me despite all of my flaws. Thank you for loving someone as imperfect as me, for loving someone so unworthy..." His grip tightened on both hands in his grasp, determination shining through watery eyes. "Thank you for proving my insecurities to be naught. Thank you for making me feel like I'm important. Thank you for loving me for so long, even when I pretended your feelings were not there...even when I denied them. Now I know them to be true, truer than anything." Streams flowed. "Thank you for being in my life; nothing would be the same without you both in it. Thank you for working out your differences and agreeing to be with me. Thank you for getting along so well and for falling for each other as well...I wanted that so much and thank you for making it possible!" Sob. "I want us to be together forever! I love you both so much...with my heart, body, soul, and everything—and much, much more. I'm blessed to have met you both. Blessed! I love you both more than anything!"

"Veneziano..." The depth of his brother's feelings towards those two absolutely blew the priest away. If his sibling loved them so much, loved them to the ends of the earth, loved them to the point he would die for them...then Romano would cherish his new brothers-in-law as though they were his very own. For his precious little brother. Even Germany, the so-called 'Macho Potato'. "If there is anyone in attendance who has cause to believe that this triad should not be joined in marriage, you may speak now or forever hold your peace. AND THERE BETTER NOT BE ANY DAMNED REASONS! THERE ARE NONE YOU JERKS! HAS ANYONE GOT ANYTHING TO SAY?! YOU'LL HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME!" Wow. How contradictory. Eh, it works.

Absolute silence. Good. Having regained his composure, Romano continued, facing the blond. "Ludwig Beilschmidt, do you take Feliciano Vargas and Kiku Honda to be your lawfully wedded husbands? Do you promise to honor them in love, to be sensitive to their needs, to comfort them in difficulty, and to put your full and complete trust in them, so long as you three shall live?"

"I do." Firm nod.

Romano moved on to Japan. "Kiku Honda, do you take Feliciano Vargas and Ludwig Beilschmidt to be your lawfully wedded husbands? Do you promise to honor them in love, to be sensitive to their needs, to comfort them in difficulty, and to put your full and complete trust in them, so long as you three shall live?"

"I do." Firm nod.

The priest then turned to the last one, eyes softening. "Feliciano Vargas...il mio fratellino...do you take Kiku Honda and Ludwig Beilschmidt to be your lawfully wedded husbands? Do you promise to honor them in love, to be sensitive to their needs, to comfort them in difficulty, and to put your full and complete trust in them, so long as you three shall live?"

"I do!" Firm nod.

Smiling, Romano waved a hand, a little lad who had bushy brows and blue eyes in a sailor suit and a short boy who had his blond hair tied into braids and was donned in a tux walking over, two pillows bearing two bands made of the most lustrous of gold and brilliant of diamonds on one of their hands each as a third holding two more was held by both. The two bowed, presenting them. "Thank you Sealand, Kugelmugel."

"Glad to be recognized!" Salute.

Shrug. "I'm honored to be able to assist in this artful event." ...Okay. Moving on.

"To commemorate this union, you may now exchange rings." The three took the cases which held the ones they made, the micronations stepping to the side once they had done so. "The circle formed by each ring symbolizes your eternal love and commitment to each other. Let these rings remind you always of that love, and of the promises you have made here on this day." Romano looked at each in turn. "Will each of you please repeat after me as you place the ring on your loved ones' hands?" The three nodded, awaiting the signal. "I, Ludwig Beilschmidt, give you both these rings as a symbol of my love and commitment. With these rings, I thee wed."

Here goes. "I, Ludwig Beilschmidt, give you both these rings as a symbol of my love and commitment. With these rings, I thee wed." The first two were slipped on.

"I, Kiku Honda, give you both these rings as a symbol of my love and commitment. With these rings, I thee wed." Once more...

...here goes. "I, Kiku Honda, give you both these rings as a symbol of my love and commitment. With these rings, I thee wed." The second two were up.

"I, Feliciano Vargas, give you both these rings as a symbol of my love and commitment. With these rings, I thee wed." And the last...

...but definitely not least. "I, Feliciano Vargas, give you both these rings as a symbol of my love and commitment. With these rings, I thee wed."

"By the power vested in me...I pronounce you husband, husband, and husband! You may now kiss the grooms, forever sealing your union!" Romano broke down into tears. "Veneziano is all grown up!"

The crowd erupted as the now conjoined embraced, sharing a three-way kiss. "Why what do we have here?"

"What the?! Grandpa Rome?!" An apparition of a mighty brown-haired man who radiated an aura of majesty and wisdom with a stubble on his face suddenly appeared, hovering above everyone present.

The ghost floated over to the trio, expression unreadable. "Ah, so these are the two my precious grandson has chosen to be his partners." Double gulp. "Well let's see..."

"Nonno?" Italy shivered, fearful. What if his grandfather didn't approve?!

Scratch chin. "Hmm..." The scrutinized exchanged eye contact, trembling. What if their beloved's grandfather did not approve?! A tension filled the air as all awaited the arrival's judgment. Would he approve...or not? The spirit's expression was stern. "I...APPROVE! I LOVE MY NEW GRANDSONS ALREADY!" Bright grin. All mouths dropped wide open. The former empire rushed to the priest, hugging him tightly. "Great job by the way Romano! You were awesome!"

"NONNO!" Grandfather and grandson embraced, tears gushing out of both's eyes at the utter joy of seeing their precious Veneziano married off.

The waterworks kept on going, only intensifying as the newly wed triad shared another kiss, tears of joy spilling from their eyes as well.


"Everything has turned out for the best, hasn't it Ludwig-san?"

The reception had been fantastic. The three had worked together to take a slice out of the humongous wedding cake, the rich flavors of the finest chocolates and strawberries enough to melt even the most hardened of tongues. That's France's cooking for you. The endless buffet was courtesy of China. Romano brought the finest wine from the best grapes there were. England—terrible cook, incredible singer—sang the most romantic of songs, Prussia on the guitar. Spain started off the dance, everyone else following. Let's just say Japan and Germany were literally swept off their feet by a certain Italian, in awe by his incredible skills. Grandpa Rome gave his blessing for the nth time before going back to heaven, humming all the way there. All in all, the wedding had been absolutely perfect. And now they were on a cruise, off to their honeymoon.

The largest nodded. "You know, I'm glad Feliciano chose us both; if he hadn't, I think one of us would have turned into a major stalker and would be miserable as Feliciano was happy with someone else." Wait what?!

"True, true..." Gulp. "I would never be able to hurt Feli-kun though, no matter how much pain I'm in." Sigh. "And because of him, we were able to get past our jealousy and see the good in each other."

Snicker. "Yeah. I hope those green-eyed monsters stay dead." Don't we all?

"I'm immensely grateful to Feli-kun for introducing us to this relationship." A smile graced the Japanese's lips...

...followed by an identical one on the German's. "Yeah..." Realization suddenly dawned on him. "Hey, where's Feliciano?!" The Asian realized the lack of the third as well, both frantically scanning the room for the Italian. "Where did he go—"

"Hey guys!" The sight that greeted the pair dropped two mouths into oblivion, their blood rushing south faster than the speed of light; impossibly short skirt which showcased voluptuous hips and crimson calf-high boots on legs that stretch on for miles, that cute little red bow on a white blouse that hugged all the right places and elegant gloves which encased lithe arms...it was a miracle upon the holiest upon holiest and merciful of miracles that the ship did not spontaneously detonate in a gory explosion of blood and guts at that very instant. Wink. Two-fingered salute. "Sailor Vene reporting for duty!"

A puddle of blood pooled under the raven. "F-Feli-kun?! W-Where d-did y-you g-get t-that c-cosplay?!"

"Oh this?" The addressed gestured to his outfit, two nations nearly dying as he did so. "I decided to pack this with the rest of our stuff!"

The blond's pants nearly shredded open with how tight they were. "Why the heck are you wearing this?!" Not that he was complaining. A certain part of him certainly wasn't.

"Well you see..." The brunet pranced over, the two nations having to resort to using all of their willpower to stay alive as he plopped down onto the bed, knees spread out as he sat. Gulp. "...for some time, I've been having these thoughts. Some not-so-nice thoughts." The auburn leaned in, placing a hand on the fulvous's chest. "How strong these muscles are and how nice they would feel under my fingertips..." The hand trailed down. "Just how hard these abs are to the touch and how much fun they would be to bounce on..." And even further to the danger zone. "And how this would feel and taste." The sable was not spared. Moving from the shell-shocked German, the Italian crawled up to the Japanese, ebon orbs popping straight out as a gloved hand was placed on his chest this time around. "How nice it would feel to have this cosy chest pressed up against my back..." Down. "How the smooth skin of your belly would feel against my own without anything in between..." And to the surprisingly huge bulge. "And how this would feel and taste as well." Smirk. "I wonder just how much you can expand from your miniaturized state?" Licks lips. "There's only one way to find out." What perverted thoughts! So Germany and Japan weren't the only ones having perverted thoughts?! Oh how deceiving looks are indeed! How could someone who seems so innocent be so dirty?!

Buttons popped. "S-So y-you w-want u-us t-to..." Japan couldn't even finish his sentence.

"B-But w-we're v-virgins!" Blood was pooling under Germany as well. "A-And y-you a-are t-too!" Growing faint. "N-None of us have any actual experience!"

Arms crossed. "So?" Hand on hip. Even fainter. "That doesn't matter to me." The hazel brought his hands to two cheeks. "I want you both to be my first, second, last...and all in between. I want to be yours too."

"Wait..." Realization dawned on the ebon.

Same with the fulvous. "By both of us being your first—"

"I want you two to take me at the same time." Italy laid down, spreading his legs. There was nothing underneath that skirt. "Please?"

Nothing more had to be said.


"Aww man! Why were we stuck with guard duty?! That's so not awesome!"

Within the surveillance room, a certain trio that was always up to no good sat before a myriad of monitors, bored out of their minds.

France huffed. "I know right?! Why were we cursed with such a horrid job?!" Hand dramatically covering eyes. "The woe is me!"

"Hey guys! Check this out!" The mischievous glint in the Spaniard's eye piqued the pair's interest, the two instantly rushing to where he was. "Look at this!"

The sight on the screen brought an obscene smirk to Prussia's face. "Oh wow." Licks lips. "Ita-chan pulls off that Sailor Moon cosplay very well!" Lecherous grin. "Better than the girls themselves in fact!"

"Indeed." The French chuckled. "My, my...Ita-chan sure is flexible."

Spain snickered. "Able to sit like that..." Slurp. "Those two lucky ducks definitely struck gold."

"Hey! Look what's happening!" Two mouths dropped as two sets of eyes followed the Prussian's finger; Germany and Japan just pounced Italy who had lain down on the bed, on top of him in a flash.

The Spanish's smile grew too wide. "Wow! They're taking off Ita-chan's clothes in record time!"

"More like tearing them off." Tsk tsk. "Such a waste of fine fabric."

Slap on the back. "Don't be such a stick in the mud Francis!" The albino crossed his arms. "Just enjoy the show!"

"To think you'd use my human name..." Sigh. "Fine." Tongue wetting lips. "What a show this will be."

Spain snickered. "Look at Ita-chan returning the favor!" He shook his head. "Those suits sure were expensive though." Shrug. "Meh." Evil laughter. "Just how soft that skin would feel...no wonder those guys can't take their hands or tongues off Ita-chan right now!" Cackle. "But neither can he! And look at all that hair yanking!"

"Hey Toni." The Prussian jabbed him with an elbow.

Frown. "It's 'Antonio', but what?"

"What is a two-digit number that when flipped upside-down, looks the same?" Snicker.

Confusion manifested. "96?"

"No, the other one!" Oh you pervert!

He got it now. "Oh. Oh..." His eyes flicked back to a certain monitor. "That position, huh?" A chin was rested on steepled fingers. "One on two and two on one?" Lascivious lick. "And no gag reflex? I guess all those years of wolfing down pasta have paid off..." Eyes pruriently narrowed. "And those two are sharing and taking turns swallowing?" Confusion became evident. "But wait! I thought all three were completely inexperienced!"

"Kesese! Look at this! I found this in West's room!" A certain stack of magazines was shoved into the Spaniard's face.

The slasher smile returned as pages were flipped. "My, my...this is hardcore!"

"And China found these in Japan's 'normal' books!" Another stack was shoved into the Hispanic's visage.

Said Hispanic looked through all the titles. "Finder Series...Crimson Spell...Ai to Yokubou wa Gakuen de...Sakura Gari...Oni Ni Hatsujou...Mukizu Ja Irarenee...Ai no Kusabi...Hyakujitsu no Bara..." Smirk. "These are all intense yaoi series!"

"So Japan isn't such a prude after all?" France chuckled. "On second thought, yaoi did originate in Japan..." Grin. "And Ita-chan is Italian, so this must be coming to him naturally..." Simper. "So although none of them have actual experience, what they have seen and know must be guiding them alone." Perverted face. "And guiding them well!"

Click! All three countries snapped back to the monitor as that single sound traveled to their ears, zooming in on the origin of that noise. "Since when did they have a bottle of lube?"

"Kesese..." Two sets of eyes glued onto a red pair. "Let's just say I snuck some into their luggage."

The Spaniard's eyes widened. "So you knew this would happen?!"

"Of course I did." Slow smirk. "Ita-chan just got hitched to two hot nations who have been vying over him for decades." Snicker. "What do you think they were going to do on their first night married? Play video games?" Shrug. "I just didn't think I'd be able to see it going on." Cackle. "I'm calling guard duty the next time those three go somewhere!"

Titter. "You and me both." A question lit up in the Spanish's eyes. "Who knew such shy individuals would be so...domineering in bed?"

"It's always the quiet ones." The blond laughed. "It's as they say..." Slow smirk. "...'The quiet ones are the most promiscuous'." Chortle. "And count me in too."

Prussia cackled. "Kesese! No wonder those two are the semes!" Hands clapped together. "What an unexpected turn of events!" Snickers escaped. "Not that Ita-chan minds." The loud moan that followed definitely proved his point.

"Ah look! Straight for the curl!" France leaned forward, expression lewd. "Naughty, naughty..."

The Hispanic was perplexed. "Huh? What about the curl?"

"Oh you didn't know Antonio?" Slasher smile. "An Italy's curl is his erogenous zone."

Realization dawned on the Spaniard. "So when I tug on Lovino's—"

"Yep." Nod. "Anyways, let's get back to the matter at hand." The French pointed at the screen. "How many fingers are there?"

Prussia started counting on his own. "One, two, three, four, five, six...three from each." A lubricious laugh rang out. "Kesese!"

"Why would they need six?" The brunet pondered. "Isn't three the standard number?"

Smirk. "Well Ita-chan is going to accommodate two, not one." Licks lips once more. "How accommodating Ita-chan is, able to take six his first time around. And he looks to be enjoying himself."

"Well it's not like he's doing nothing." Crimson orbs were unable to detach from the sight before them. "He's making good use of his dexterous hands on both of them! And what a use!"

A chair screeched back, drawing attention to the source. "Toni? Where are you going?"

"Yeah Antonio, where are you going?" France was equally perplexed.

The addressed turned, slight guilt evident in emerald hues. Shock! "They're about to do the act itself, what with Ita-chan on top of Germany and Japan behind him..." He looked away. "Should we go now? You know, to respect them?" Now you say this?!

"Oh Antonio..." A hand clapped onto his back. "We must stay and watch. Who knows what might be going on elsewhere that will need our attention?" Who is he kidding? The apocalypse could be happening right above them and they wouldn't be able to take their eyes off a certain screen. Nor would a certain three be able to stop.

The Prussian snickered. "And besides, it's not our fault this...occurrence is going on. We just happened to be at the right place at the right time." Shouldn't it be 'the wrong place at the wrong time'?! "Things are about to get interesting." Perverted smirk. "Kesesesese!"

"Okay." Mind easily changed. Far too easily. Shrugging, the guy sat back down. "Now where were we?"

Evil laughter. "The part when Germany and Japan were about to p—"


Shrug. "I guess it's already started." Lewd laughter. "The Axis Virgin Trio is no more!"

"And man are those three in sync, what with all the bouncing and thrusting being perfectly in time." Prussia cheered. "Wow that's so hot and awesome! Most awesome seizing of vital regions ever!"

The Spaniard nodded. "It's hard to believe this is only their first time."

"Indeed..." Something caught the tawny's eye. "Hey look!"

And look they did. "West and Japan are looking at Ita-chan and each other with so much love in their eyes and Ita-chan to them too! And all that passionate kissing!" Tears gathered in red eyes. "Oh my awesome little brother is growing up!" All three proceed to hug, crying proudly. And twenty—incredulously long—minutes later...

"Tugging the curl again I see?" France drummed his fingers on the desk.

Spain smirked. "I think they're close. And with their other hands on Ita-chan's—"




Spoke too soon. The Spaniard whistled. "Look at all that's coming out of Ita-chan."

"And all that's splattered on West and Japan." Chuckle. "Yet it doesn't look like they will be stopping any time soon! After a little cooldown period..." We all know.

The French snickered. "Indeed." This time, a real smile crossed his lips. "But this isn't all lust Gilbert, Antonio." He sighed. "Only love can do this, be this powerful."

"Ti amo Ludwig, Kiku."

"Aishiteru Feli-kun, Ludwig-san."

"Ich liebe dich Feliciano, Kiku."

Smile. "Love indeed."

"Hey!" A light bulb went off in Prussia's head, the other two members of Bad Touch staring at him with curious eyes. "I have an awesome idea!" Clasps hands together. "Let's sell this to Hungary! We could make millions!"

THUD! The three whirled around, rushing outside. Whipping the door open, the source of the commotion could be seen immediately. "Make that billions." France snickered at the sight; the aforementioned woman had collapsed, the blood gushing out of her nose making the reason obvious. The puddle encompassed a large area in say—no time flat.




•German: Ich bring dich um=I'll kill you, Umkommen=Perish, Ich werde nicht zulassen, Haben Sie Italien=I will not let you have Italy, Grausam=Heartless, Ziegelwand=Brick Wall, Überheblich=Arrogant, Böse=Wicked, Danke=Thank you, bruder=brother, Preußen=Prussia, Bundesrepublik Deutschland=Federal Republic of Germany, Mein Gott=My God, Nein=No, Ich liebe dich=I love you, Was=What, Es tut mir leid=I'm sorry, Ja=Yes, Neuschwanstein=New Swanstone, Palas=Great hall, Lass uns gehen=Let's go, Erwähne es nicht=Do not mention it, Wunderschön=Beautiful, Ich entschuldige mich für die Wartezeit=I apologize for the wait, Ich liebe ihn dafür=I love him for it, Köstlich=Delicious, Das Essen sieht so gut aus=The food looks so good, Richtig=Right, Du auch=You too, Du auch bitte=You too please, Erinnere Ich werde immer liebe dich=Remember I'll always love you, mein Engel=my angel, Meine kostbare Liebhaber=My precious lover

•Japanese: Teme wo korosu=I'll kill you, Shee-nei=Die, Watashi wa teme ga Italia-kun o motte sasemasen=I won't let you have Italy, Doaho=idiot (a VERY mean way), Kuukiatama=Air Head, Orokana=Brainless, Nōshinda=Brain-dead, Arigato=Thank you, Doitsu=Germany, itoshii=beloved, Shinsei Rōma=Holy Roman Empire, Nihon=Japan, Doushita=What's wrong, Watashi wa maketa=I lost, Watashi mo kimi wo aishiteimasu=I also love you, Hai=Yes, Watashi wa itsumo kimi o aishite kimashita=I've always loved you, Nani=What, Watashi no koto aishiteru=Do you love me, Sumimasen=Sorry, Sonna=No way, Osutoria=Austria, Hangarī=Hungary, Yakusoku shimasu=I promise, Kimi wa totemo utsukushii desu=You are so beautiful, Nani ga arou tomo watashi wa kimi wo eien ni aishimasu=I will love you forever no matter what, nii-chan=big brother, Suisu=Switzerland, Furansu=France, Supein=Spain, Puroisen=Prussia, Roshia=Russia, Igirisu=England, uke=receiver, seme=attacker, Itadakimasu=Thanks for the food, Shinigami=Death God, Nande=Why, Doushite=Why, Wakarimashita=I got it, Utsukushii=Beautiful, Zettai ni utsukushīdesu=Absolutely beautiful, Sugoi=Amazing, Subarashii=Wonderful, Demo=But, Arigato=Thank you, Watashi no kuni e yōkoso=Welcome to my country, Sō seishikidearu koto o teishi=Stop being so formal, Bokutachiha Nihon ni genzai arimasu=We are currently in Japan, Ne=Hey, Sore wa totemo kireidesu=It's so pretty, Hontōni=Really, Yatta=Alright, Boku wa boku no negai ga kanautaidesu=I want my wishes to come true, Futari tomo=Both of you, Watashi ga otetsudai o sa sete kudasai=Please let me help, Yoshi=All right, Are=Huh, Ryoukai=Roger that, Dōitashimashite=You're welcome, Kimi wa hontōni yoidesu=You are really good, Omae mo hontōni yoidesu=You also are really good, Sore wa hijō ni tanoshikattadesu=It was really fun, Nani ga hoshiin desu ka=What do you want, Miro=Look, Utsukushii=Beautiful, Aishiteru=I love you, neko=cat, Goshinpainaku=Don't worry about it, Ah=Ah, Shinpai shinaide=Don't worry, Koitsu=This guy, Ikutsu ka no tiramisu o o tameshi kudasai=Please try some tiramisu, Oishī=Delicious, Mata ikutsu ka o tabemasu=Also have some, Amerika=America, Obete imasu=Remember, watashi no tenshi=my angel, Watashi no kichōna koibito=My precious lover, Chūgoku=China, anata=you, Nii-san=Older brother, Īe=No

•Italian: Mio Dio=My God, Non ho idea di che cosa si sta parlando, ma non voglio sentire altro di esso=I have no idea what you're talking about, but I won't hear any more of it, Che cosa=What, Sono così felice=I'm so happy, Grazie=Thank you, Germania=Germany, Giappone=Japan, Per favore non fuori mio padre=Please don't kill my dad, Sì=Yes, fratello=brother, Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore=Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower, Museo dell'Opera del Duomo=Museum of the Works of the Cathedral, hora italica=Italian time, Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze=Gallery of the Academy of Florence, Palazzo Vecchio=Old Palace, Basilica di Santa Croce=Basilica of the Holy Cross, Piazzale Michelangelo=Michelangelo Square, Fantastico=Wonderful, ti amo=I love you, Scusa per l'attesa=Sorry for the wait, Delizioso=Delicious, Si prega di avere alcuni dango=Please have some dango, Avere qualche kaiserschmarrn=Have some kaiserschmarrn, Io sarò sempre ti amo entrambi troppo i miei angeli=I'll always love you both too my angels, Miei amanti preziosi=My precious lovers, Buon San Valentino=Happy Valentine's Day, il mio fratellino=my little brother, Nonno=Grandpa

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Italy is A LOT deeper than most people see. He is NOT a useless moronic wimp in contrary to what some fans and nations in canon unfortunately think. Italy is actually pretty deep! In reality...he hates war and hurting others—which is why he surrenders instead of fighting back. Believe me, he can fight if he wants to. He means well for EVERYONE even when most ruthlessly bully him for what they see on the surface! Italy is such a sweet and kind country! He just wants everyone to be happy, keeping up such a beautiful smile despite all the pain he goes through! DO NOT BASH ON HIM! HE'S ALREADY BULLIED SO MUCH HE HAS ANXIETY ISSUES! FOR REAL! Ò_Ó

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