Hetalia - Axis Powers Fan Fiction ❯ Winter and Spring ❯ Winter and Spring ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Winter and Spring
Your smile, although like a frigid winter, is contagious
And I can't help but smile in return
Your fingers, calloused from the cold, feel soft against my skin
And I long for your touch as I drift off to sleep
I hate you, I think, but still I strive for your praise
Your torture is painful, however these nights I endure
For I'm the only one to embrace these scars
I tremble when you are angry, scared of what is to come
But I don't run like the others; I allow you to do as you please
Shouldn't that say something, at least?
I remain by your side, faithfully obeying your words
Yearning for the day you realize the reason I stay
I hate you, I think, but still I wait for your smile
Regardless of your intent
I wait for the crack of the whip against my already imperfect back
I don't pull away from the dull blade that cuts into my chest
You seem to enjoy my pain, so I try to as well
Each wound, each scar, every single drop of my blood
I see it as a display of your affection
Something I cling to, a false hope, perhaps
But the days you hold me, surrounded by your unnatural warmth
I like to think that false hope… is truth
Your eyes, two pools of violet wrath, sparkle in madness
And yet I still want them to look only at me
Your voice, childishly sweet, whisper threats in my ear
And a shiver of pleasure runs up through my spine
Your rough kisses, warm against my skin, only excite me more
And I find myself craving you once again
But as I open my eyes, I find myself alone
No longer in your bed, but my own
You're no longer here, are you?
Where you've gone, I've no idea…
Whoever you're with, it's not with me
But I'll forever wait for you to return
And when you do, I'll greet you with a smile
The same one I gave you when you were still here
For when you come back, I'll try once again
To drive back the never-ending winter,
And introduce spring into your heart