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A Universal Truth About Four Year Olds
When is Touya coming back? Ogata Jyudan thought as he eyed the energetic 4 year old. He had never been much on children. They just didn't fit into his lifestyle and he wished Touya hadn't been called away by the reporter and then dumped his kid on him.
“Tell me a story, Ogata san.”
“I don't know any stories.”
Miyuki looked startled at that. She had never met anyone who didn't know any stories at all. “I know stories. I know a story Uncle Hikaru told me.”
“That's nice,” Ogata Jyudan said absently.
“It's about a phoenix and a lion and a dragon. Shall I tell it to you?”
“That's nice,” Ogata Jyudan said again, as he read through Weekly Go. He let her talk, and the words went in one ear while he read the newspaper.
“1,000 years ago there was this phoenix and an emperor and a nasty crocodile. They all played Go and the nasty crocodile cheated and said the phoenix cheated and the phoenix was kicked out of the court and went down to the lake and drowned in his tears,” Miyuki said. Charming, thought Ogata. What a tale to tell a 4 year old.
“So then Kami put the phoenix in his goban and he stayed there for years and years until a little boy saw him and then the phoenix came out of the goban and went into the boy.”
`What does Touya permit his child to hear?' Ogata thought. `Hmm, Kuwabara and Shindou have that Honinbou fight scheduled for next week.'
“So the boy started playing Go and he called himself Honinbou Shuusaku but really it was Sai who fought all the…”
“WHO?” Ogata dropped his newspaper and gave Miyuki his full attention. Even after all these years, that name commanded his attention.
Shuusaku played go.”
“I know that,” he said impatiently. “What was that other name?”
“Sai,” she said innocently. The phoenix' name was Fugi… Fugiw… something Sai. He played go and the boy moved all the pieces since Sai was a spirit phoenix and couldn't move them himself.” She had 100% of Ogata Jyudan's attention now. She smiled. She liked that.
“They got really famous. Then the boy died and the phoenix waited for another boy, and a lion cub found the goban and Sai went into him. So the cub started fighting and the phoenix told him what to do. Then the cub met a baby dragon and the dragon could fight really good, so Sai taught the cub how to fight. Then the cub didn't want to let the phoenix fight anymore and he wanted to fight for himself, but he couldn't fight good. Uncle Hikaru said even I could beat the cub. But the cub did his best and learned from the phoenix how to fight and then he became a pro so he could chase the dragon and the dragon ran away and they chased each other. Then the dragon king wanted to fight Sai so the lion went to the king and set it all up and it was a big huge battle but Sai won.
“There was this scary old snake who wanted to find the phoenix and he attacked the lion but the lion was brave and he endured.”
“Is that a fact?” Ogata asked with a twist to his mouth.
“Un. Then the snake got really mad at the lion because he just knew the lion knew something about the phoenix but the lion kept insisting he didn't know `cause the lion didn't want anyone to think he was crazy.” Ogata's eyes had narrowed dangerously when he heard about `the snake.'
Then something terrible happened. The phoenix disappeared and never came back and the lion searched and searched and wouldn't fight until the spring came back to the forest and the spring dragged the lion out of his cave and made him fight. Then the lion cried and said Sai was in his Go and he got all better and said he was 'gonna fight forever and ever since that's where he found Sai.
So he went to find the dragon and told him to be careful because he was 'gonna keep fighting and chase the dragon and the dragon said `yes, I'll run away' and so they raced and raced chasing each other and got stronger and stronger until the dragon had a baby dragon and she's gonna get stronger and stronger and be the strongest in the whole forest.” Miyuki grinned at him and Ogata eyed her thoughtfully.
Miyuki-chan, that is without a doubt the most interesting story I've ever heard.”
“Un. But it's not over, `cause Uncle Hikaru says this story doesn't ever, ever end and the path just keeps going um… past & future together, or something like that. I forget.”
“Linking the distant past with the far future,” Ogata Jyudan said with a thoughtful look in his eye.
“Yes, that's right,” Miyuki said happily. She heard the door opening and she turned towards the door. “Father, father,” she cried. Akira and Hikaru stood in door.
“Have you been good while I've been busy?”
“Yes, yes. I told Ogata-san a story. Did you know he doesn't know any stories at all?” Her voice conveyed her amazement that such a thing was possible.
“Somehow that doesn't surprise me, Miyuki-chan,” Hikaru told her with a smile.
“Yes, she told me a fascinating story about a phoenix, a dragon and a lion. I found the phoenix and the snake especially interesting.” Ogata eyed his prey. Hikaru paled.
“Un, but I forgot to tell you about the old baboon,” Miyuki said cheerfully. Hikaru went even whiter.
Akira just started to laugh. “Hikaru, you forgot the universal truth about four year olds. You should never tell a four year old anything you would not want to see on the front cover of Monthly Go.”