Horror Fan Fiction ❯ Yuri of THE DEAD ❯ One ( Chapter 1 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters and concepts from Highschool of the Dead, though it is CLEARLY a George Romero ripoff. I'm just borrowing them for awhile. Also, if the title didn't tell you this will be a yuri fanfiction, with implied or shown girl/girl sex. If that bothers you, I suggest reading something else.
Yuri of the Dead! A Highschool of the Dead fanfiction
Saya Takagi shook her head, her pink-ish hair tied up in twin tails. "What I don't get is why the animals don't become like Them," the self-proclaimed genius asked, frowning thoughtfully. The small group of survivors were shooting the breeze after another daring escape from Them, most of them too wired to sleep.
"No, I think there's a more important question to consider," Rei Miyamoto countered, the brown haired girl frowning thoughtfully. She was dressed in a borrowed tank top and shorts, and was doing her best not to notice how breezy the outfit was. 'Then again, it's not as breezy as hers,' Rei thought, looking over at Saeko Busujima.
Saeko had rushed out of the house they had borrowed dressed in just a white apron and a thong! Unbelievable the purple haired girl seemed entirely un-selfconscious, sitting there beside Takashi without a care in the world.
"What's that?" Takashi Komuro asked, the brown haired boy looking back at their new arrival, Alice, fast asleep in the back. In t-shirt and jeans he looked the most normal of the lot, other than the spot on his back where Alice had pissed on him.
"What sort of friend is it that lets a bubble head like Shizuka have the keys to her house?" Rei demanded with a impish smile.
"Hey!" Shizuka Marikawa answered rather indignantly, the busty blond driving the borrowed military transport. The hastily thrown on shirt barely held back her swelling breasts, something everyone was trying very hard not to notice.
"That's a good question," Saya conceded, completely ignoring the sexy nurse. "Could be she's a friend of the family?" she suggested, pushing up her square framed glasses so that they caught the limited light in the vehicle.
"Better be a really good friend," Takashi noted dryly, remembering how in a emergency Shizuka had rushed out bare naked to help.
"Maybe they're closer than friends?" Kohta Hirano suggested, the slightly heavy gun nut keeping an eye on things outside with a borrowed set of binoculars. He had emerged from the house equipped with weapons like some modern Rambo, but the girls had made him dump most of the arms into the back.
"Ehh!" everyone exclaimed even as Shizuka went bright red.
"Pervert!" Saya exclaimed, swiftly slugging the young man in the side of the head, just like a good tsundere would. Not that she would consider herself tsundere, in fact if anyone called her that she'd instantly deny it...
"Oww!" Kohta winced, even as she went for another blow. "She isn't denying it," he yelped as he dodged another blow.
Everyone registered that, and all eyes tended to where the fiercely blushing Shizuka kept her eyes focused on the road ahead. "So... how close are you two?" Rei asked, giving the nurse a thoughtful look. The idea of two women together wasn't that shocking, she had read yuri dojin's before, but it was a bit interesting to see a woman like that in person.
"Rika is... my very close friend," Shizuka answered the after a moment then added, "and that's all you need to know."
Sadly, that really didn't stop them. Saeko leaned on the back of the seat as the purple haired girl looked at the nurse thoughtfully. "So you... and she...," she hesitated, blushing faintly. She had a rough idea of the mechanics, but the mental image of Shizuka carrying out some of those things was... strangely exciting.
"You don't need to know," Shizuka repeated firmly, blushing harder.
Meanwhile, at the airport a young woman sneezed suddenly. Rika Minami smiled to herself as the police officer walked through the eerily quiet airport, her pistol at the ready. Despite being built on a artificial island the airport was also suffering attacks by Them, presumably because a infected person was brought on.
"Someone must be talking about me," Rika murmured, even as the redhead brought her pistol up and shot the undead shambling down the corridor.
A double tap of bullets made the semi-rotting head explode, the desiccated body falling to the floor. Black, ichor like fluid gushed from the body then slowed, even as it twitched then finally went silent and still.
"Officer Minami reporting in, another one found in sector five," she said, using the radio clipped to her belt.
"Roger, Minami," the slightly harried sounding man in the control tower replied, "we're still sweeping the other buildings. Hold position."
"Understood," Rika nodded, clipping the radio back to her belt and leaving the line open.
She didn't tell the controller about the office worker she had mercy killed, she didn't think the man wanted to know another colleague was dead. The young woman had staggered out into the hall, bleeding from a shoulder wound.
"Who goes there?" Rika demanded.
"Thank goodness you're human!" the woman tearfully cried as she hurried towards Rika.
"Stop!" Rika ordered flatly, leveling her pistol at the woman. A bit more gently she asked, "You were bit by one of Them?"
"Yes, I..." the woman started, then froze. "Oh no," she whimpered brokenly.
"I'm sorry," Rika said gently, "once you're bit, that's the end. There seems to be no cure."
The woman slowly dropped to her knees, tears streaking her face. "God, I had so much I wanted to do, things I wanted to see," she murmured softly. She looked up at Rika, "When you see the flight controller, deck him for me, please. The bastard sent me in here alone looking for a missing flight attendant."
"Will do," Rika promised.
The girl coughed, a bit of blood splattering the floor. "Oh crap," she sighed, "it's starting." She looked at Rika, "Put me down before..."
Keeping her hands steady Rika fired, dropping the young woman with two carefully placed bullets. "Poor thing," she sighed, putting her pistol away once more.
Some time later Rika kept her promise to belt the flight controller, then ended up on the roof taking up her sniping position. Her spotter was set up nearby, his binoculars ready to help her target any of THEM still wandering the airport.
"Did you have to punch him out?" Tajima asked mildly, his cap shading his eyes.
"Hell yes," Rika shot back calmly, "he sent a unarmed woman into a danger zone. He's lucky I didn't shoot him on the spot."
"Hmm," Tajima nodded reluctantly. They looked out over the mostly bare airport, then he quietly asked, "Did you mean it, when you said you'd let me rub your breasts if I was a better shot than you?"
Rika gave him a odd look, wondering why he was bringing it up now. "No," she admitted after a moment, "I'm seeing someone."
"Lucky guy," Tajima said, "I have someone waiting in Tokyo too."
Rika smiled faintly, "Lucky woman."
Tajima looked a bit startled, then smiled. "I see," he noted, "guess I had no chance at all, huh?"
"Not really," she agreed, Rika smiling faintly. "You're taking it better than I expected you to," she noted calmly.
Tajima swept his binoculars over the runways as he asked her, "If you expected me to take it badly, why tell me?"
"This is the end of the world, maybe," Rika admitted after a moment;'s thought, "I just don't think we have time for worrying about bad reactions."
"Fair enough," Tajima agreed, "and if it helps, I hope you and your lady find each other again, even with everything going on."
"Thanks," Rika grinned, even as they saw movement out on the runways. "What's that over in the north-west?" she asked, getting back to business.
"Checking," he used the high powered binoculars even as he called the tower, then Tajima frowned, "More of Them. We have permission to fire."
Rika took the shot, once more the cool, professional sniper. Yet even as she cleared the airfield of another batch of Them, she thought to herself, 'Stay safe for me, Shizuka. Once this is all over, I WILL find you.'
Notes: I was gonna pad this out with a second scene with Shizuka, but I decided it wasn't really needed. The idea of Rika and Shizuka dating is ONLY in my head, it is not canon.