Horror Fan Fiction ❯ Yuri of THE DEAD ❯ Three: Plot? What plot? ( Chapter 3 )

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Yuri Of the Dead
The most frustrating thing, Saya Takagi found, was just trying to find time to be alone. They were on the run from THEM, and they almost always were together. Which was fine, in a self protecting sense. But sometimes, you needed some alone time too.
Tonight, however, looked like a good opportunity. They found a sturdy looking place with a high wall, and even better a gate that locked. The group advanced through the house, disposing of any of THEM that had wandered in, then locked the gate and secured the place.
"Hey," Takashi noted, "the place has running water still! Hot too."
Almost at the same time Saya, Rei, Saeko and Shizuka all yelled, "Dibs on the bath!" Alice nodded, "Me too!"
Takashi sighed, shaking his head. "Hirano and I will keep an eye out," he volunteered, "why don't you bathe while the hot water lasts?"
"Thank you, Takashi!" Shizuka glomped him, not incidently pushing his face into her full, bouncy breasts.
Rei scowled at that, but Saya just sighed. Sometimes, people just have a natural advantage after all. All the women hurried in to the bathroom, glad to see a big tub and washing area. The girls stripped off their grimy clothes eagerly, then washed up before plunging into the tub.
"Ahh, this is heaven," Rei sighed happily.
"Whee!" Alice squealed as she bounced in the water, the little girl playing in the soapy water.
Saya sighed, sitting back in the water. It was SO nice being clean again, even if she was being surrounded by insecurity inducing female forms. I mean, yes Saya knew she was nicely proportioned, but Saeko... well, she was stacked. And Shizuka! She nearly had a set of parking cones strapped to her chest. It just wasn't fair.
"Aww, you're frowning," Shizuka noted, reaching out and poking her cheek with a finger. "What's wrong?" she asked.
"I'm fine," Saya moved away uncomfortably as she did her best not to watch her boobs bounce in the water.
Saeko smiled wryly, the black haired woman sitting back as she studied Saya pierceingly. "Leave her alone, teacher," she said calmly.
"Aww," Alice pouted as she splashed in the water.
Deciding she was as clean as she was gonna get, Saya got up, carefully stepping out of the tub. "I'm going to go lie down, I think," she said, grabbing a towel from a pile of them they had found in a closet earlier.
As Saya dried she could almost feel someone's eyes on her. Casually she turned a bit, wondering if Takeshi or Hirano would have enough guts to spy on them bathing. Sadly no, all she saw was Saeko eyeing her thoughtfully as she pulled on her panties, bra then a set of simple shorts and a t-shirt. Feeling oddly flustered Saya finished up, then hurried out of the bathroom.
Hirano and Takashi were both eating, the young men seemingly perfectly content on their own. It occassionaly annoyed her that while both boys were surprisingly brave in a crisis, they were total chicken shits in relationships. If Takashi actually made a move he could almost certainly get laid. Heck, even Hirano had his attractions.
"I'm going to find a clean bedroom and get some sleep," Saya hinted pointedly, hoping one or the other might keep her company.
"Okay," Hirano said obliviously, "we'll keep a eye on things."
"Night," Takashi added.
Saya bit back a annoyed growl and stomped off to find a clean room in the sprawling mansion. The building had either been abandoned early or something happened to the residents away from home, because it was remarkably neat and well stocked. She found a lady's bedroom and after shaking out the sheets and making sure everything was okay, shut the door and lay down on the bed.
It had been a long while since Saya had tried to get herself off. Back in her parents home actually, when they had managed to get there in the first few weeks of this madness. Which had been a odd experience too, of course. It had been so long she thought she might even be rusty...
Pushing up her shirt Saya revealed her bra, then eased that up as well. She sighed softly as she squeezed one breast gently, then cupped her other. She could feel her nipples hardening, and gently began to tease the springy flesh.
"Uhh," Saya sighed, then began to rub a nipple between her fingers. She could feel herself starting to get wet, but held off. There was time. Teasing the nipples she could feel her excitement growing, then squeezed one breast in her hand, just hard enough to feel it.
Saya wouldn't ever admit it, but she liked the pain a bit as she squeezed, then pinched a nipple. She hissed through tightly pressed lips, then released her nipple, the lack of pain nearly as pleasurable as the presence of it. She let one hand glide down over her belly to unsnap her shorts, then pushed them down a bit to reveal her wet panties.
She was wet, the thin hair down there damp with her juices. Carefully Saya let her fingers stroke across her heated flesh, shivering as cold air hit blood engorged skin. Her clit stood up proudly, practically begging to be touched, and Saya let her finger gently circle it.
"Ahh." Saya sighed softly as she let her finger slide in...
Just as the door to the room opened, a figure pausing in the doorway.
"Eeep!" Saya yelped as she crambled to hide what she was doing.
"Well, well," the voice purred like a cat as she entered, long black hair shimmering as Saeko entered, closing the door behind her.
"Get out of here," Saya hissed, wishing she had locked the door.
Instead Saeko advanced on the bed, her smile somehow slightly warmer. "Poor thing, having to do this all alone," she noted.
Saya tried to pull her bra down and her pants up, but she felt clumsy under her admiring gaze. In fact Saeko really reminded her of some overgrown cat, eyeing a bowl of cream. "What do you want?" she found herself asking.
Not answering verbally Saeko grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head, letting her full breasts bounce free. She then calmly shucked off her shorts and panties before advancing on Saya with a smile.
"Eep," Saya breathed out.
"Even warriors need to relieve tension," Saeko noted as she climbed onto the bed, "I can help you, and you can help me."
Saeko lay across Saya, and she could feel her heart beating faster. "I'm not a lesbian," Saya said to her weakly, meeting Saeko's eyes.
"Neither am I," Saeko smiled, kissing her swiftly, "you can just think of this as skinship between girls, hmm?"
Saya bit back a moan, feeling Saeko's body pressing against her, already excited and now her heart beating excitedly. "Well," she managed weakly, "I suppose we could... take care of each other."
"Indeed," Saeko smirked, nipping at Saya's neck and making Saya gasp.
"Ahh," Saya gasped softly, pressing her body up against Saeko's, her breasts rubbing against the other woman's larger ones.
"Oooh, you like?" Saeko smiled as she grasped at Saya's breasts.
"Yes, please!" Saya moaned as the other girl forced a leg between her thighs and rubbed against her wetness.
"Naughty little kitty," Saeko purred as she grabbed her ass and pulled her in tight. "Grind on me," she ordered, "make yourself cum!"
Saya grabbed onto Saeko, pushing herself roughly against her thigh, twisting her hips. She gasped and panted into the taller girl's ear, moaning breathlessly, trying to cum. Finally she shuddered, hips pumping, then came wetly all over her thigh before collapsing back onto the bed.
"Oh god," Saya managed, gasping.
"Sorry no," Saeko smirked as she lay beside Saya, nuzzling her neck playfully.
"That was incredible," Saya said weakly.
"Good," Saeko agreed, "and once you've recovered we will behin again."
"Again?" Saya's eyes widened in alarm.
Saeko smirked, "I'm nowhere near done with you, kitten..."
Takashi looked at her worriedly as the group set out in the morning. "You all right?" he asked curiously.
"I didn't get much sleep last night," Saya answered.
Saeko smirked, then looked away. "But you went straight to bed?" Takashi asked cluelessly.
Saya just sighed and ignored him, even as two important questions ran through her head. One, when would they find somewhere secure to sleep in, again? And two, could she talk Saeko into helping her 'relieve tensions' again?
To be continued...?
Notes: Why doesn't Saya get undressed fully? Because living in a zombie uprising means you need to be able to run away quickly. Getting dressed and then running is slow. Also, why didn't Saya lock the door? Because if there was a zombie in the room, you wanna escape fast.